I have very exciting news! Read THIS!

Science has made the first advances in curing aging! Of course this also means living an extended, natural healthy life, not one in an old age home for years. That would be a nightmare! (living forever but senile.)

This cure is to keep us in our prime forever. We'd be in top shape, feeling good and healthy. They said the first person to live to be 150 has already been born, and that the first person to live to be 1000 is only 20 years away from being born.

When we can live forever we will effectively remove the cap on what we could do or become. I could decide in what would usually be considered old age "90's" to train to become an astronaut and go to Jupiter. Nothing could stop me! After all, time would be no limit in this future; so anyone could do many careers. It may take what we consider today a few life times; this would be no problem- I would have the time to get there.

I could learn anything for thousands of years. Imagine what we could learn, everyone! Imagine the advances in technology to make earth a better planet to live on! I can see no limit myself to this potential. If you are social you could meet everyone on the planet personally; this just blows my mind! Time really is our only limitation. We could all be like when Edison invented the light bulb- it took him 1000 tries but he did it. With enough time, I imagine we could do things we can not even yet begin to fathom!

What could become of Earth when aging is finely cured for all? Again, here is the link:


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Wade Casaldi

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This site seems so against advancing humanity through technology. Every time I put some incredible find on that could be our next evolution for humanity and the earth it either gets ignored made fun of or answered against. I don't think most people are ready to see us evolve to the next stage unless if we meditate enough that it naturally happens. God is letting it up to us to decide if we want to change after all that is a very personal thing.

(07 Jul '11, 03:16) Wade Casaldi

Ok, you're probably not going to like my 2 cents worth Wade... although I genuinely appreciate you sharing.

Firstly I don't think aging requires a cure... it's a natural part of the journey here as a human.

And honestly I prefer the latter half of my forties to any part of my twenties or thirties. So many good things come with age, and I think there is enough hype out there in the cosmetic and plastic surgery world persuading us that we can stay young that I personally don't want to or feel the need to buy into the fact that science now says we can live to 1000.I think we'll all depart this planet exactly when we're supposed to, no matter what age that is in human terms. I don't think or even really care if someone lives to 1000 in this lifetime of mine.Who knows maybe in the next lifetime I will although I'm hoping to reach enlightenment before then so I don't have to come back... after all I'd rather be conscious of my eternity in the spiritual world than living to a mere 1000 yrs in the physical world (lol).


answered 05 Jul '11, 01:12

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you present another postulate of linear thinking, that aging needs to and can be cured,
the search of the materialist for the fountain of youth,
ignoring the cardinal rule of nature that what is born will die,
as if the gift of existence we have now is not glorius,
for it does not meet are individual needs.
earths future as well as ours will continue to evolve to more ethereal forms,
the pendulum of our cycles are now ascending back towards spirit;
a forgotten/lost precept of the ancient wisdom


answered 05 Jul '11, 21:46

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Alright forget living forever how about making us live as long as a Redwood tree lives until it naturally dies instead?

(06 Jul '11, 03:45) Wade Casaldi

wade, take care of your body, think right thoughts, pursue your evolution withih nature and you might be illness free. should this occur on a worldwide scale, we may begin to lookout for each other, instead of trying to best them. we are ahead of the rewood in spiritual development as well as the ability to move.

(06 Jul '11, 10:18) fred
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