I recently was diagnosed (at my age, this is really been somewhat amusing...)with ADHD. It does explain a LOT about my difficulties with doing my homework. I have developed strategies throughout my life to get through learning, and began to wonder what works and what doesn't for other people, whether normal, or dyslexic, or whatever.

What is interesting is that I am a Trivia Hound...Especially with science. I can remember all sorts of really useless stuff about science, and spew it out verbatim (like the sun is 93,000,000 miles away...the muscles of the chest in Latin...(pecto antibrachialis, pectoralus major, pectoralus minor, etc...of course, the spelling may be off)- things like that. But I can never remember my appointments unless I use magic marker on my hand, and am 60% left handed, which is a contributing factor to my migraines.

So, people, what do you do when faced with learning new stuff? What is unique to you when you are learning? What works, and what does not?

Blessings, Jai

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jai adhd or not no one is the same and the teacher is suppose to get to know the student to learn the best way to teach them. and there is different type of people some are visual other auditive. some are a mix of both. we are all individual we all have are strengh and weakness.

(12 Jul '11, 03:11) white tiger

Thank you all for your great answers! The discussions after were good, too!>>>>>>>>>>>

(12 Jul '11, 23:35) Jaianniah
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Among other things I am a scout leader. and we teach our scout with Learning by doing ,and the results are secondary its in the doing where the learning occurs. And it works for me too
I remember when I was kid I was given Ritalin for me being "hyper". My mother took me off it because she thought I was not the same. I sometimes wonder what my life would have been if she kept me on .I also had problems doing homework (still do ) and also a tough match in Trivial pursuit.
then there are the baby steps to get things done.these work for me too.


answered 11 Jul '11, 21:16

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You too? Yes my mom said it made me like a zombie so she took me off of it just like your mom did. Also yes we are old enough to remember when ADHD was just called Hyper Active, I remember I went to the doctor and sat in his chair spinning back ad forth rocking and the doctor said he is Hyper Active. lol

(12 Jul '11, 01:21) Wade Casaldi

well i find that stupid do drug a kid because he is what he is. how will he learn to cope with him self if he cannot be him self. later on he as dependencie to drugs. and if he stop drugs he go nuts because he never add to live being totally him self.

(12 Jul '11, 03:04) white tiger

Thanks White Tiger! That makes me and I am sure Ursixx feel good that our moms did take us off that stuff the doctors prescribed when we were kids. :-D

(12 Jul '11, 03:42) Wade Casaldi

@Wade you know Wade I don't know. yea I am who I am today because of conditions from the past. But the other me that might have gone on take the prescription and studied and did well in school and maybe went to college and ...... you get the picture .but its water under the bridge. And I am happy where I am today.

(12 Jul '11, 08:13) ursixx

Yes I see what you mean put that way, same here I took my GED a few years ago and blew it out of the park near perfect. Some of the subjects were perfect had I stayed in school maybe I would be in a whole lot better position today myself. Maybe there is some alternate me that did go to collage and has that life.

(13 Jul '11, 18:29) Wade Casaldi

@Wade I passed my GED when I was 17 (hungover).I remember the social studies class teacher just gave me a passing grade becuase I showed up on fridays and aced the test even though I slept in class or didn't show up for class,first period was a pain when your are/were party animal.

(13 Jul '11, 21:57) ursixx

Yes my teacher said with my grades I should go on to college, the difference was I was there because I wanted to be where as most were there because they had to be.

(17 Jul '11, 02:06) Wade Casaldi
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I think it could be that with ADHD and Dyslexia that we may find unique ways to arrive at conclusions to problems that others just could not see. I know for me that is what happens. I see things in a different way and people say to me "I never thought of it that way!" But for me it is so natural like that answer was right there you just had to look at it from another perspective.

For example with your learning question, we can look at learning from the point of a progressive time perspective as all people have to start out from ignorance and learn to get to where they want to be.

I like looking at it from a holistic time perspective that what is being learned, being taught, and is mastered, is all the same thing it is just different in perspective. At one perspective it is unknown and is being learned, at another perspective it is well known and is being taught to someone wanting to learn it. But another perspective it is mastered it has been learned and has been applied and taught for many years.

If I shift in my brain the perspective from unknown to known from beginner to master I as well change my experience of what I am trying to learn. I think of someone that knows this subject well and think there is no separation if he knows this, I as well know it. He is using a different part of his brain than I am I just need to shift what part of my brain I am using and I have that ability and understanding.

If we think like those we want to learn from we know like those that we want to learn from.


answered 11 Jul '11, 17:54

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Wade Casaldi

yes wade shifting perspective is good to learn about other people. i do not know if you do that often when someone say something the feeling the way they act what they are looking at put yourself in there place. you will learn alot more then just learning from what they say or do.

(12 Jul '11, 03:27) white tiger

Yes exactly, thanks White Tiger. :-)

(12 Jul '11, 04:01) Wade Casaldi

Well for me I need to understand to learn. I am not the type to learn stuff by heart. Once I see the logic and how it all fits in together then I learn it. And this apply to all things in life even to peoples way of thinking ,way of acting, way of being ,way of feeling way and of interacting.
If you learn stuff by heart many years later it does not mean you will remember when you need it. But if you learn it because you understand and know how it all fits in when you need it all the pieces will fall in place.
So experience and enjoy.


answered 12 Jul '11, 03:00

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white tiger

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White Tiger could you clarify hearth please? The only definition I could find was the one I knew, hearth - a brick fire place or oven.

(12 Jul '11, 03:12) Wade Casaldi

in french par coeur. wade by heart

(12 Jul '11, 03:21) white tiger

Thank you so much now I understand. :-D

(12 Jul '11, 03:31) Wade Casaldi

Yes I know what you mean I have gained instant abilities, but it is not really gained but lived or experienced. To use another word borrowed from God I guess you could say. But I could have time pass and someone say hey play this or that that you were playing last time and I can't it has to be something coming through at the moment and there are many times I could play a song that comes to me to play and later not be able to play even the first few notes. So I do see what you mean in the difference, the ability to stick in our brains for years to come.

(12 Jul '11, 03:36) Wade Casaldi
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Can you ride a Bicycle, if so, then you can learn to do anything you want to learn, because as you know you have to learn to ride the Bicycle in a very specific way to learn to ride it by your self? So, in essence you have to learn to do things in a specific way to learn it!


answered 12 Jul '11, 06:01

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