what you desire and what you need are 2 different thing! think about it you desire something you get it and you are not satisfied or you lose interest and your desire change to something else! and what you need is often what you will get even if you do not realise it! example many people desire to be millionaire but not many people achive that desire! but many people need money and many people will achive it! would people be much happy to appreciate that what they need is given to them then be sorry because they do not have what they desire? so what is your view on this?

asked 10 Jun '11, 02:06

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white tiger

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I agree, we may pray for a vehicle to take us to where God needs us, that will be answered but to pray for a million dollar sports car that is not what we need. So yes our need prayer gets answered quicker than our want prayer.

Needs are taken care of with trust and faith, wants take more effort because it is beyond need.

Not that God ignores our wants, they just take more. No father gives his son a rock if he asks for bread, or a snake if he asks for a puppy. Our father God will not either.


answered 10 Jun '11, 22:13

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Wade Casaldi

I can recall a story that is true, a person bought a lottery ticket to support a foundation, and she bragged about winning one of the Million Dollar Houses, and of course she did win the Million House, only to find out that she did not really want it, because it was too expensive for her to live in, and to afford the cost for maintenance.

So, she had to decide to sell the house at a loss to get rid of it, therefore, I agree a need, and a want given the situation are two different things!


answered 11 Jun '11, 02:25

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Inactive User ♦♦

You dont need much, air, water, food, and a place where to be. Anything above that is a want. You learn to play the games of life and all of these are to acheive wants.


answered 11 Jun '11, 03:38

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I think that your needs and wants/desires are the same or at the very least have similar meanings. I dont seperate myy needs and wants because if i feel I dont need something the desire because stonger to obtain it, but if i feel i dont want something the desires usually goes away.


answered 10 Jun '11, 21:26

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Hj 1

if you dont want something is because you have seen that you don't need it so that desire became vain that is why it went away! is it not hj?

(12 Jun '11, 13:51) white tiger
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