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How do you rekindle your passion?

I wish to get involved in something that I am so passionate about. So passionate, that I forget to track time, my own energy, I feel great doing it, I love being in the moment etc.....

At the moment, my method is to try and remember childhood events and hobbies I used to enjoy. No answer will be 'bad'-what does everyone suggest they go about discovering, or re-discovering, their passions?

asked 09 Jul '11, 12:08

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Answer the 7 Questions To Reveal Exactly Where You Stand, How to Discover Your Passions and Create a Life That You Love! www.passiontest.com

(09 Jul '11, 14:16) RPuls
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I think Steve Pavlina's advice can be helpful to you. Without his website I would not have my plans for the future.



answered 09 Jul '11, 13:53

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This is the one that makes you cry huh?

(09 Jul '11, 15:12) you

You mean IQ? This is not the one, though it is in agreement with it.

(09 Jul '11, 15:21) Asklepios
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