Does the Law of Attraction mean listening to and understanding others, shutting yourself down to open up for wonderful feelings, understandings at a deeper level?

I read a book called "Dynamic Thought" (Thanks to Simon) written by Henry Thomas Hamblin.

I always affirm...

"The old life is dead and buried. I have severed myself from it once and for all. Henceforth, I live the new life of Success and Power, Self-Mastery and all Accomplishment."

Dynamic Thought, Lesson 1

This I do, not in the strength of my feeble will and surface mind of my ordinary consciousness, but by the Infinite Power of my deeper inner Mind which is one with, and forms a part of, the Infinite Universal mind

This made me just listen to and do what others say. It made me experience a lot of pain but after completing tasks (given by other persons), people liked me and appreciated me. This really made me happy and strengthened my belief.

I understand that if there are any inner ugly feelings, it holds up an beautiful inner feeling until you open and listen to it. And not to make others feel arrogant, ugly towards themselves, I listen to what they say and have to do it. Just listen and keep on listening.

I felt like "Law of Attraction means listening to others and doing what they say".

Please give your opinions on my experience.

Never regret to say that I'm experiencing my presence. Smile faces around.

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I have read the lesson one and I find it funny that you want to trick your self. why act in hypocrisy with your self? you consider a part of you as something outside of you that you need to hide your self from, is that going to work? why not be in truth and be whole? are you not enough divided in this world? that power within you is you. you make the decision. the simple fact that you talk like this show where you are with your self. first get to know yourself, that way you will get a deeper-

(12 Nov '13, 01:56) white tiger

understanding then being divided from your self. if one as only a part of a book does he have the whole book? well like I said before you can read any book you want, the most important book is from the living one that you are.

(12 Nov '13, 02:08) white tiger

why not be in truth and be whole? I should understand him/her or he/she should understand me. The other side is not ready to listen to anything they feel insecure to listen to someone. I left no option exceptionally.

(12 Nov '13, 03:07) PERFECT GOOD

why not be in truth and be whole? I admit to it.

(12 Nov '13, 03:09) PERFECT GOOD

@white tiger you often use a symbolic cup in your answers and comments. If the cup is dirty and broken why not clean and repair it? So I see lesson 1 as an acceptance of the fact that the cup does not serve you well in this truth,and that wholeness could be improved by washing it and setting it free from the unhealthy dirt and grime. Thus creating a new whole and fresh cup to accept...

(12 Nov '13, 04:01) ursixx

..."Whatever you create in your mental world by means of visualizing will in time be manifested in the outer physical world. The outer world of matter is subservient to the inner world of mind."

(12 Nov '13, 04:02) ursixx

@ursixx you do not understand what I said. the cup serve well. it is just that you see it inversed and that you divide your self in 2 part seeing one part as the power that you can use to gain stuff in the world. what I said is that someone like this is hypocrite with him self and he divide him self. on this I am telling the truth. why do you see a division? you said the outer world of matter is subservient to the inner world of mind. then the one outside that believe that the power inside of-

(20 Nov '13, 23:57) white tiger

him is something outside of him that he most lie to. is in fact lying to himself in a inversed way is it not? since he is the outside part lying and dividing him self from the inside part of himself why make that division in you? Do you understand? I am not a divider am I? O man, who made me a divider?

(21 Nov '13, 00:01) white tiger

"I'm not a divider", yes it is true. Fear and doubts of my own existence made me divided from the self within.

(21 Nov '13, 22:43) PERFECT GOOD
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Nope it doesn't. The LOA doesn't " mean" anything at all. It has absolutely no meaning .

Its just the way things are in this reality, perhaps all realities who knows?

Its always working, its impossible to BS it or trick it. Its consistent to the Nth degree and will always absolutely always give you results which are measurable and consistent.

As for listening and understanding people, or any issue of morality or behaviour.....that's entirely another subject. LOA isn't a way of life or a religion, it cant be opted into or out of, infact its not even a decision......its the way this universe works.


answered 10 Nov '13, 06:06

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Monty Riviera

And that is why "choice" does not exist. Thanks for proving my everlasting point. LOL

(10 Nov '13, 14:36) CalonLan

Perfectly said, but not listening to others holds up the strength of both persons(listener and speaker). It has to be shown an end either by agreeing on conditional terms. Otherwise it hard to take back our soul from their greivence. My best experiences says that LOA shows its results when you are silent. Listening is part of LOA. We have to listen to ourselve or to others to keep going.

(11 Nov '13, 00:57) PERFECT GOOD

Actually @Perfect Good Monty is right. LOA is always working & is not dependent on silence or listening.

(19 Nov '13, 02:54) ele

Ok Accepted.

(20 Nov '13, 22:25) PERFECT GOOD
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I think you can learn a lot from without but all the true answers come from within. You can tell the truth by how you feel about any experience. Whatever you think about any experience will be brought about in matter whether good or bad. Sometimes we need to get through negative situations to know the difference. Curiosity helps you to realize what you want and don't want then you can choose to resist or go with the flow of positive energy. It is true that resistance to anything will bring about that very thing you resist, it is better to just look away towards what it is you feel good and right about. Staying open minded and non judgmental has been working very well with me.


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All the Law of Attraction means is that we attract everything into your reality based on you subconscious beliefs, most of which were implanted into us in childhood by parents and other authority figures, although we continue to absorb unconscious thought from others (media, government, religion, authority figures, peers, etc. Many of these are beliefs which benefit us, but some do not, or did at one time but don't serve us anymore.

Books like Dynamic Thought and all the other books abut LOA are tools that we can use to 1) recognize that which subconscious beliefs we hold, and 2) change the ones that no longer serve us.

LOA works ALL the time, just like gravity does. Books and other LOA tools are valuable resources we can use to recognize and change any belief we desire to change. They can teach us HOW to uncover and then change our thoughts which we can use to change our beliefs. Read as many as you need so that you can do this consciously.


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Beach Baby

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Thank you for giving importance to Dynamic Thoughts in your writtings. If you would like to see Dynamic Thoughts turning into person, that would be me. Thanks for encouraging me to read more books.

(11 Nov '13, 01:20) PERFECT GOOD

Hi @PERFECT GOOD, you wish to know whether the law of attraction means listening to and understanding others, the short answer is yes but there's a whole lot more to it than that.

The law of attraction in practice is very wide and means;

"I attract into my life whatever I give my energy, attention or focus to."

I have a thought or an emotion which is really different ways of expressing the same energy. This produces specific vibrational energies that are sent out in all directions and when these energies meet corresponding energies outside of me the mechanism of resonance takes place and the energies are mirrored back to me.

From the gist of your question I understand that you wish to know whether from a personal and practical point of view can listening to, meaning can being aware of the feedback through the law of attraction be useful for better understanding others? Yes it can.

Feedback is very clear in this example; when I'm aware of experiencing ugly situations it means I'm sending out ugly energies through my thoughts, words, deeds which automatically attract ugly situations. When I'm aware of experiencing smiling faces it means I'm sending out cheerful, agreeable energies through my thoughts, words, deeds which automatically attract cheerful smiling situations.

Thoughts become words and what I send out through talking and listening to others talking and understanding the deeper meanings is very useful for steering my life. Just like driving my car, the relative position of my car rolling along the road is constantly changing and without feedback through my senses and understanding what that feedback means I wouldn't stay on the desired path very long :)


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