Thanks to all who have commented on my initial question. I have done much reflection the last half morning and in connecting some of the dots I realize that I started the ball rolling on my present lot in life. Six or seven years ago without knowing of the Law of Attraction I made reference on several occasions of tapping all my credit lines and then declaring bankruptcy.

Thus, I now realize why I am in this situation. The question is; how does one undo a manifestation that is in the making?

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As far as I know, nothing can be un-done. You can only alter the present course or manifestations you are heading towards.

Everything begins with thought. Thoughts become things. If you are in the midst of creating, it is because of a thought process that you have already started with an end game in mind. No one is perpetually connected to any certain outcome, it is not fate.

In order to change future timelines all you have to do is change your thought patterns. Start envisioning different futures, get to know the great feeling that will be associated with those goals being met. Accept it as if it is already true because it is.

The more you remain in a state of "This situation of badness WILL create a worse situation later" the more that will be, in cannot be any other way. As long as you keep replaying that soundtrack over and over in your head, you will no doubt drive yourself to a self fulling prophecy, either good or bad is the thing.

The past is the past...gone. You will still have to "pay" for your prior debts as long as you decide to remain a player in the matrix :) but it doesn't have to be hard, actually is should be quite easy. alt text

It all begins with a thought. A positive good feeling thought about the wonderful future that awaits you.

The choice is can choose to replay that horror story in your head or CREATE A NEW WONDERFUL AND EXCITING story to live and enjoy!

I suggest you go to Stingray's profile and look into some of the tools he has come up with. A lot of great stuff in there.

Now...Go Get Em' :))


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Wade Casaldi

Michael I just corrected one word for you "it" to "is"

(11 Jun '11, 00:43) Wade Casaldi

Thank you kind sir ;))

(11 Jun '11, 00:45) you

@ Michael: Wow! Nice answer.

(11 Jun '11, 01:42) Inactive User ♦♦

Happy to help :-)

(11 Jun '11, 01:50) Wade Casaldi

Thank you Vee..

(11 Jun '11, 05:23) you

Great answer Michael... but what debts do we have to 'pay' for ?

(11 Jun '11, 12:13) Michaela

@Michaela..Looks lik Jim wrangled himself up some credit card debt :(

(11 Jun '11, 16:53) you

Sorry, my misinterpretation... for some reason I thought you were referring to, so called, 'karmic' debt. And, I love the quote :)

(11 Jun '11, 21:53) Michaela
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Normally, if I change my mind about a certain thing, and decide that it is not what I wanted, I would just discard idea, and leave the rest to the one universal mind to attract what I really desire, and if the other thing shows up instead, I would give it to someone else who would appreciate it better, and I would wait for my ideal desire to manifest in time!

You have to understand that you cannot put a time limit on the actual manifestation; you have to be patience, and allow the Law of Attraction to manifest your desire in the right time!


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By sending out to the universe the vibration that you don't want this manifestation, you are in fact adding to the momentum and causing the said manifestation to come into your experience even quicker. The universe isn't picking up on what you want but is in fact picking up on how you feel... the stronger the feeling behind your wanted or unwanted desire, the more it adds to the momentum of that desire coming into your physical experience. Somehow, if you want to slow down the momentum behind this particular manifestation, you're going to have to get yourself to a better feeling place...for most of us this doesn't happen overnight but it can be done.As Michael suggested take a look at some of Stingray's manifestation experiments ( and it sounds like the new one coming up will be ideal for you) and check out some of the processes in Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

It sounds as though you think karma has come back to bite you in the butt. I'm not sure that I really believe in karma so I'll give you my own personal take on what I think is happening... When you did all the overspending and maxed out those credit cards and then declared bankruptcy you were in fact operating from your lower impulses or the perspective of your lower self, then you began to focus on your spirituality and began your inner work. You began to get in touch with your higher self who is in fact merely showing you those areas of your own being that need to be simplistic terms your* higher self* is guiding your lower self. What's happening with you currently contains the seeds for optimal growth if you don't resist the process. If you can just let go and trust what is happening, I have a feeling you will come out of this situation a much wiser and happier person. I'm not saying that you can't take inspired action if it presents itself but the more you hold yourself in your current vibration striving to undo the manifestation, the closer you are to it's physical appearance.

I know this probably isn't the easy solution you want, but what I've discovered in my own personal experience is that I determine how hard or easy the solution is by the amount of resistance I offer and when I can learn to let go, I move through the situation easier and quicker and with a much calmer state of mind.You will get through this Jim :)

I've just realized now, that it was Stingray's answer to this question

that made me come to my conclusion about karma.It really only is one aspect of our consciousness guiding another judgement, no punishment, no penance, we do it all and we only have to listen to our own higher guidance and let it lead the way :)


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The past is gone, the future doesn't yet exist, we only have now and that is the gift that is called the present.

We needn't think of the past but concentrate on the present and what we could do in this present to change the future. Take stock of everything as it is and look at your options, do a search for options if you have to.

Get as much left brain input as you could until you feel exhausted then tell your brain that is it I give up I give this to my right brain to work out, "right brain give me the solution!" Then forget about it, then a answer will come for what to do in its own time.

We can do this shorter by praying and forgetting about it, God has all answers and doesn't need input the way our brains do.


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