One of the first steps, if not the first, in most methods for changning beliefs is to identify the limiting belief so you can replace it with a desired one. It seems that I am not able to do that. All I can do is just guess and number all the things I think I could possibly believe in order to be manifesting a specific undesired life situation.

Example: let's say I am trying to change my life situation regarding money. Let's say I want more money in my life. I am experiencing lack of money so it is obvious I have some limiting beliefs that are manifesting that reality. But what belief exactly? I can number many potential beliefs I can be believing: I don't deserve money. I don't have luck. I need luck to have money. I am not good enough to get that better paid job. People would treat me worse. People would use me. People would like me only because of my money.... etc etc. I could go on and on, you get the picture.

So how to know what do I really believe? Surely I don't believe in all of the above mentioned stuff. Sure, it is possible that my life situation stems from a number of limiting beliefs but then again, which beliefs exactly, of the bunch? Is it really even needed to identify and isolate exact limiting beliefs that are manifesting my undesired situation in order to replace them and manifest desired things?

I was thinking of "brainwashing" myself with affirmations to adopt new desired beliefs without actually tackling old ones. So I would rewrite my brain, in a sense. Would that work?

Thank you!

asked 14 Nov '16, 15:52

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I know conventional wisdom is to express a limiting belief in words but, in this case, words are just symbolic placeholders for a deeper concept that cannot be expressed in words.

So, if you find that verbal expression is proving more of a hindrance than a helpful tool, try cutting out the "middle man" and go to another level.

What I often like to do is observe how my body reacts when I can feel the limiting belief is activated. Then I deal with the "body feelings" (as Stuart Lichtman calls them) instead of the actual limiting belief expressed in words.

Doing that bypasses any over-analyzing you may be drifting into regarding the limiting belief. And because of the close connection between the physical body and the limiting beliefs it expresses, just clearing up the body feelings also clears up the limiting belief even if you never expressed the limiting belief in words.

So, in your example, if you wanted more money, you would think about a situation where you felt you didn't have enough money (to activate the limiting belief) and then note carefully in your body where you feel uncomfortable.

You then make that feeling as strong as possible (which means you are now as engaged as possible with that limiting belief). Then you clear that body feeling using your preferred method (I like EFT) which then automatically clears your limiting belief.

The process is described in more detail in What's the remedy for this explosive rage against my wife? and it forms the basis of Manifesting Experiment 4 and Manifesting Experiment 5 Draft 2.

You can also see the idea being used in my Death Star Manifesting Videos...


...which are extremely helpful should you find yourself with the need to manifest a planet-destroying Death Star for some reason :)


answered 15 Nov '16, 03:48

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@Stingray Thank you for your answer, it is much clearer now. But what do you think about the idea of implementing new beliefs using just affirmations? Would it work?

(16 Nov '16, 11:23) Marin

@Marin - "Would it work?" - Certainly, it would work given enough time, effort and determination. I used those kinds of affirmations for years, a long time ago. The problem is that it's a "brute force" method that is battling your existing beliefs. So it can get a bit soul-destroying at times seemingly-endlessly repeating affirmations that you know inwardly that you don't believe one bit...until you eventually bully your belief system into giving way :) Eventually, I came across...

(16 Nov '16, 13:41) Stingray

@Marin - ...Paraliminal recordings which are a clever way of getting around the conscious resistance to non-currently-believable affirmations. Some time later, I came across Focus Wheels statements (embodied in Focus Blocks) and that was like hitting the jackpot. Focus Wheels statements are incremental believable affirmations so they are easy to accept consciously. Even...

(16 Nov '16, 13:46) Stingray

@Marin - ...nearly 20 years later, I still think they are the best affirmation-based approach that I've ever come across. I still use them today :)

(16 Nov '16, 13:48) Stingray

@Stingray Thank you very much Mister Stingray for all your help. I just watched all your "evil engineers for a Death Star" videos, the method is pure gold it seems. I think I'll give it a try!

(16 Nov '16, 14:56) Marin

@Marin - "the method is pure gold it seems. I think I'll give it a try!" - Good luck :) If you can master the art of artificially triggering and "stepping into" that "missing emotion" of what you want to manifest, you'll probably find the method to be quite rewarding :)

(16 Nov '16, 16:46) Stingray

@Stingray Do you have any advice or resources that would be helpful for 'expanding' the emotion in the body? I went through the MC2 recordings like you suggested in the videos and they were helpful for identifying the feeling but I don't understand how you actually make it grow within you.

(17 Nov '16, 02:58) Bluebell

@Bluebell - From what I recall, it's explained in Part 2 of the MC2 recordings (on the Law of Attraction). You may need to give your email address to get them. In any case, it's straightforward. If you feel, say, prosperity as a warm feeling in the chest area, simply imagine that feeling growing out from that area and engulfing your entire body. If you are struggling with it, don't worry too much, just triggering that emotion at all and feeding it back to the request will start things happening.

(17 Nov '16, 03:57) Stingray
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Marin, Many of the people who frequent IQ have a tendency for analytical thinking, so in that sense you are among friends. Most, if not all, of us have had some sort of metaphysical awakening at some point in our lives leading to an exploration into the nature of reality. The revelation that we create our own reality can be quite profound. The Idea, in and of itself is a simple one. Thoughts create matter. This process of energy transformation manifests itself in our physical experience through the objects and the events that occur in our lives.

Beliefs, according to Abraham, are the thoughts that we repeat again and again. The more these thoughts/beliefs are repeated, the stronger they become, eventually "solidifying" (literally) into what we perceive as life on the planet earth. Seth refers to these as "core beliefs". Seth, channeled by author Jane Roberts, is widely considered to be the grandfather of channeled material. He is the origin of the phrase "you create your own reality" and provides, in my opinion, the most clear and concise explanation for the nature of reality. I strongly suggest you read "Seth Speaks" and "The Nature of Personal Reality". You will find many of the answers you seek in these and the many other works channeled by Seth. Both are available at Amazon or can be downloaded in pdf. versions at no cost.

In your quest to discover your beliefs, the core beliefs are the ones that hold the greatest influence in your life. These beliefs often can be traced back to a very young age, where they were drilled into your psyche by parents, teachers, preachers and pals, long before you knew you had a choice as to what to believe and how those beliefs would continually affect your life and still do today. You will discover beliefs that relate to you personally. These beliefs cover all the ideas you hold about yourself relating to self-esteem, self worth, etc.

You will discover beliefs that deal with your relation to other human beings, both intimate and otherwise. Beliefs about how you relate to the planet and its diversity. Scientific beliefs, religious beliefs. With such a vast array of possible beliefs out there how can you begin to learn what it is you truly believe?

One of the first steps, if not the first, in most methods for changing beliefs is to identify the limiting belief so you can replace it with a desired one. There is no need to need to always "replace" a belief. Often it is better to just choose to discard it. Think of beliefs as different "colors" that you choose as you paint the self-portrait of your life on a canvass of time and space. There are no right or wrong or good or bad colors. Every color is a "valid" choice. Altering your beliefs (choosing different colors) as you paint and repaint or "touch up" your portrait, translates into altering your personal reality.

What follows are a number of beliefs discovered within the various questions and answers that you previously posted on IQ. Most are in the order in which I found them. I did, however, group together repeated instances of a particular belief. The point of this exercise is primarily to show you how you can discover your beliefs by exploring your own written texts. The process is for doing this is neither difficult nor time consuming. It basically involves reading through text documents and cutting and pasting any discovered beliefs. If you are interested in beginning to learn about your beliefs, I would suggest you apply this technique to all of your business and personal documents.

I some cases, I offered a brief "IMO" about a particular belief. It is entirely up to you as to whether you do or do not agree with those opinions. They are, after all, your beliefs. Again, let me be clear, my purpose here is just to suggest a method for exposing your beliefs. It is not for me to judge, criticize, or question your personal beliefs. Obviously, these are just a few of the hundreds or potentially thousands of the beliefs you have that play a part in creating your personal reality. Since these beliefs are taken out of context, you may want to refer to your previous posted questions while viewing this list.

It seems that I am not able to do that. (Limiting)

I thought that feeling good is enough and that that actually means being in the Vortex.

I am generally feeling good but I'm not entering the Vortex. (Limiting)

I can feel I am near the Vortex but I don't enter it.

I have a belief that entering the Vortex is hard and needs a lot of work.

I feel better after doing things I love (Abraham/Bashar recordings, music,..)

My every day life is pretty much the same from day to day, not much new stuff is happening (manifesting). (Limiting)

That is not the case, at least not for me, because every my day is pretty much the same.

That is not the case, at least not for me, because every my day is pretty much the same.

I noticed that my every day is pretty much the same just now, like yesterday.

(Take note of how often you repeated this belief. Repetition, in a sense, makes this belief more potent. Bashar has implied the inevitability of change. This doesn't necessarily mean that our beliefs can't create a resistance to change.)

It is impossible to have resistance toward all of the hundreds of desires.

The "letting go of desires to manifest them" principle should be operating by now. (Review Basher/Abraham? 7 steps to manifesting esp. setting intentions.)

The ones I forgot about ages ago, while living life, should be flooding into my life but they obviously aren't. (Limiting)

It's impossible to notice the absence of all the hundreds of desires. If I'm not noticing their absence that should mean that they should have came by now. (Try to remove "time" from the equation. "Reality" and the law of attraction are not affected and are not constrained by time, as everything exists simultaneously.)

"Surrendering" isn't "working".

If we want to experience something (OR SOMEONE) differently we only need to change ourselves.

I experience a lot of situations in my life in which my new beliefs don't agree with society's way of thinking and looking at things, reality and the world in general.

I want to say that my new, chosen, preferred belief never sticks. (Extremely limiting)

There are only 2 relevant things to attract girls: confidence and humor. (Limiting)

Everything that happens in your reality happens due to your beliefs, vibrations, everything, including what other people around you experience.

You are your reality; it is made up of you, your energy, your beliefs etc.

All the people, all interactions, all events, all stuff is in your head, your world. You shape it and give it meaning, it is all your manifestation

There is no such thing as luck nor coincidence.

Everything in this universe is connected.

This is very powerful if you fully understand it.

There are tons of tools with which you can shape you reality deliberately. (Review Bashars "permission slips")

I realize that in responding to your question, I may have left you with more questions. I recommend purchasing or downloading the Seth books I suggested in order to further exploration and knowledge of this subject. As I mentioned in a different post, I am open to continuing this discussion in the comments area.


answered 05 Dec '16, 20:46

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@i4cim2b - I believe that the following sentence is, in fact, the truth. This a very enlightening answer :). It would be nice to have an "i4cim2b app" that analyses one's text data and spits out specific beliefs the way you did it :)

(05 Dec '16, 22:06) releaser99

You don't have to use a method to uncover negative beliefs, but they do have a strong tendency to pop up anyway when you start raising your energy through affirmations or imagination. Using a method allows you to do the confronting on your own terms, rather than having them erupt at random.

Bashar's method is the most straight-forward way I have found to uncover negative beliefs.

First, you focus on a negative feeling, and allow yourself to feel it fully. Then, you ask yourself what you would have to believe to feel this.

For me, most of the times, I was surprised with the clarity of the result. Just like Bashar announced, I would reliaze the now-in-the-open belief makes no sense, and it would dissipate.

Sometimes, the belief would not be very clear- this was mostly when I did not focus enough on a particular feeling. I would respond simply by saying- Hmmm, this sounds more like a statement than a belief, what is the belief? Or- Hmmm, this sounds more like a discussion than a belief, what is the belief? For me, it would take at most three or four tries to get a clear statement of belief, like the ones you mentioned above.

The worst one was: "I have a conflict with the one I love most, and the only resolution is to kill or to die." I mean, who even makes up stuff like that?

Two key twists I used in order to make Bashar's method work in more challenging circumstances: You treat any sense that you may need to do more than than uncover a belief for it to dissipate as- just another belief. Further, you may need some gentle persistence in order to get to a verbal statement that has a similar ring to the feeling you are expressing.


answered 06 Dec '16, 05:51

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