hii..friends.. my question is that "is it important" to study??? ,even if you know law of attraction n you know that through affirmations n visualizations u wil get exactly 100% in your exams.cos,it has happened with me.through affirmations, i came to know the questions which are about to come in exams. and i got exatly 100% in my exams as visualized....,inspite of zero studies. so..friends,what r ur views on this??? i thank all of you in advance n i apolpjize if i wrote something wrong. hope to hear from all of you soon. .....love ,light n lotts of blessing on your way... ......ur's- supergirl from india...

asked 21 Aug '12, 06:16

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Hi Supergirl,

I am elated to know that you can use LOA to pass your exams - I too am writing my final paper that's due in a week and a half and I would like some tips on how you do this.

@ LapiLazuli and CalonLan - your messages are loud and clear and make a lot of sense to me but I'm two weeks away from the end of these studies and just need to graduate with 1st class honors and get it over with.


(21 Aug '12, 13:37) MoonWillow

@MoonWillow, there's always going to be some 'but'. I don't like this, but got only 2 weeks left.... I don't want this job, but I studied in this area....I don't want to live this kind of life, but I have this job. ..Just keep in mind that a reason to justify any situation can be always found. And it's far easier to find justification for being in a rut, than to walk out of it.

(22 Aug '12, 01:52) CalonLan

@MoonWillow.... ...dear,its very easy to pass or top in an exam.., simply follow following tips..for LOA- 1) decide how many marks or % u wanna score. then,prepare a MARKSHEET wth exam name,exam date n ur name.now,u know xactly how many marks ur gonna get.so..., daily after meditation,visualize ur
marksheet. 2) AFFIRMATIONS- daily write an affirmation regarding ur exam. e.g- thank you universe for getting me so n so rank in so n so exam.thank you..-write this for 40 times.
3) VISUALIZATION- visualize urself that getting ur awesome result.., see that ur jumping in joy when see ur mind-blowing result. see that ur parents,ur friends,ur gf/bf ,relatives,neighbours congratulate u for ur success. 4) one step ahead- cross all the limits of positiveness n visualization. see that u have taken 1st rank in entire university. see that ur name is there in today's(the day when ur result is declared) newspaper.see ur being interviwed by best channel of media for ur huge success. 5) SUPER-POSITIVENESS- maintain a positive frame of mind ..no matter what.., be calm.., do whatever u could ..,for maintaining this positiveness. listen to ur favorite music,dance, go on walk,chat with a friend, sing a song, meditate.but,be super-dupper positive for ur results. never ever doubt ur affirmations or visualization. doubting destroys eveything. do random acts of kindness, dont get into any arguement. stay happy ,no matter what.., if u get caught any negativity ..say in your mind "GOD BLESS YOU DEAR". 6) remember dear..- following are the keys..."AFFIRMATIONS + MEDITATION + VISUALIZATION + SUPER-POSITIVENESS= SUCCESS "

... DEAR MOONWILLOW, dont worry follow above steps..n u wil definately clear ur xams that too 1st class.., i am the proof.., i did all the above + studies also n i literally topped in my desired YEAR. n in one of my exams i did not studied ,just to check loa.., still i got the same results as visualized. use this below affirmation..i desighned it for me..,it may help u... "1) FOR ME..(SO N SO) EXAM IS VERY EASY.I AM THE 1ST RANK HOLDER OF THIS EXAM. 2) I AM VERY SMART N ABSOLUTELY INTELLIGENT. 3) I REMEMBER EFFORTLESSLY. 4) WHATEVER HAS BEEN ASKED IN THIS EXAM, I HAVE READ IT ALL N I REMEMBER EACH N EVERY READ THING"

best luck..moonwillow, ur definately gonna pass..my best wishes r with u.., still, i am sending lots of positive energy for ur best resulte. i am sure u l clear with 1 st class. infact,i would say.."congratulations,moonwillow..for ur awesomest results...wow..moonwillow..u have topped..i am so happy for u dear, when is the party dear??? .. don't forget to invite me???... -ur's - supergirl from india

(22 Aug '12, 04:51) supergirl

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(22 Aug '12, 04:56) Barry Allen ♦♦

@Barry Allen..,k dear.thank you..:)))

(22 Aug '12, 05:01) supergirl

@ Supergirl - thank you very much for sharing your secret with me and congratulations on your success - I can sense the joy and enthusiasm in your words. Much love to you my dear

(22 Aug '12, 17:31) MoonWillow
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Yes, studying is unnecessary if you are 100% certain you will get a perfect score on the test. You can bring many things into your life with little effort. Lots of people don't study. :)

This is because you get the equivalent of what you're vibration is. So, when you're 100% certain something will happen, it will happen. Exciting, isn't it? :)

But here's what you really should ask yourself- "What do I really want?" CalonLan has a good point- do you enjoy what you are studying? If not, why are doing it?

Life isn't really about the end result. See, you have an endless stream of choices and possiblities. You can point your focus towards millions of different things. While the end results are great, you will grow tired of them. You will never stop having desires. It's exciting that we don't have to study to ace a test- but you will grow bored of this method.

You want to find things that you will enjoy acquiring. You want to pursue something you enjoy studying, because it will make your own graduation more enjoyable. It makes the whole process more interesting, fun and exciting.

It's not a question of whether or not the universe will bring you what you ask- it always will. All you need to do is enjoy the process- enjoy the experience, find new experiences. You by no means have to suffer before you can experience great things. Doing nothing at all, however, can be rather boring.

That's what I've learned- that it's about the experience. I crave the experiences. I always enjoy my end results, but without the process of getting to them they aren't as exciting. I tire of them quicker.

I also want to add, the negative is not really that bad either. I once tried to pull all the darkness from my life- the thing is, the more negative you experience the brighter become your positives.

The way I see it, we want adventures to experience and stories to tell. If you are in the middle of something you aren't enjoying, so much that you just want to skip over it and get straight to your end result, than I would consider pursuing something different.

What I think is important is if you enjoy your life and what your doing. It's not necessarily the actual actions you take or things you acquire, it's about how you enjoy those things. It's not really the act of studying that's important.

Don't be haste- you have plenty of time to make any decisions. Listen to your own feelings and follow your own guidance. If you feel you are on the right path, stay on it. :)



answered 21 Aug '12, 10:02

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@LapisLazuli, Spot on. :)

(21 Aug '12, 10:05) CalonLan

@CalonLan ty :)

(21 Aug '12, 12:49) LapisLazuli

@ LapisLazuli, Beautiful answer. You just answered my question without my even asking it.

(21 Aug '12, 13:33) MoonWillow

@LapisLazuli-Excellent advice:)

(21 Aug '12, 13:57) Satori

@Satori thanks :) @MoonWillow ty, I'm glad it helped :)

(21 Aug '12, 14:50) LapisLazuli

@lapislazuli...,thank you dear..for your beautiful answer, i asked this question cos it just popped up in my mind. actually i love studies very very much.basically,i am a doctor by profession n now preparing for MD- POST GRADUATION. ofcose,i love studies thts y i choose this.actually i have my MD entrance exam which is just few months far from now. so, for this i asked this question.but,newayz i do love studies. THANK YOU DEAR...FOR YOUR WONDERFUL ANSWER... lotts of love,light n blessings on ur way...GOD BLESS YOU..:))) - supergirl

(22 Aug '12, 04:12) supergirl

@supergirl, please click on the "add new comment" link (under each answer) to comment on an existing answer. Please only use answers to directly answer the main question at the top of the page. Thanks. I'm converting your reply into a comment under the appropriate answer.

(22 Aug '12, 04:20) Barry Allen ♦♦

Great answer.

(22 Aug '12, 04:36) Paulina 1
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Study, because you find interest in the topic. Not to merely pass some unimportant test. And if you in fact are just passing some test which has nothing to do with what you enjoy studying as your question subtly imply, I wonder, why are you going through something you don't enjoy in the first place?


answered 21 Aug '12, 06:29

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@CalonLan...., thank you!!! for ur wonderful reply..,actually i love my studies like heaven.., i just asked this question ..,cos it just popped in my head. newayzz.."thank you again...:))))..,,stay happy,stay blessed"

(22 Aug '12, 05:03) supergirl

To me, I do believe it's possible, but due to social conditioning it is not that easy.

The reason is that most of us have been conditioned to think that we need to put in at least a bit of effort in order to achieve something, and when we get something out of nothing we usually don't think that we deserve it at all.

It's just like manifesting, many a times it has been said on this site that all you need to do is to be happy all the time or at least most of the time and you would be able to get the things you want. Yet most people would still prefer to have at least some sort of action to get them into the happy state, such as meditating or doing some of the manifesting experiments found on this site.

But honestly I do not think it is good to not study anything at all, another better way I feel in my opinion would be to believe that you can understand everything easily and all you need to do is to read through everything once in order to get it.


answered 22 Aug '12, 07:33

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@kakaboo..yup true..,thank you..,for ur wonderful answer..,lotts of love,light n blessings on your way.."STAY HAPPY, STAY BLESSED".

(22 Aug '12, 12:36) supergirl
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