It seems to me that the desires launched while in the vortex are the ones that manifest imediately. One example is recent and one is older.

Recently, I bought some smoked turkey legs. I have bought them maybe once before. I wanted one for lunch, so I knocked on my son's door to see if he would like one. He said, "Wow! I was just feeding my troops [playing a video game (In the vortex)] and thought that a turkey leg sounds good now, and here you are!"

Another time when my son was little, I was walking and pushing him in the stroller. I thought if I had $20 I would go to a certain restaurant which sounded good at the time. I looked down, and there was a $20 bill and nobody around to claim it. I didn't know about the LOA at that time.

Ok, I'll add more.

Yesterday, my computer wouldn't turn back on. At first, I was frustrated and thinking about how I wouldn't be able to get online and do my stuff. I thought about how I love to get up in the morning and read and write here at IQ and play Words With Friends on Facebook. I wasn't too upset, but then I thought about my happiness being dependant on the internet. So I realized that wasn't true, I would just have to read a book with my coffee. I decided not to let it bother me. Then I thought about my friend who lives out of town, but comes to see me on her way through. We reconnected on facebook and saw eachother again for the first time in about 20 years last year. So I was thinking about how I hadn't seen her in awhile and it was about time for her to stop by soon. So last night she called to see if she could come over. She stays the night since it is on her travels that she stops. She brought in her laptop computer so I can sit here in the morning and get online. Since I get up so early, everybody else is still sleeping. So I manifested a visit from a friend who I wanted to see and a computer to use this morning.

So, wouldn't our desires manifest more quickly if they were launched while in the vortex?

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Fairy Princess

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Wow sounds a lot like Forence Scovel Shin stories! I love it, it lets us keep our faith high hearing these testimonies. :-)

(13 Aug '12, 12:45) Wade Casaldi

@Fairy Princess- Well done,your getting very good at this manifesting:)

(16 Aug '12, 10:21) Satori

@Satori I am getting good at noticing. This is the way it works, the way it always has worked. Now I understand how. I taught these concepts to my son his whole life. He just didn't believe me until I found IQ and found that what I had discovered had a name and involved actual laws.

(16 Aug '12, 10:32) Fairy Princess
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Everything revolves around how you feel, how you feel, how you feel. Since everything revolves around how you feel, then getting in the vortex first is the most important thing each and everyone of us can do.

I have Abraham's profound quote, "Get Into The Vortex And Then..." burned into my mind. It sounds like such a simple thing to say, but it is so very powerful.

So lets say, you are walking down the street and feeling bad. You need some quick cash (desire launched) because you have no money for your cell phone bill this month. If we are thinking of negative circumstances and situations, you are tuned to the negative frequency. So many opportunities could be right in front of our face, but we are not tuned into the proper vibration to perceive it.

Now, lets say you start to feel good for no other reason than to feel good. You start thinking about the abundant being of love that you truly are. You are feeling great just because is feels so darn good. You find that vortex place where nothing can pull you out.

You immediately turn around and walk in the other direction. You are now a completely different person then you were a few minutes ago. You are also on a different frequency wave and perceive new things that were not possible before. This is the same sidewalk that you just walked over in a sense, but it isn't at the same time. The light beacons that were turned off a few minutes ago are now turned on.

As your walking you start to look in new directions. You start to walk a little differently. You know everything is just fine and just enjoy the life that you have.

"Wait a minute, what is that behind the garbage can. It's a fifty dollar bill. Wow does that feel good. I knew that the process of "Getting Into The Vortex And Then..." would work because that it the law of the universe." You now have the money you needed to pay your bill and got it quicker than thought possible, just by feeling good.

This is the same concept that you were in when you found the $20 bill on the ground. You launched a desire, felt good about it, and let it go. You then got your quick and easy manifestation. If you were feeling bad and cursing the heavens for not having the $20, chances are that you wouldn't have matched up to the frequency range and vibration of that money.

The money would have sat there on the ground until someone else on the right frequency would have came and snatched it up.

Everything comes faster when we are in the vortex. Things are manifesting every single second of our lives. What we get depends on how we feel and where our chronic vibration lies. If we are feeling bad, the bad things come fast. When we feel good (Vortex) the good things come fast.

Abraham Hicks - Get into the Vortex and then...

Instant Manifestation & the Vortex


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Fantastic Cory,thanks for this.

Everything is here Now, but in varying states of visibility/invisibility - depending on the frequencies on which you are vibrating-Bashar

(14 Aug '12, 13:51) Satori

@Satori Your welcome. Everything we want is here right now. That's what the vortex is all about. Line up with it and receive or resist it and feel lack.

I don't think there is a Bashar quote that exists that I don't enjoy and resonate with. Hearing what all of these great teachers have to say about our lives is like going back to school and relearning everything that is truly important.

(14 Aug '12, 13:57) Cory

@Cory- It is relearning Cory.Its funny how just as your answer implies there is great things right in front of us but if we're not a vibrational match to them we will just float right by:)  Bashar has just become visible to me lately :) thanks.

(14 Aug '12, 14:14) Satori

This train of thought has helped motivate me back into the Vortex a lot recently. I sometimes feel worn out and discouraged, like I just don't have the energy to be happy, but then, now that I know what Cory and Satori are talking about, I immediately start to wonder what I'm missing out on, what good stuff may be juuust outside my perception while I'm feeling bad, and that wakes me up! I don't want to miss the fun!

(16 Aug '12, 09:55) Grace

@Cory, @Satori, oh if only, if only they taught this in schools. What a wonderful world.

(16 Aug '12, 09:58) Grace

@Grace Just BE the fun, and you will never ever miss out on anything!

(16 Aug '12, 15:53) Cory
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I think so when I wanted things that came to me I remember I was excited and anticipating. Mine will be like this or that, I am going to get one etc...

I was feeling good and expecting and I think that is why the things I wanted came so fast. But this instant manifestation I have only read of in Florence Scovel Shin's books but now from you as well. :-)

Maybe these happen all the time to us and at the time we think it odd and forget about it. We need to keep score to build faith, if it happened before it can happen again. I try to keep score if it happened to other's it can happen to me. :-)


answered 13 Aug '12, 12:50

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Wade Casaldi

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