I guess being that it's Independence Day, and a lot of you contributors here are from the US, I thought there might just be a question around what independence or freedom means to someone on this journey. We live in a free world, but how many of us are really free?

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We are always as free as we decide to be.

And only when we decide to be free do we really experience freedom.


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Yup! Making the decision is always the 1st step...thanks Michael :)

(05 Jul '11, 17:35) Michaela

Our true selves are allways free no matter where we live and no matter where we come from. I'm talking about our spirit selves of course. On the other hand our physical selves are never truly free.

Humanity is controlled in every possible way by everything from religions to goverments to media to marketing. We are subliminaly enslaved on use this, buy that, vote for him/her, follow that religion so that true freedom doesn't exist on planet earth. Even though we think we are free for we have the right to choose I can assure you the choices have been made for us by clever media marketing.

The realy true freedom is the freedom we will all have once in spirit when we have shed our physical selves.

We can have momentary freedom if we learn to live through spirit or in the moment and it is the gratest feeling in the world.


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Paulina 2

Thanks Paulina... you're so right that freedom can only be accessed in the present moment :)

(05 Jul '11, 17:34) Michaela

Everyone is free to choose to connect to the source of creation or to remain disconnected.

Everyone is free to connect with their higher self and receive inspiration in the form of imagination. Creation is already finished, so anything imagined comes from that which already exists. Through the contrast of what you are living, your higher self, automatically sends inspiration to you using the channel of imagination.

The reason that what you imagine and want to move towards feels so good to you is because what you're moving closer to is who you really are 8-)

I don’t ask you to believe anything I’m saying. I only ask you to look deeply into your eyes in the bathroom mirror and ask yourself:

What if everything I’ve been led to believe as truth my entire life is wrong?


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Wow! Now that is one powerful question to ask...thanks Eddie :)

(05 Jul '11, 17:37) Michaela

most times, freedom is only equated with the unencumbered pursuit of happiness,
and many seem impelled to celebrate that as the right of mankind.
free will and choice is within our destiny,
yet, so many are afraid and rather follow


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Thanks fred... your words always come from a slightly different perspective (which I love) :)

(05 Jul '11, 17:36) Michaela

michaela, maybe as a continous seeker of self-unfoldment, we'll begin to see more diverse shades of grey. each new found shade forcing a re-integreation of purpose and objectives of goals. for each is a verity from their perspective. do we take any time to evaluate what is going on, take in the many shades of grey. celebrate the freedom of 'what you are able to think about' in a few moments of silence on July 4 each year.

(08 Jul '11, 02:10) fred

Thanks fred... but why just do it on July 4? :)

(08 Jul '11, 22:19) Michaela

it is done more frequently than just that day, but in reaction to the 'hype'.

(11 Jul '11, 11:51) fred
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PARTS of this world are free.

MOST are not.

I cannot believe the answers to this question...how can we write such happy answers, knowing we live in a world where adulteresses are being beheaded elsewhere, people like Nelson Mandela spend forty years in jail for a GOOD idea....? We are not going to be truly FREE until EVERY SINGLE human being on this planet is FREE!!!!


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It is true what you are saying. But do you think that a sad attitude will help in solving those problems? I think that a happy, but compassionate person can be more of a help because of his energy levels!

(07 Jul '11, 11:30) Asklepios

I am a sensitive and compassionate person. I apologize PROFUSELY FOR THE FOLLOWING RANT: I wept for Mandela as a girl when he was jailed...I am sure my compassion and love may have helped the world, but as far as I saw, it sure had little effect on the slaughter that was Vietnam, etc. etc. "Let's all think happy thoughts, and the world will be a better place." This is TRUE! But was anyone doing it? I say that no one is free unless WE ALL ARE FREE!!! Happy thoughts ARE MY BAG! (See: I SAW the MIND of GOD if you don't believe me...) I only wished to say that the above answers are Poppins-stuff.

(07 Jul '11, 17:45) Jaianniah

If happy thoughts have a big effect on the world, than when Gandhi was alive, why were these atrocities going on? I think Gandhi was a happy man most of the time and had positive happy thoughts towards humanity.

(07 Jul '11, 18:20) Wade Casaldi

Yes but in those words of Gandhi lies our freedom... "Be the change you want to see", it really is our decision and to believe otherwise will keep you from the very freedom you desire. We really can only change the world one person at a time and that person is oneself :)

(08 Jul '11, 12:12) Michaela
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Indeed we live in a free world, but we are victims of an enslaved society that finds ways to take away our freedom based upon structural laws, rules, and penalties that infringes upon human freedom. We are only free, if we keep the peace!


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Thanks Vee... I think it's important to remember that what we 'believe' is our reality :)

(08 Jul '11, 12:13) Michaela
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