I recently used this sentence "I enjoy being enlightened!" It wasn't until many hours later I had realized this could be taken entirely wrong in my intention.

1 . It could mean as I intended I love learning and being awakened by everyone and everything!


2 . I know everything and to rub it in your face I have the biggest ego to tell you I am enlightened!

So by switching it from a verb (humble and very grateful) that I used it as, to a noun (seems boasting not grateful) that I had no intention of switches the entire meaning.

I have seen this happen here many times but I wonder really when we read anything. Whether from here or a book, the newspaper anything really if we are coloring it by what we believe is being said. Also if so we could expand and try our best to see it from other possible perspectives of interpretation.

This approach may even give new light on many books we thought we knew and understood well.

This seems to show the limitations of expression vs the limitations of understanding. In other words since we can not communicate thought to thought it gets translated as best we can into words spoken or written. But then it has to be correctly translated back into the original meaning as thought in someone else's mind. This is kind of like breaking a code (again this could mean two entirely different things depending on what I mean by code) lol

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Wade Casaldi

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Don't worry about it Wade. Anyone who knows you knows that you don't have a huge ego :)

(16 Jul '11, 01:45) Eddie

Thanks Eddie, yes it may take a bit to understand each other at times but I believe we do now, the important thing is the IQ friendship developed through these exchanges. :-)

(16 Jul '11, 17:27) Wade Casaldi
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it may not be an issue with the expression of the thought,
rather the receptive end being engrossed with a filtered lense that only lets held beliefs through.
to be objective in what what we perceive, to step out of ourselves
to see,listen, taste or feel, and especially think


answered 15 Jul '11, 21:58

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well wade we use words that are imperfect in imperfect world so does it really matter only someone that as pass ego is enlighten and he knows that and will not judge you on having to much ego as for the rest of the world if they judge you it is there choice and they will be judge with the same mesure. you have seen it am i hard to fathom? people will try to stick stuff on you that is from them it is there choice do not judge them help them they have more things to work on then you. experiance and enjoy.


answered 16 Jul '11, 03:09

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white tiger

medditation will open you up to all these diffrent possibilitys. it can help you percieve the diffrnt futurs and diffrent possibilitys. I also channeled a being from a higher density and when i did i seen many mnay diffrent universes as well. most with diffrent rules of pysics. this is teh BEST way . Take a look at this.

love n light,



answered 15 Jul '11, 23:09

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TReb Bor yit-NE

Are you saying I should get back to channeling myself? It has been probably years for me but I felt I had passed that point of needing to channel really.

(16 Jul '11, 17:22) Wade Casaldi

i never knew u did channel, so u have any recorded ro written down? i would LOVE to look at your material

(16 Jul '11, 17:44) TReb Bor yit-NE

i am at a point where i know i dont need to channel,, as dopes my source,, buty i still am learning so much so ,,, i continue,, anything you hav i would love to see ro hear, love n light, rob

(17 Jul '11, 14:49) TReb Bor yit-NE

Yes there comes a point of really realizing yes everything and everyone is one so there is no need to channel an outside source since there really is no outside source as our channel source has been saying all along. So now I feel Jesus with me always I don't need to call on him to come through my consciousness he is there. It is like channeling pushing a car instead of driving it, it is the hard way, it is more spectacular but really for understanding you only need know you and TReb Bor yit Ne are one his knowledge is yours any time you need.

(17 Jul '11, 19:28) Wade Casaldi

@ wade, u are so right ,,,, even teh higher density source that was claimed to be pure source knowlege,, as all that IS teh universe explained,, once i no longer need the reptile,,, i will be able to connect to him in many fasions,, i am starting to see this,, but honestly he is a freind and i have learned to love him greatly ,,, u know>?? ty wade,, ty soooo much, love n light

(17 Jul '11, 21:29) TReb Bor yit-NE
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