Sometimes when alone and have a passing thought that I RECOGNIZE and MEASURE to be on the negative side, I will say the word "cancel" out loud, or anything in opposition to contradict that thought.

I will even go as far to begin talking to myself about the importance of thinking positive, feeling good, focusing on WHAT I DO WANT and knowing all is well. Almost like talking to a good friend and encouraging them to change their thoughts and why.

I even recite a memorized affirmations. One of my very favorites is by Louise L. Hay:

"All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation only good will come. And I am safe."

Talking to myself keeps me on my toes by allowing a verbal forum of questioning my belief system, as there have been times when I responded to a thought out loud and REALIZED I was stuck, conditioned, justifying or unconsciously speaking out of habit without ever having questioned if I truly believed what I was talking about! This, of course took me to another level of questioning. Which has led to a paradigm shift--over and over and over again.

Finally, talking to myself has helped me to develop unconditional openness and self-love and has heightened my self-awareness to be an even better "watcher" of my thoughts.

Can anyone relate?

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Keep up the openess and the self-love and the oneness with God if he is your choice of higher power he is mind. You are doing just great.

(14 Nov '09, 04:55) flowingwater
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Yes, I do the same thing. A lot of the time when I am in a situation where I know I need to feel better otherwise things will get worse, I talk to myself and try and get myself to a better feeling place.

Things I say to myself are usually "This situation is what I have attracted due to my thoughts and I have the power to change my thoughts at any moment to get a better outcome" or "What thought can I think about right now that will make me feel slightly better than I am currently feeling".

My aim through those statements in my head is to find any thought at all that will raise my feeling bad vibration to a happier state, even if the state is just slightly better and not that big a jump from what I am feeling.


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Pink Diamond

I have always talk to myself but now I catch myself correcting myself if I say something negative and stop it and change it to an postive comment. I am learning that when I speak, think and write down postive things and things I want to manifest into my life and I feel good about it, happy about it, believing that I will soon have this in my life and don't even focus on the doubts sometimes the minor things just happen so very fast and think back wow I just spoke that a few days ago and here it is than I realize There was no doubt there. I say thank you Jesus for giving me the power to do this and understand this as your gift to us.

God has told me to ask and believe I shall have it with no doubt and I will. So I have had many years of self doubt, and negative things always happening and now I am focusing hard to changing old habbits and start new ones. For Jesus said the power of the tongue has life and death so if the tonge can speak life and death than it can speak prosparity, abundance, happiness, good health and oneness with the Lord. There is power in the spoken word and the belief behind it.

So, yes I respond to my thoughts out loud some times.I always have I am guarding my thoughts now so that I am manifesting an strong an postive financial blessings so that I can bless my children financially for they need help. I pray for others health and their healing and I pray for the whole human race for better things, forgiveness, abundance, good health and healing of mother earth and our environments.

We need to love God, others, and it is very important to love self not in an selfish bad way but in an kind and loving way for how can you love someone else when you really don't even love your self. Low self esteem is usually there when we can't look ourselves in the mirror and say I love you this is so important. Because it is sad to say we know God and Jesus loves us but sometimes other people don't and we need to love ourselves and pull back when others don't show us love and get out of that bad situation for if you love your self you wouldn't put your self through search demise you would know this is not right for you. Always love your self in an good way of course.


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Speaking rebukes or affirmations has a long history of having a positive effect. In the Christian tradition, one would rebuke Satan's temptations aloud, following the example of Jesus when he said, "Get thee behind me, Satan!" (Of course, if one believes in a real Satan, who cannot read our thoughts, the rebuke would have to be aloud.)

Success gurus generally advise speaking self-affirmations aloud to ourselves. The common factor in both the rebuke and the affirmation is that it registers our resolve more strongly by putting it into audible words. The underlying reason for that is that it is providing more sensory input and is therefore using more of the brain. The increased brain activity helps the thought to become more firmly implanted in our beliefs and more influential on our feelings.


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