I know a lot of the new age teachings focus on just feeling good. Although I agree it's something we should all aspire to, I think to fully experience the depth of being a human we have to experience a certain amount of suffering or we would never develop any sense of compassion or humility. And thus we're able to take that suffering and use it to both understand and help our fellow human beings...thoughts??

asked 15 Jul '11, 02:13

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Contrast is necessary for us to see the big picture with things sometimes. Some lessons we learn easily and some not.


answered 15 Jul '11, 17:57

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LeeAnn 1

I could'ent agree more with you LeeAnn

(15 Jul '11, 19:09) Susan 1

I agree, and I think the more 'aware' we become the easier we move through those lessons. Thanks LeeAnn :)

(16 Jul '11, 12:56) Michaela

This is something my pastor talks of a lot, we thank God for our problems and pain so that we can use it as a testimony to God's glory.

It reminds me of when the disciples said of the blind man was he the sinner or his parents? Jesus explained this man was born this way to show the glory of the Father. Then Christ healed him of his blindness.

We need see that when we make it through these tough times of pain, suffering, problems or difficulties that we are stronger and more able to be used as a tool for God.

A steal sword must go from orange hot to freezing cold water. Imagine for a moment how that would feel to us maybe from a hot spring into frozen over water it would be very painful indeed. But from this process that a sword goes through it becomes very strong indeed! If it never went through the tempering process it would never harden to the point of being a useful sword.

We need to feel the same these trials are our tempering, these build us stronger and in this strength is our ability to be useful to God.

We may be able to see someone hurting and help them far more because we went through this ourselves and we made it out and so can the person we are helping make it out.

This is a very good question, +1 and star. :-)


answered 15 Jul '11, 02:52

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Wade Casaldi

I agree that our strength can only be realized through those challenging moments of our life. Thanks Wade :)

(15 Jul '11, 12:41) Michaela

I had a lesson in this just today.

Wade and I visited a small park with beautiful little waterfalls and fishponds..very lovely, but treacherous to navigate, what with the little Japanese bridges, pea gravel, and ups-and-downs...He bought me a walking stick, and, for the first time since 1993, i was able to walk through the park without pain, without aid...me, walking!!!

When I got into the car, I cried and cried with joy.

Now, I suppose, to most people, this would have not been a big deal. But to me, just being able to get around on my own was incredible...and it was due to Wade's generosity in buying me the walking stick, and also, the fact that I finally have two (artificial) healthy knees.

Without the 18 years of pain, suffering, wheelchairs, car lifts, MRSA, etc., etc., this little exercise would have meant very little. But now I can envision going on hikes with Wade; imagine me, hiking once again, like I used to do before I was first attacked with the staph in my left knee in 1993 (the MRSA I referred to earlier.)

Now, i have a long road ahead of me- but I am joyous. Without all the pain, without the gigantic holes in my legs, and all the pain and skin grafts and suffering- it would have meant absolutely nothing. Nada.

It means the world to me now, though.

Great Question, Michaela. I hope you can all see my point! alt text

Image from the web http://cooldesktopbackgroundsx.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Waterfall_1024x768.jpg


answered 15 Jul '11, 03:00

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Thanks Jai...happy to see you're still improving, and I love the picture :)

(15 Jul '11, 12:43) Michaela

It was a glorious day! I was so happy to share some good news for a change! Thank you, Michaela! Blessings,>>>>>>>>

(15 Jul '11, 13:37) Jaianniah
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