Using EFT with ME-4

So I decided to use EFT as my clearing method in ME-4. I’m just not sure I’m doing it correctly although I do have some experience with EFT.

I kind of gage my progress on the EFT tapping by how much I yawn. But I’m so expectant on yawning now that I wonder if I’m yawning just because I expect to.

Here’s what I do. I take the statements from list 3 and tap on them individually. I’ve had up to 20 statements ( is that too much?) So I start with a brief intro message while tapping the karate chop “Even though I fell jealous that others have more money than me I deeply and completely love and except myself”. I’ll say that state me 2-3 times while tapping the karate chop. Then with the topic on my mind and trying my best to feel the negative emotion (sometimes I’m better than other times) I’ll begin the tapping on my face, chest, underarm and top of the head, while repeating “I release it and let it go.” Now while doing this I’ll yawn and get teary eyed like crazy more on other statements then others. I’m wondering if I’m doing this correctly and should I be using list 3’s statements as my topics for tapping? And lastly am I writing to many statements? Sometimes I have around than 20 statements in list 3, which seems to take forever to clear, which I have no problem with I’ll take as long as need be if that’s what it takes.

Thanks for all your help!

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Chris 2

You should be using a measure of your discomfort before you start tapping. Rate it on a scale of 1-10, tap & then measure again. That will be much more accurate for you. Keep tapping until it gets to 0.

(17 Sep '11, 07:36) akaVienne
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Use as many statements as you feel expresses your current vibrational place. If that takes hundreds of statements, that's fine.

Just get tuned into the emotion. And feel free to take the statements from any part of the sheet (any list) that you feel will you get more "into" the blocking feeling or belief.

The form of EFT I actually use is that from the Faster EFT training. There is a method in that training that Robert G Smith has come up with called The Super-Power Quick Tap. And it basically means you can take a huge pile of beliefs and negative emotions, lump them all together, and within a minute or two, neutralize them all. That kind of explains why it's called Faster EFT :)

I think there might be legal issues if I started divulging his methods in detail here without his consent (and, ethically, I wouldn't feel comfortable with doing it) so I just recommend people use the next best thing which is standard EFT.

However, here are some "hints" as to how to speed up your process.

Firstly, forget the karate chop bit completely.

Secondly, just use one statement for one tapping point. And just keep going round with a point-per-statement until you've read out all the statements, take a deep breath, wait for a minute or so to settle down and then check if you feel any relief.

Repeat another round if required until you don't feel any great emotional "sting" from what you are saying.

Then just look at all the statements on the spreadsheet and see if any of them still "sting". If so, do an individual full round of "Release and let it go" for each one until that particular one is dealt with.

If the statement doesn't appear to be releasing, I switch to focusing on where in my body that emotion is expressing itself. So, for example, I might say "This dark feeling at the top of my shoulder" (instead of "I feel poor" ) and do a complete round on that.

This is a key trick. You can switch (and even intermix) between statements and body-feelings for that statement. They are both pointing at the same issue.

So carry on testing and clearing until all the statements/emotions for that spreadsheet topic are neutralized.

Clearing this way should take a fraction of the time than doing individual full rounds (with "karate chops") for each statement by itself and should still achieve the same effect.

Finally, to answer your question about whether you've done it all correctly, the best (and easiest) way to find out for sure is to simply look back at what your original issue was and see if you feel negative about it at all.

So, if your original issue was that you procrastinate constantly, do you now feel bad about that or is it just a non-issue now? If it's a non-issue, you've cleaned it up just fine.

Even if you don't see an immediate change in your own behavior, you can rest assured that something has changed simply because of the difference in your emotional reaction. It will only be a matter of time until you discover exactly what has changed.

I advocate waiting a couple of weeks before passing judgement on a vibrational clean-up change.


answered 20 Jun '11, 20:15

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Thanks for you insight, I used the "updated" EFt technique this morning. And i'm getting the hang of it looking forward to clearing up more things in my life! Thanks Again

(22 Jun '11, 18:35) Chris 2

Glad to help, Chris

(22 Jun '11, 21:56) Stingray

Faster EFT is free. He states that on his website and there are tons of videos available on YouTube where he explains the process in detail. I like Faster EFT because you don't have to know what the problem is, only that you have a problem.

(17 Sep '11, 07:34) akaVienne

Hello @Stingray, sorry to bring up an old thread. I want to buy the training for FasterEFT in particular for The Super-Power Quick Tap you have mentioned a couple of times. My question is, is it in the training seminars? Or which program? Thank you and sorry for the bother

(05 Jan '15, 14:48) Kriegerd

@Kriegerd - According to my notes, it's in Training Collection Seminar 2, Disc 3, at the 35 minute mark: . It might well be explained on his YouTube channel for free somewhere since he gives away a lot of his techniques through demonstrating them being used in healing others. I vaguely remember someone saying they found it described in one of the videos...might have been @releaser99

(05 Jan '15, 15:31) Stingray

@Stingray I didn't find the Super Power Tap being explained on his channel. But I do remember that there are a few videos where he demonstrates it on clients on his channel (I don't know which ones at the moment). He doesn't explicitly teach the underlying principle though. @Kriegerd The Super Power Tap is almost the same as the Quick Tap. You can neutralize a lot of (and sometimes all) aspects of one specific memory at once using the Quick Tap...

(06 Jan '15, 20:20) releaser99

..If you apply the Quick Tap on more than one memory at once, it's called Super Power Tap. Here is the free Quick Tap: By appliying the Quick Tap on more than one memory at the same time, you can wipe out many memories (or at least many aspects of many memories) at once. I only found it outlined on "Seminar 2, Disc 3" of his teachings as mentioned above.

(06 Jan '15, 20:21) releaser99

There is also the ZPoint "Erasing the Tape" process and the "Sedona Method Vortex Technique" which are pretty similar to that. If you like, you could ask a general question on IQ asking how to make clearing methods work faster or something like that. Then I could give you a general answer of the underlying concepts of those methods without violating copyright laws. You should then be able to apply any preferred clearing method to wipe out many memories at once saving a lot of your time.

(06 Jan '15, 20:25) releaser99

Having that said, I think Robert Smith is a great teacher and his seminars are very well worth buying and watching.

(06 Jan '15, 20:26) releaser99
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Personally, I like the the Sedona Method for clearing. However, Joe Vitale's "whiteboard" method is the easiest. you simply symbolize the universe, source, god, etc as an erasable whiteboard in your mind, then when the jealousy is noticed, imagine it on the whiteboard and erase it clean. Keep erasing until you have a clean board, then try and maintain a whiteboard in your mind.

also "ho'oponopono" method is great too. just repeat as a mantra to the universe in any order,

"I Love you, Please forgive me, I'm sorry, Thank you"


answered 20 Jun '11, 19:21

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