This is my first question here on Inward Quest as I've been looking at preference and desire lately in two different perspectives, when launching desires that are big or life changing we tend to have/create resistance around them that we need to clean up, whereas preferences are generally smaller in comparison, for example, making everyday decisions like pie instead of cake, coffee instead of tea, taking the surface streets instead of the freeway on a morning commute, etc.

Since I'm learning to reach that place of letting go and allowing I'm beginning to look at desire more as a preference, big or small, what's interesting is I'm caring less and less whether the [perceived] big desires manifest or not, however, I would ''prefer'' that they would and I even expect something better, if not, no big deal.

I may have answered my own question here because I'm reaching that place of feeling detached and neutral about desire, so much so, that I'm not launching any more ''big'' desires because as of now I don't feel the need for them.

I feel that depending on anyone's perspective, is there really a difference between desire and preference and can we just get by on preference alone?, what's your take on this approach fellow questers?

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desire and preference are synonyms

(23 Jun '15, 01:01) jaz
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I prefer, I want, I desire, I Intend. These are all steps on the same 'ladder of Intent'. What differentiates one from the other is the degree of emotional energy inherent within each.

I may 'prefer' one route to work over all others, but as long as I get there on time, any route will do.

I may 'want' a Mercedes but will settle for a ford. Because what I really need, is transportation.

I 'desire' something in particular because of the emotional satisfaction that would result from having it.

I 'intend' to obtain a specific object or accomplish a specific goal and will fulfill that intention because it is what I prefer, what I want, and what I truly desire.


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Yes I agree i4cim2b about the degree of emotional energy, when I first launched my largest intentions a few years back there was the initial excitement, then the resistance/limiting beliefs began to surface, after releasing them there was an attachment/detachment period that went on for many months.

(22 Jun '15, 20:44) Kreatr

When I began releasing the intentions [letting go/allowing] I reached more for the feeling of joy/relief, as if the intention had already been realized physically, of course this was challenging.

(22 Jun '15, 20:52) Kreatr

As of now the intentions feel almost ordinary to me, there's not much emotional charge [excitement] behind them anymore as was the case in the beginning when I first launched them, big or small almost feels the same, and the emotional ''need'' is dissolving, great answer and much appreciated.

(22 Jun '15, 21:13) Kreatr

@Kreatr - did you get what you intended, or is it that now you don't feel you need those things/situations? That is a great place to be, but not the same as where we are often told we need to be in order to manifest, or is it? Comes back to the question touched on many times in IQ, do I just need to be happy to manifest? Can I be neutral to manifest?

(22 Jun '15, 22:31) Inner Beauty
(22 Jun '15, 22:34) Inner Beauty

Stingray is spot on! yes, you can manifest from a neutral place and even just being generally happy ''allows'' your desired reality to unfold/manifest. I've manifested many things but only because I had no strong attachments to them.

(23 Jun '15, 15:15) Kreatr

To explain this further, ''big'' things [by our perceptions only] will take time to align to, detach/release, and allow, even before they manifest they will feel ordinary, like they've ran their course, no ''big'' thing, you just KNOW it's happening, no concern, just relaxed about it.

(23 Jun '15, 15:22) Kreatr

When you know it's happening you need no expectations, you just move on, true detachment!

(23 Jun '15, 15:26) Kreatr

Believe me inner beauty, you ARE on track! what you're going through is just a part of the process, I know, I've been there myself, you are detaching!

(23 Jun '15, 15:44) Kreatr

yes Inner Beauty you certainly are on the right track :)

(24 Jun '15, 00:24) jaz
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desire, more of a first
emanation from physical
senses, where preference
holds some mental discernment


answered 23 Jun '15, 05:49

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@fred this assumes that desire is pure without a story attached to it, is that so?

(23 Jun '15, 06:41) jaz

@fred raw energy was labeled "desire" by humans ... simply by the process of attaching a story to it (by labeling it "desire") , it has automatically been altered

(23 Jun '15, 09:03) jaz

jaz, by translating any thought to a word it is defined in space and time and perhaps made dead. yet it becomes known by others outside of earshot. the more memory triggered by a sense perception, unconsciously, will no doubt form preferences. watch a child of two taste what can be brought to it's mouth, has that changed by forty?

(23 Jun '15, 13:29) fred

ok @fred so the words desire and preference are based on original energies but both have been altered by human judgment

(23 Jun '15, 13:40) jaz

jazz, individually perceived thus variable responses to, may not be a fully conscious choice but in our present world a judgement of future consequences

(24 Jun '15, 06:00) fred

@fred "individually perceived" ... in my personal experience this certainly is true ... I'd like to add that when I was born I perceived different colours and I knew what they felt like but I didn't have a word for them because I didn't learn to speak till much later on in my life ... then one day I was looking at this strange colour and feeling it and my mother pointed to it and said "red" ... this happened so often I started saying "red" every time I saw the colour, this is surely how I ...

(24 Jun '15, 07:01) jaz

started to learn and believe what my mother was saying because I had complete confidence ... now I know why it's normal to say "red" when speaking english. Later when I was very very much older about 20 years older in fact, I fell in love with a french girl and I was very happy to go and live in france. Strange country France they drink red wine and eat smelly cheese and speak a strange language.

(24 Jun '15, 07:08) jaz

Even stranger, when I saw the wine and said (in french) "that's red wine", surprisingly they said no it's not "red" it's "rouge" ... definitely strange people these french but there're very friendly there're always kissing each other!

(24 Jun '15, 07:13) jaz
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