Look at the temptation of the Christ: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temptation_of_Christ
If you have no desire then you can enjoy more that what you need is given to you!
If you are stuck in the temptation you will always have a lack and that is desire! If you desire to get rich you might never get it and that is stopping you from seeing and enjoying what you all ready have been given!
I do not say that it is bad to have more!
I am saying that if it becomes a temptation you could fall down a cliff! As for the predicament it could be missing what you all ready have and that is more important then all the desire you could encounter in life!
So what is your view on this? Should we enjoy more what we have and not focus on those temptation creating desire? Everyone wants the best and they look on TV. i wish i would have this or could buy this I wish I was like that stars etc. and all of that is make to look nicer then it is all fiction!
So what do you think?

asked 10 Jun '11, 03:13

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white tiger

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IQ Robot ♦

That story just sounds like the free will choice we all have in every moment; the choice of focusing on positive or negative. Jesus obviously understood the LOA, so he wouldn't succumb to his own negative thoughts and beliefs. In this sense God and the Devil are just ways of alluding to the positive or negative choice we all always have.

I fail to see how it's possible to be without desire. Through the contrast of our life we automatically desire positive change. When we're hungry we desire food, when we cut our finger we desire to stop the bleeding, when we're in emotional or psychological pain we desire change, so we do things to make us feel better.

Now if you're referring to an unconscious or spiritually unaware person who desires more or desires what someone else has due to his own ignorance that he's unaware and thus controlled by his own egotistical thinking; that's another story.

So no, although desire can be due to ego gratification, desire in itself is not temptation.


answered 10 Jun '11, 09:36

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yes eddie that is exactely what i am talking about. corporation make us believe that it would be better to have this or that or to be this or that.that is creating desire if you go with it. and you might not see what you need and all ready have. so creating desire that seams very nice but that will not make you happy is a temptation.

(10 Jul '11, 06:30) white tiger

is this not a personal conundrom that each one of mankind needs to work out,
as being alive in a physical form that operates from sensations?
which is it that we choose to follow, the perception of the flesh or the intuitive control of our will?
as a being of change, do we learn to adapt or grow or both,
or do we, look to what is working for others who share our organization although not of our individual structure,
follow or unfold, listen to the experts or know thyself?
Jesus, no doubt, knew himself and chose accordingly.


answered 11 Jun '11, 14:49

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know they self know other experiance grow and learn!

(11 Jun '11, 16:25) white tiger

Brilliant answer Fred :)

(11 Jun '11, 21:44) Michaela

alt text


answered 10 Jun '11, 14:34

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lol, excellent. i can see the gods laughing now

(10 Jun '11, 19:09) RPuls

as Ronnie Dio says in the song "Die Young"

"Life's fantasy is to be locked away and still to think you're free, therefore, live for today because tomorrow never comes."


answered 10 Jun '11, 13:23

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well rpuls it depend you could be locked away and decide that you are not and you would not be so is it fantasy or a better reality to escape not being free? http://www.shallownation.com/2010/08/15/national-geographic-locked-up-abroad-kidnapped-in-the-philippines-video-photos/

(10 Jun '11, 19:01) white tiger
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