I am doing EFT for some issues once a day since last two days.I felt as though a layer is being removed inside my scalp/Head.

Am i doing right.and is one session per day is enough?

asked 01 Jul '11, 08:55

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One session forever is enough per issue, not once per day :)

If you find yourself continually tapping and nothing is changing, it is likely you are either tapping on a symptom of the issue and not the core issue itself, or else there are multiple core issues supporting your problem.

By tapping on a symptom only, you temporarily resolve the issue in your life until something triggers that core issue again and it recreates that symptom issue. So it can feel like the (symptom) issue keeps recurring in your life when actually it was never really resolved in the first place.

By resolving the core issue, all the other issues in your life that depend on it will also change.

If I don't feel immediate relief (within a minute or two) when tapping on an issue, I know I haven't identified the core issues correctly.

Manifesting Experiment 4 - The 'Resistance Release' Method is all about identifying those core issues.

One final point, you must be feeling the problem issue while you are using EFT. The more strongly you feel the problem at the moment of tapping, the more likely you will resolve it immediately. For information on why this is necessary, see Does EFT really work or it is a gimmick ?


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@Stingray, thanks, good advice. I am really getting into EFT. I feel positively different since incorporating this spiritual tool in my life. I am so happy and grateful that I became open and receptive, after knowing about it for so long :)

(28 Aug '12, 23:04) figure8shape

@figure8shape - Yes, EFT is a neat little tool to have up your sleeve when you need it :)

(31 Aug '12, 20:19) Stingray

Stingray ,reading your answer , please may I ask , if I find myself crying or yawning as I go through the process , would you say this is releasing underlying issue/belief ?

(28 Oct '12, 00:49) Starlight

@Starlight- I am going to ask another EFT question within the next day or so (unless it suddennly seems to work for me), but I was going through Stingrays Manifesting Experiment 4, and, yes, I was actually crying as I read some statments/limiting beliefs to myself. Whilst I cannot pinpoint if that necessarly means you are 'free' of your belief, I can accuratly tell you that you are most defiantly releasing bad toxins in your body. I mean, don't you feel better after you cry? It's obvious.

(28 Oct '12, 04:08) Nikulas

@Nikulas , understand where you are coming from , guess the problem I have is with the idea that crying is definately an upstream feeling, so the brain starts arguing about allowing or pulling back and controlling it , ie , I am weak if I allow this and its taking me further away (resistance ) from things I want to manifest. Then again I have probably got it all ar** about face , as we aussie are want to say .

(28 Oct '12, 05:04) Starlight

@Starlight- Some people can and cannot cry....There are others that I know, who are super spiritual, that can just never seem to cry at all (and that's not to say they get very depressed at times).

The trickiest times are when something upsets you in a public place. It seems everyone's been conditioned to hold tears in, but it gets harder to release after you've 'buried' the issue or ignored it for a while, instead of straight away. I guess it's no help being highly sensitive on my part.

(28 Oct '12, 07:23) Nikulas

Lol, spent many years with a person that told me I was over sensitive Nikulas , so you have my empathy on that score . I guess I just need to let the tears and the yawning do their job. Ran through an eft on money a few minutes ago and the yawning started and Brad Yates isn't boring :-)

(28 Oct '12, 07:48) Starlight

@Starlight- Hehe thanks, glad to know I'm not the only one that gets told off for being over-sensitive.

Abraham has mentioned, that when meditating, yawning is an indicator from Source energy that you are on the right track to alignment (I actually remember Esther putting it exactly like that, though I'm not certain). If there is truth in this, then by all means would I give yourself a hi five for every yawn you commit to. If I think of yawning I actually do yawn, so who knows?

(28 Oct '12, 09:50) Nikulas

@Starlight - "if I find myself crying or yawning as I go through the process , would you say this is releasing underlying issue/belief ?" - Sounds like it to me...there seems to be a number of people on IQ (including @Nikulas) who have those effects. For me, I tend to feel the release more as yawning and shivering rather than crying: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/6058#6059

(28 Oct '12, 18:13) Stingray

@Stingray , thank you little treasure , I guess I really just wanted confirmation from one whom I thought would be in the know . Faster EFT is mostly what I am trying at the moment , I enjoy both Robert Smith and Brad Yates YouTube clips, haven't delved deep into the how it works , trying to give myself a break from needing to know the mechanics of every darn thing , lol

(28 Oct '12, 21:57) Starlight

@Nikulas , thanks, love Abraham , havent come across that , but good to know :-)

(28 Oct '12, 21:59) Starlight
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Even if you tapped on a new issue every day, you souldn't be sore. Maybe you are tapping too hard. You want to feel the pressure, but it shouldn't hurt, even after several days. It is called tapping, not knocking, or banging, or scraping. So, please be gentle with yourself. Use the cushion part of your fingers, not your finger nails. Sometimes a longer fingernail might touch me, but I don't use the tips where the fingernails are, I use the cushion part of my finger. I hope this helps, I wouldn't want you to give up on EFT. I do think it would be helpful to do a systematic process, like Stingray's Manifesting experiment 4. If you tap on a bunch of related issues, one of them might just take the rest out. Peace and blessings

I do 2 to 4 rounds per issue, check it and if it's still there, I clean it up. I don't know what you mean by session. It could be one round, or 30 min. worth of rounds. Also, are you doing the setup and reminder phrase to 'get into' the feeling? With so many versions of EFT out there, it's hard to know what each person is doing.


answered 01 Jul '11, 13:25

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