I'm not implying it should be turned into a strict, controlled religion that everyone should believe in. It can be a lot of fun to discover these concepts and test them out and it's nice to see all this stuff in a light-hearted manner.

I am referring to the mockery that surrounds it. I can understand why the ideas are rejected by someone who purely doesn't have an interest in it. I understand that we have been conditioned to feel powerless and I know it's difficult to comprehend a lot of the tragedies in the world and relate them to these concepts. But it feels like there is something more resisting it than I can't put my finger on.

I agree with the basis of a lot of the principles in books like The Secret, but sometimes I think these books have done these concepts a huge disservice. As most of us know the ideas in those books barely skim the surface of everything there is to discover within the spirit.

Not many people have the incentive to study it further, and dismiss it. I've switched back and forth in believing and dismissing, like most of us at one point, so I understand the feeling of resistance.

I think I am on this train of thought because I came across something last week that outlined subjects such as Extra-terrestrial life as being made a mockery of on purpose. For whatever reason, this stuff can't break into the mainstream.

I try and stay open to all points of view but I cringe when I see people label this stuff as 'new age' in a negative context.

What is it about ideas like the Law of Attraction that is so hard for the masses to accept?

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@Bluebell - Thought you might enjoy this, posted by a decidedly slick, most assuredly non-guru :) http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/79042/why-law-of-attraction-teachers-suck-proof-that-manifesting-doesnt-work

(03 Sep '14, 01:32) Grace
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Put it this way, if something is important enough that people feel it is necessary to joke about it, it's well on the way to entering the mainstream :)

John Haldane, back in the 1960s, proposed that all ideas go through four stages before being accepted:

Stage 1: This is worthless nonsense;

Stage 2: This is an interesting, but perverse, point of view;

Stage 3: This is true, but quite unimportant;

Stage 4: I always said so.

Journal of Genetics, 1963

I suppose the people that you are observing are in "Stage 2" of finding the idea "perverse" and hence are mocking it. So it will only be a while longer until they are acknowledging the truth of it but still dismissing it ("Stage 3") :)

I ought to point out, however, that everyone you feel like observing is still a reflection of yourself and so, if you are having the following reaction on a regular basis...

I cringe when I see people label this stuff as 'new age' in a negative context.

...you might still have some unresolved "emotional triggers" within you that are firing off regarding these topics. Since those "jokers" are catching your attention, it seems like there's something within you that is resonating vibrationally where they are.

alt text

For me personally, I would just join in the joking and mocking :) ...while secretly keeping on applying the principles to live a delightful life. If the Law of Attraction really works as advertised, it's better to feel good than to be right, don't you think? :)

Bear in mind that it's not your job to dictate what others should or should not think. Beyond the physical level, we are all powerful multi-dimensional beings who know exactly what we are doing. We are playing a game of limitation so why deprive others of the game-play if they wish to continue it?

If they don't wish to continue the game and they sense you know something useful (from the example you set through living your life), they'll put the joking aside and ask you directly...and then you can tell them because they'll be ready to listen. Not before.


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@Stingray "I ought to point out, however, that everyone you feel like observing is still a reflection of yourself" - I wonder why you worded it like that, is there a difference between "everyone you observe" and "everyone you feel like observing"?

(02 Sep '14, 08:38) einsof

I've been mostly talking about LOA and observing and I realise it's been for my own benefit and that those people (some of which listen carefully because they've had their own not too distant thoughts on some matters and some are quite dismissive) are like you said are reflection of my own various points of view. There will be less talking and needing to prove anything or solve others' problems once I begin consciously applying LOA - I don't meet or see anyone doing it and talking about it.

(02 Sep '14, 08:45) einsof

Well said Stingray.. most of the inventions around us today also started out as a joke. For instance, when the Wright Brothers first envisioned a flying thing in the sky that could carry people, a lot of people laughed at them. If 30-40 years back, you told someone about the Internet in the future, they would probably laugh at you and label you as crazy.

(02 Sep '14, 10:05) kakaboo

@einsof - "is there a difference between "everyone you observe" and "everyone you feel like observing"?" - Is there a difference between every TV channel you could view on your satellite/cable television (by randomly selecting on the remote control) and the TV channels/programs you feel like watching? :) Physical reality deliberately contains an over-abundance of choices. By examining the choices you're drawn to focus upon, you reveal where you are resonating vibrationally.

(02 Sep '14, 12:46) Stingray

@Stingray It must be resonating with some fear or I would laugh it off. I'm not sure why I didn't see that before. It's not the masses finding it hard to accept, it's me! Thanks for making it so much clearer.

(02 Sep '14, 16:31) Bluebell

@Stingray ''If they don't wish to continue the game and they sense you know something useful (from the example you set through living your life), they'll put the joking aside and ask you directly.'' Does this happen to you often?

(02 Sep '14, 16:34) Bluebell

@Bluebell - "Does this happen to you often?" - Not really, not these days at least (the past was different) in the offline world because I try my best not to be a teacher of any kind so I probably give off a "Ask Someone Else" growling vibe :) I've just reached a point where I prefer to "live it" quietly :)

Unfortunately, my Inward Quest addiction means my online activities may occasionally be perceived as teaching even though it's really just me exercising my big online mouth :)

(02 Sep '14, 18:51) Stingray

@Stingray in the context of 'reflection' though, for consistency, those who I do not feel like focusing on, are they still my reflection? Could they be considered as my unexamined but potential choices of where I could put my attention on (or more of it)...could the more background aspects of our lives be considered as within the vicinity of our vibration?

(02 Sep '14, 19:54) einsof

@Stingray I've wondered why you spend time here when the possibilities of what you could do with what you're saying are so endless, but I guess it gets to a point where this stuff becomes so normal it loses it's novelty?

(02 Sep '14, 20:10) Bluebell

@einsof - Everything potentially available for you to play with is still your creation in some way (and therefore intersects vibrationally in some way), even if it originates from a very broad perspective, not your physical one. It's the game-board on which you are playing. It's your (conscious) choice which squares on the game-board you wish to move your playing pieces to i.e. consciously focus upon. And where and how you move your pieces determines the kind of game experience you will have.

(03 Sep '14, 04:18) Stingray

@Bluebell - "I've wondered why you spend time here when the possibilities of what you could do with what you're saying are so endless" - If the possibilities are endless then it doesn't matter in which order you play with them :)

(03 Sep '14, 04:21) Stingray
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"What is it about ideas like the Law of Attraction that is so hard for the masses to accept?"

That you have to take responsibility of your thoughts, and that you are responsible for where you are in your life.

It's much more comforting to blame someone or something else for your misfortune. I know, I used to do exactly that not so long ago.


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It may seem a tad ironic that I am answering this question...:)

I have said it before- and I will say it again- The Laws of Attraction are why I started reading, learning, responding, and debating on Inward Quest some almost five years ago. I was intrigued and caught by this concept through Wade (Casaldi) and I still feel that these Laws are rock-solid and true.

I have felt in my gut when I am directly applying the LOA. I wish I could say that I am in it, creating my reality-always; quite frankly, I guess this power scares me. Maybe it scares other people, too. It is terrifying to understand that your whole reality, all of it, down to the fuzz in your belly-button, is of your own making. This is such powerful stuff! I believe that for most people, they would rather die than admit that they had anything at all to do with their own situation. It is so much netter to blame your ex-spouse, your bad Mommy, your cheating Partner, your boss- anybody else- for your present doom.

Yes, @Stingray, Jai is saying this...No, I have not been possessed! It has been interesting to my existence to make the LOA as hard as possible by trying to be a Christian while doing it. Now I hear @ursixx's voice, telling me that I am believing in a dis-empowering belief system...Oh, yes, I have heard all of you through the years. If God did not answer my prayers, I would drop it in a minute. But, He does. Maybe God is the LOA. I dunno. That is for our in-house philosophers to decide. Perhaps you recall that I spent five years in college studying that belief system, and have had many thoughts of writing a new Bible, putting into it all the stuff the originating church took out of it i.e., the truth. (I grew up a Lutheran...and had a great pastor who taught me as a babe to question everything. His teaching has led me to many interesting places- like writing the story of the Savior, only the Savior is female. Wouldn't that be fun for the world???) But I am digressing here...I just want the faithful reader to know that I hear and obey, oh great @Stingray! You speaketh the truth, and I heard once that the truth shall (indeed) set you free...It works for me, anyway.

Whenever I have truly held the LOA in my heart, it has worked. This is my testimony.

But remember that We now live in an Age where everything is being "dumbed down"...or worse, watered down, distilled into fifth-grade-level... Even more awful has been the loss of the objective news media- all the big giants of the news are now owned by people who want to feed us the truth as they perceive it. Those of us who know this sit hunched over our radios, listening to NPR. I think that perhaps some people want even the LOA to be dumbed-down, too. It is not that it is so hard to do- rather, so many folks just do not want to develop those interior muscles of the mind that demand discipline and hard-core consistency of thought that the LOA demands. At least, that is what I have had to do. You might be right to say that it is not that hard, but with the brain I have, I have to concentrate just to make a salami sandwich.

Anyway, @Bluebell, I will finish with a anecdote. II have not read an issue of Scientific American in ages. I picked one up recently, and was upset by it. In days past, I had a subscription to SA, and I was lucky if I could read and understand maybe two articles in each issue. I liked the fact that it challenged me. But now? I felt I was reading something called Science for Just About Anybody...We'd Rather Sell the Magazine than Anything Else...So, understanding this, would you expect the masses to embrace the LOA???

A final side-note: My writing on IQ varies a lot. This happens because I have not been healed mentally of my abuse. I just have not been able to "keep it together" in my mind all the time, over the years. But please know this: At the Core, I am here because of the LOA. It does work.

Many blessings may you draw to yourself,

Jaianniah ♥

alt text


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@Jaianniah I got goosebumps when I got to your third paragraph. This answer was really beautiful and sincere. I feel a bit emotional to be honest because I can feel the truth in your words. You just made my whole day. Thanks so much.

(02 Sep '14, 20:21) Bluebell

@Bluebell- Thank you! I just wrote what I feel to be true for me. It is especially nice to know it helped you! Blessings, ♥

(02 Sep '14, 22:21) Jaianniah

All what you wrote really resonated with me. feels like am the one who was writing this. Like Bluebell, you made my day. keep the fire of LOA burning. it requires effort, but results are always phenomenal. To me, manifestation gets easier by the day, but nowadays, am careful what I pray for, cos most of the time, it happens.

(05 Sep '14, 03:44) ndwigabn

@ndwigabn- Thank you, too! I meant it when I said that the LOA seems scary to me- almost too much to comprehend.. But, I keep at it, peeling the onion of my warped brain. At least now, I am willing to say (if only to myself), "Now, why in the world did I create this mess???" LOL! ♥

(06 Sep '14, 16:09) Jaianniah
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Hi @Bluebell - The fact that we are powerful creator beings seems to have always been hard for the masses to accept. I don't think that fear of responsibility for our situations in life is anything new at all. The fear seems to be as old as the wisdom.

I felt inspired to bring this up by our @Jai's answer, especially "Maybe God is the LOA." and reading of the struggles she has had working with being a Christian who understands the LOA. This is a point that has long been in my mind, I myself being a former Christian, and having studied the Bible quite deeply. I find much deep spiritual truth in the book, but the religion is not for me personally, altho I respect that it is precious to others who see things differently. For me, the LOA is not at odds with many things I read in the Christian Bible.

To me, the LOA was plainly described in the Bible, quoting Jesus. Here's an example: Mark 11:24 Therefore I say unto you, All things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, believe that ye have received them, and ye shall have them.

Sound familiar? :D. Isn't that exactly what Abraham teach? This reads clearly to me as Abraham's Steps 1, 2, and 3 for deliberately manifesting what you desire:

Therefore I say unto you, All things whatsoever ye pray and ask for (Step 1), believe that ye have received them, (Step 3) and ye shall have them. (Step 2, manifested as allowed by you in Step 3.)

Jesus is quoted as saying this same sort of thing, over and over, in different ways to different people. When he tells people to "ask in my name", it can also be translated "ask the way I do".

Also, Hebrews 11:1 has always been one of my faves: Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

It's the faith (allowing) that creates the "substance" (physical manifestation) of things hoped for. The "evidence" can be translated as the "title deed", the ownership of things not seen. Things not seen that you own, that are provided the moment you asked, are your manifestations, as they exist "unseen" until you allow them to manifest. In other words, you got what you wanted, it's yours, even if you can't see it yet. :)

The Bible also emphatically urges people "Don't be afraid, only believe." in so many places, my own copy is full of blue highlights, marking all the many times and ways it was said. It's not a suggestion meant to comfort or placate, it's a profound spiritual truth that must be grasped, if you are to manifest anything you will enjoy. This also, to me, goes hand in hand with the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.

I could go on and on, I love this stuff. :) It's my opinon that much of Christianity can live happily in peace with the LOA. Well, the religion of Christianity, maybe not. Depending on who is teaching, it can definitely be disempowering. But the red words in your Bible say that we are all gods (John:10:34, quoting Psalm:82:6) and that we can have ANYTHING. (John 16:24)

Its my considered opinion that Jesus was a relaxed and groovy guy, who taught folks the Law of Attraction, plain as day. :D

Relaxed and groovy Jesus by Eddie Izzard

Getting back to your question, the masses did not take his teaching very well, either.

Love, Grace :)


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Thanks @Grace you made some really nice points here. I am starting to grasp how all these ideas piece together to make one big picture. There really is room for everything. I am starting to see that these ideas don't exclude any kind of belief, it's just about what resonates with you. And everyone seems to have a different spin on it, which is cool! I really enjoyed reading yours.

(24 Sep '14, 02:19) Bluebell

The idea of LOA is many times presented in an overly simplified way such as "Just think about what you want and you'll get it", "Think only happy thoughts and happy things will happen to you" etc.

LOA is just an aspect of our life and reality. It's not as simple as it sounds. The Law of Attraction is just a made up word for a certain perspective towards creation. You need to become aware of yourself, your beliefs, thoughts, fears etc. You need to understand how you really create your reality - all the time. Understanding the concept of LOA can be an important stepping stone on your way to being a fuller more whole being.

Now many people who are attracted to the idea of LOA might be people who haven't really never thought about anything spiritual. They're just tired of how their lifes are and need a change. So the commercialized version of LOA could sound pretty nice to a desperate person. These people are not there for the spiritual growth or ascension - they just want their lifes to be better. They want money, better jobs, lovers etc.. And that's all fine. People should have their lifes as enjoyable as they can be. In order to sell the idea to these people you probably can't concentrate too much on getting over your fears, negative beliefs etc.. The paying customers are already fed up with all things negative and they want something positive.

So they are told that by thinking and feeling like you already have that million dollars - you'll get it! But people will not understand why and how this works like this. They'll be afraid of having any negative thoughts at all because they believe that it will sabotage their efforts to get what they want. So they can't really manifest anything because they just force themselves to think "positive" and ignore all the negative feelings that they should deal with first.

So when this thing doesn't work - it's obviously a scam. People can say they "tried" it and it didn't work.


answered 03 Sep '14, 07:04

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In my opinion there is more to it than just thinking happy thoughts and manifesting your wishes. When you surrender to god/ the universe/ your subconscious ect... everything you've been holding back including your fears, obstacles and barriers are let in. This usually happens. When it does, it's an opportunity to clean it all up with ho'oponopono or any other form of energy clearing. Many people don't realize this because they assume that it's not working for them. They don't realize that to get where they want to be they have to clean up whats blocking them. You can't just think happy thoughts and have every wish magically appear over night, that is unless your beliefs were strong enough. This is what The Secret fails to address to the masses. Hope this helps.


answered 04 Sep '14, 23:45

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Actually the quote is: All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer German philosopher (1788 - 1860).

I would say the masses find things like Law of Attraction hard to accept because it has been used as a massive money generating tool and not as something to help their life or spirituality. Too many of the guru's take the simple idea that Willam Waddles wrote about (L.O.A.) and slick it up promising that you can have anything if you only ask, believe & receive... but be sure to first buy my book, DVD and come to my seminars.

I've been studying Law of Attraction since 2000 and found so many people desperately looking for an answer to life, circumstances and abundance. They discover attraction guru's and channelers telling you about the wonderful Law of Attraction and so on. People buy the books, DVD's, go to the seminars and when it all backfires or doesn't work, the guru's say 'you're not allowing', or 'you're not letting in abundance'. Does this refrain sound familiar?

When the person who sincerely does L.O.A. and fails, it's ALWAYS their fault. There's no fault in the teachings because the guru's said it was 'law'. But L.O.A. is more like a tendency or probability than a law. Gravity is a law, L.O.A. is not.

L.O.A. is not an idea that will eventually become truth, It has been twisted into a fringe belief system taught by slick guru's willing to sell the public what it wants, and that is... hope. And when the public doesn't get what they want, it's their fault for not doing this or that, and it's never the teaching's fault. God forbid if the teaching is in error. There goes the whole house of cards tumbling down.

Back in the late 1800's when Wallace Waddles originally coined the term 'Law of Attraction', I'm sure he didn't intend for it to become such a mockery. He wrote several books on mind sciences and encouraged his readers to test his writings. Talk about confident in his work! I believe his intentions were for good and to help people. But today we have info-mercials, wealth guru's and all sorts of other snake oil salespeople willing to promise you the moon and take your money. Just call up and order by credit card.

For L.O.A. to gain credibility, there needs to be a removal of all the abusers of it and an increase of the ones who actually have techniques that work and are people of integrity. So don't throw the baby out with the bath water, as they say. Just find a different sink to bathe 'em in and you'll be fine.


answered 02 Sep '14, 19:48

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@SNightwing Where are all the people with integrity? This forum is the closest I've come to finding people who seem to apply this stuff with sense and consistency. Is it just me who can't find them anywhere?

(02 Sep '14, 20:02) Bluebell

@Bluebell, I wish to the Infinite that I knew where all the people with integrity are. I'm hoping I can get to the point where I am considered one someday. Lots of self-work, changing and introspection. The path of the Dali Lama isn't easy now, is it?

(02 Sep '14, 20:21) SNightwing

A full acceptance of the Law of Consciousness or Law of Self (: often labelled Law of Attraction :) is acceptable only to those who are ready for it. This is why one must share it only with those who have a ear that is genuinely inclined to hearing wisdom of the truest kind. This also why Jesus is supposed to have said "Do not cast thy pearls before the swine". To tell the truth to the uninitiated or unwilling to hear it is like telling a lie. Also remember the law allows for a variety of perspectives to be held as truths and each one will be validated to the degree that one accepts it as truth, so one who is fully immersed in his or her truth will not be so inclined to accept the overarching truth that is the Law - and that is as it should be because one can never rush this process of Self discovery.


answered 05 Sep '14, 21:27

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ratiocination to
justify a formula
of returns that is not
independent by itself

it is thrown out for a
popular vote to decide
if it does exist instead
of knowing what we are


answered 06 Sep '14, 18:13

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