I have a very strong desire for more support and money in a certain aspect of my life. Over the last two and a half years, I have built a lot of trust in the universe and the manifestation process. I also know, that feeling good is the most important thing in life and in deliberate creation.

It's also logical to me that when I notice every day, that something is not here, it probably never will be here, because of my attention on the absence of it.

I can manifest things that I don't need easily, but on the subject of money and more support in my life, I have a very hard time.

I'm not looking for my desire consciously, but every day I remember that it's not here yet, for example when I'm exhausted and notice that the help that I need isn't there. Of course, I soothe myself as much as I can immediately but I think I can never manifest it like that because my focus is still more dominantly on the absence rather than on the presence of my desire.

If it wouldn't be so urgent, I would completely forget about it and focus and something else.

But the importance of it makes it rather difficult. Stingray's Surfing The Desire Process is certainly helpful with dealing with the emotions but I think I need a way to distract myself completely from my issues. I just don't know how because the situation is so present in my life.

How do I get around that? I would love to hear some suggestions and tipps. Thank you.

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I need a way to distract myself completely from my issues

Yes, that's a good idea. A better idea (in my view) would be to reduce the need for distraction in the first place. And there is a rather easy way. You just let go of all the worry for now. But you must give yourself a logical reason to do so. So I find reminding myself of the following is helpful.

1. You know that situations don't create worry. Worrying creates worry.

The basic reason we choose to hold on to worrying throughout the day is because we think that it will be helpful and protect us. It's that simple. So if we could find a way to realize that it doesn't help at all then we would have no problem dropping it immediately like a hot brick.

If you don't know about the Law of Attraction and that thoughts create reality, the most logical way to create something better is to worry. Why? Because when you worry, you can punish yourself to the point of forcing yourself to take action. And taking (uninspired) action is one way of making things better and avoid worst-case situations (for a while). See how helpful it can be to give yourself a 24/7 worry session when you don't know about the Law of Attraction?

However, most people that don't know about the Law of Attraction worry even over things that they can't take action on. And that is illogical and not useful no matter what your point of view is. So even if you don't choose to believe in the Law of Attraction, you can at least drop the kind of worry you can't change anyway. Because it's pointless worrying about something that you can't change in any way.

But if you do believe in the Law of Attraction and that thoughts create reality (and you have gathered proof in your own life to know it to be true), you have a massive advantage. Because you know those (worst-case) situations do not create worry. Worrying creates worry.

The old way of thinking told you that you have to worry to make things better which is still true but in a different belief system. Now you know that worrisome thoughts create more worry and attract more worry. And you can smoothly drop all of it since it isn't useful in the new ay of thinking. But how does not worrying make things better in this new way of thinking? How can it be better than worrying 24/7 and punishing yourself into taking uninspired action?

2. You know that worrying is the only thing that stands in the way of what you want

Once you stop worrying, peaceful states arise within you. It's the logical consequence. So you get that worrying isn't helpful and not worrying creates a peaceful state within you. And when you feel peaceful and joyful, it is logical that Law of Attraction must bring you more peace and joy in every way. Because worrisome thoughts attract worrisome situations. And peaceful thoughts attract peaceful situations.

And you don't even have to make yourself believe in anything specific to get what you want. So you don't have to "stay aligned with it" as your question implies. People get what they want all the time without fully believing in it. They just don't stand in the way of it by worrying about it.

So as long as you stop worrying most of the time then the Universe can orchestrate everything in a perfect way. You don't have to make yourself believe that you have enough money. You can, in fact, believe that you will never have enough money. But as long as you don't worry about it and have a peaceful and worry-free mind, you will still get it. This is really cool because it makes things so much easier.

So drop the worry and let the Universe take over your life. If you still think you have to worry a little "for old time's sake" though, at least do it just for 15 minutes a day. For example, every morning you could write down everything you want to worry about that day for 15 minutes. And then you could delegate all of that to the Universe to take care of it.

So you would have reduced worrying from maybe 15-17 waking hours a day to 15 minutes a day. That would easily allow the Universe to do its magic for you. But if you can reduce it to 15 minutes a day, you can also reduce it to five minutes a day. Or maybe, you could just let it go completely.

3. You know that once there is no need to worry, there is a lot to enjoy in a day

Once you reduce worrying down to zero, a natural feeling of peace or joy arises within you. It's the natural consequence of choosing to drop worrying. This natural feeling that comes up without you having to do anything, by the way, is also a kind of "personal proof" that life is meant to be easy and good and that you are deserving of good things.

You could just focus on that feeling or you could do whatever pleases you in a harmonious way. It's up to you how you want to enjoy your day to let the Universe work behind the scenes.


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Thanks @releaser99 I can understand how powerful not worrying is in having a peaceful life.... but I have a very hard time believing that you can get what you want by not worrying about it... is that really what you're saying? Where is the role of action? Let's take finances for example. If I really don't worry about it, I'd probably sit at home all day and do nothing... wouldn't I then die of starvation? I would love to be able to understand this.

(03 Mar '17, 09:17) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty - "I have a very hard time believing that you can get what you want by not worrying about it." - The underlying assumption here is that every helpful or good action is a result of worrying. I would invite you to gently question that throughout the day. Is everything (you do or get) that is good for you a result of worrying? When you are sitting at home and you are hungry, do you worry that you might not make it to the fridge before you starve? Do you worry that...

(03 Mar '17, 10:44) releaser99

...your local grocery store might not have enough left for you to buy? Or that your hands might suddenly lose the power to grab the spoon before you can eat your meal? No, you just know that it will all be well and you just relax into it. And without worrying one bit, you go to the grocery store or to the fridge or you eat the meal. And there are many more exceptions to the assumption that good things can only come from worrying. Just look out for them...

(03 Mar '17, 10:45) releaser99

...Ironically, if you choose to worry about finances, the very worrisome thoughts about finances stand in the way of your finances improving. You have to prove it to yourself that reducing or dropping worry might work. As Abraham use to say "Words don't teach, only life experience teaches". Start small and work your way up by first delegating some of your worries to the Universe for a period of time that feels comfortable to you (i.e. a few minutes or hours)...

(03 Mar '17, 10:45) releaser99

...Then work your way up to longer periods of time and bigger worries at a pace that feels doable for your belief system. And once you see that it's not the end of the world, you then slowly start to build confidence and trust and know that the Universe really does love and support you.

(03 Mar '17, 10:46) releaser99

Feel the feeling of it being done and taking care of before you let go of the worry for a definite period of time. I like to say "It's done. Thank you for taking care of it.". The religious folks like to say "Amen" which can be translated as "So be it". So the point is to feel that everything is said and done about the subject at hand and that there is no more you have to think or do about it. Feel the relief of how good it feels that it is taken care of in ways you can't even imagine.

(03 Mar '17, 11:01) releaser99

worry ~

"to torment oneself with or suffer from disturbing thoughts; fret" ~ Dictionary.com

"to torment with cares, anxieties, etc.; trouble; plague"

Google ~

causing anxiety about actual or potential problems; alarming

give way to anxiety or unease; allow one's mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles

Did you know misery, torment, trouble, fear, heartache are all synonyms for worry ?


(03 Mar '17, 19:38) ele

Other synonyms for worry:

fret, be concerned, be anxious, agonize, overthink, brood, panic, lose sleep, get worked up, get stressed, get in a state, stew, torment oneself. Trouble, bother, make anxious, disturb, distress, upset, concern, disquiet, fret, agitate, unsettle, perturb, scare, fluster, stress, tax, torment, plague, bedevil; prey on one's mind, weigh down, gnaw at, rattle; informal bug, get to, dig at, nag

(03 Mar '17, 19:38) ele

Thanks so much @releaser99. I do try to delegate to the universe from time to time, but there seem to be so many things to deal with it ... But I like your suggestion. "Its' done. Thank you for taking care of it." I think I will find it difficult to really let go when I've said that, but I'm sure I could do it for a few minutes or hours as you suggest in the first instance. Thanks again for your answer.

(04 Mar '17, 07:11) Inner Beauty

@ele - just reading those words synonymous with 'worry', gives me a horrible feeling in my stomach....

(04 Mar '17, 07:12) Inner Beauty

In addition to  misery, torment, trouble, fear, heartache the link also lists  pain, anguish, doubt and woe.  I agree @Inner Beauty ,   it doesn't feel good reading those  synonyms,  let alone experiencing them.

Most people are not 'consciously' choosing  to feel pain and fear. I like  @releaser very simple & to the point explanation of why this happens ~ " because we think that it will be helpful and protect us."

(04 Mar '17, 09:38) ele

As  @releaser said, "worry only creates more worry & solves nothing" Worry  does not empower.  Worry is similar to  complaining.  The more you complain (worry), the more things you will find to complain (worry) about.

What I know for sure ~ the "Universe" always provides.  This has been my experience for decades as well as the experience of my closest friends.

(04 Mar '17, 09:42) ele

@Inner Beauty "but I have a very hard time believing that you can get what you want by not worrying about it ...

... I would love to be able to understand this."

Good Point.    Thinking about anxiety being synonymous with worry made me think  of  something Bashar's said about  anxiety.   I'll post  @Stingray comment under this  question ~


(05 Mar '17, 10:27) ele

*"you will interpret inspiration as less positive emotions e.g. anxiety, so if you are worried that you will lose your job if you don't do a particular task, that is still inspiration to do that task...it's just inspiration clouded with resistance: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/52250#52252 Bashar also speaks about anxiety and excitement being the same: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/17751#17761 "

The links are worth checking out too.

(05 Mar '17, 10:29) ele

Dear @ele, thank you soooo much for all the links. Will go home and read carefully as currently at work... oops. @releaser99 @ele so I've been working on not worrying this weekend, and it worked splendidly for a couple of days, then a big challenge came up, but I've been saying I won't worry and not thinking about it so it's all helping thanks...

(07 Mar '17, 01:22) Inner Beauty

@releaser99 @ele - ok so this is what has been coming up for me. If I don't worry and 'let go' - it's like saying God/universe you do YOUR will...... and I haven't had a good experience with that if you know what I mean ...... that's why I've turned to learning manifesting so that maybe something that is my will will happen rather than God's will which I feel has not been terribly kind to me.... Please help with this delimma. :-)

(07 Mar '17, 01:25) Inner Beauty

"so that maybe something that is my will will happen rather than God's will"

@Inner Beauty If you thought I was talking about "Gods will" you misunderstood me.

(08 Mar '17, 13:16) ele

" rather than 'God's will' which I feel has not been terribly kind to me.."

Why aren't you being kind to yourself @Inner Beauty ? In my opinion, what happened or is occurring has very little to do with God. We are master creators and we can create heaven or we can create hell, right here on earth

Answer this ~ Why don't you think you deserve better?

(08 Mar '17, 13:23) ele

@Inner Beauty Have you ever heard the parable about a flood and a ' Drowning Man ' ?

@Wade retells it here ~


(08 Mar '17, 13:49) ele

@ele I mentioned God, not you.... the point is that if you 'let go' and trust - you need to trust in something.... so if that thing is not God or the Universe, then its yourself... so again how are you 'letting go' if you are back in control? You can't really trust yourself/your ego to get it right - then maybe you need to trust your higher or true self.... and surely that higher or true self has a connection to something outside itself to guide it, otherwise it's back to you and your ego/brain.

(10 Mar '17, 11:16) Inner Beauty

I'll have to think about your question 'why don't you think you deserve better?'

(10 Mar '17, 11:18) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty I was talking about the Universe always providing. Many people see the terms God and Universe as synonymous.

When I mention the Universe I'm usually either referring to THE UNIVERSE or my higher self, connecting with the non physical or source energy or God.

@Releaser explains it well as does @Dollar Bill here ~

(10 Mar '17, 14:36) ele

"I'll have to think about your question"

"that's why I've turned to learning manifesting so that maybe something that is my will will happen rather than God's will which I feel has not been terribly kind to me...."

@Inner Beauty As for manifesting or creating -- You can't take credit for the good and blame someone else or God if something doesn't happen as you wanted it too.

(10 Mar '17, 14:42) ele

@releaser99 - thank your for your answer. I have tried your suggested approach and I have to say, it works really, really well. Letting go of all worry about any subject is really the best thing you can do. I appreciate your help a lot.

(12 Mar '17, 07:16) spacemetalfantasy

"You can't really trust yourself/your ego to get it right "

That may be your belief but its not mine. Why do you think that @Inner Beauty ?

(13 Mar '17, 16:41) ele

"it's back to you and your ego/brain."

Is ego a bad thing ?

(13 Mar '17, 16:42) ele

@Inner Beauty - "and I haven't had a good experience with that if you know what I mean ...... that's why I've turned to learning manifesting so that maybe something that is my will will happen rather than God's will which I feel has not been terribly kind to me.... Please help with this delimma" - That seems to be a common problem of many people testing these techniques when it comes to letting go of worrying and letting this all work easily...

(04 Apr '17, 19:18) releaser99

...It's what you mentioned that it might not work when you trust the process und stop worrying. Notice that, ironically, this is also a form of worrying first and foremost which stands in the way of it working easily. The reason why the worry "that stopping worrying won't work" exists is because of negative conditioning from the past. When we gather a lot of experience that things don't work out in general as we want to be,...

(04 Apr '17, 19:19) releaser99

...we develop a kind of sense or feeling that things won't work this time either. And this sense or feeling leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy which results in saying "See? I told you it won't work for me. So why bother next time?". Basically, it's the Law of Attraction in action :). The way to get rid of this sense or feeling (that it won't work or might not work) is to first notice it and second, realize that it's not based on solid facts...

(04 Apr '17, 19:19) releaser99

...It's based on past conditioning. Realizing this is enough to let it go. So since it is not based on solid facts but on simple conditioning through endless past repetitions, the opposite of it might be as true. "Things can always work out for me and there is no end to how good it can become. Just because I have experienced something different in the past doesn't mean it MUST be the same way again."...

(04 Apr '17, 19:19) releaser99

...As you catch that sense or feeling of that kind of worry, notice it and realize that the opposite can be as true since it is not based on solid facts. So the negative feeling will lessen more and more as you catch it again and again when it occurs. And soon it will be gone completely.

(04 Apr '17, 19:21) releaser99

@spacemetalfantasy - You are welcome.

(04 Apr '17, 19:25) releaser99
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i had the same problem as you - "need a way to distract myself completely from my issues" as i was listening over and over to abraham videoes... but coulde'nt get arount this. so lately i came across some other "guides", who helped me realize what aberaham was talking about all this time, but mabey was to high of a viberation for me to hear:

we do not need to forget about what we want. and we do not need to distract ourselves from the issue.

our higher self always wanting and always will want. there is NO WAY for us to forget about what we want. on the contrary - we should keep thinking about it.

the trick is to forget or let go of the worry for HOW things are going to manifest(ego, pressure, etc). because : 1. how's usually brings negative suggestions like : i cant do it, that keeps the viberation and the confident low. 2. it is not your job to take care of the how, it is the univers's job.

you see, everything already exists, so trying to do or thinking about how to... (which arent your job anyway) will put you down every single time. your exitement of what you want is kind of a comunication with what already exist, so "how" should come only from an inspirational place and not from worryness. so when you just think of what you want, and allow your self to think about it freely, and believe that it must be, and appreciet the univers for what it brings to you (doing the job), everything will be amazing.

and another thing that mabey will be helpfull - try to imagine/belive,, that you have infinite amount of time (endless time, or time is never wasted, you have never wasted your time..), and also try and think that you have already achived everything, you have everything now,all posibilities are here for you, you need to learn NOTHING more about this subject your interesting about.you've done your work and now resting. (this is how you close the gap between what you want and manifastation/ between time and space, - less/no space and endless time.)


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"Try to imagine/belive,, that you have infinite amount of time (endless time, or time is never wasted, you have never wasted your time..)". If I could believe that, that would be such a great relief as I feel like I've wasted so much of my life. So I'm going to try it and see how I feel.

(03 Mar '17, 09:20) Inner Beauty

it will compeletly change your viberation and put you in a complete peace and fun. good luck:)

(03 Mar '17, 10:21) myself

"as I feel like I've wasted so much of my life"

Nah, never, never a waste . Don't be so hard on yourself @Inner Beauty ... Don't blame or punish yourself for being human.

"Try to imagine/belive,," Good idea @myself :) . I think Einstein would agree too ~

""Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." ~ Albert Einstein

(04 Mar '17, 10:26) ele
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Many years ago, when I first watched the movie "The Secret", there was a scene in that movie that caught my eye. In this scene, there was a woman sitting on a desk, looking kind of sad, while Bob Proctor talked about people who worry about "debts".

I saw that woman and realized that every time I was looking at the pile of bills we had to pay I looked exactly like that woman. Then I took a decision that may sound silly, but worked for me. Every time I had to pay the bills, check the bank account, etc., I would listen to music and have fun with it. I sang and even danced around, and all the while I was very grateful for the fact that the money would be enough to pay the bills, that we didn't have any real debt.

For years I did this, and for years the money would just be enough to pay the bills, but I kept thinking: I like to pay all my bills, I feel happy when I pay it all. And I really felt it.

The situation started to improve. We started to have a little more, and I started to put it into a saving account. I then started a notebook where I would take note of every cent I deposited in that saving account (I still do it to this day). Every time I wanted to feel "rich" I looked at the page with the savings and I would be grateful for that little more we had - because that was our "fortune". I really felt the feeling of being "rich" because of that "fortune". I made a point with my husband of buying new things only when we could afford them - example: if I wanted to have a microwave oven, I would save the money and buy it only when we had the money to buy it. Then, we would go to the store and buy the new microwave oven in cash - which made us feel "rich"; another example: we only buy new clothes and shoes, etc., when we have some extra money; then we go to the mall and buy according to the extra money we have, and pay in cash - which makes us feel "rich". When we do things like these, the clerks on the stores usually think we have a lot of money and treat us as "rich people", which makes us feel "rich". But you see, we go shopping like that once or twice a year! And we know beforehand everything that we want to buy, so that there's little room for impulses.

I am telling you all this, because I think that our financial situation improved by sheer use of imagination! But since I decided not to worry, since I decided to feel rich with the little we had, things really started to improve.

So, my "tip" for you would be: save some money, even if you have little, and start to take care of it as your "fortune". If you can save $5 every month, save $5, in cash, and at the end of the year you'll have $60; if you save $50, you'll have $600. And it's fun to do it, to have that money. You keep that money and count it and feel rich, because you have that money to spare. Don't use your "fortune" to buy things, only to count and feel "rich". If you want to buy something big, save the money first and pay in cash, but keep your "fortune" growing by an addition of $5 (or $50 or whatever you can) every month and don't spend it until your situation improves. And don't forget to listen to your favorite song while you count your "fortune", and try to feel you do have money. This is how I got free from the feeling of "lack" about money:)


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Like a ritual . . . Rituals work. Personal experience and research both show rituals can be a very 'good thing', indeed :)

(04 Mar '17, 09:58) ele

I would dive in head first towards clearing negative beliefs. Most likely, there is a web of urgency that is simultaneously impossible- intricately designed to present just enough hope to keep you on track negatively but enough setbacks and frustration for you to have a negative experience.

I suggest Bashar's method to do that. The nice thing is you don't have to distract yourself- on the contrary, you jump right into the problem and take it head on. It is also not so different from a very distinct Abraham recommendation- it's right there on the beginners tape from the 90s- that when you can't seem to get into the state of allowing, you take a moment, and ask: Where is that coming from?

Bashar's version is a little bit more technical and for that reason, to my taste, more powerful due to the enhanced clarity. What you do is when you start feeling really down, you go further into that feeling and allow yourself to feel it fully- that alone decreases resistance. And you don't have to worry about feeling the feeling for the period of time necessary to uncover a necessary belief, but you do have to worry about leaving it there. So you focus fully on the feeling and permit yourself to notice all the details- where the tension in your body is that causes the negative feeling, what thoughts come up, what patterns it holds. Then, with great authority, you ask yourself: What I would have to believe in order to feel this?

Most likely you will get a response, but overly complicated or with some hemming and hawing. You insist. What would I have to believe in order to feel this? You continue asking this until you get a clear, simple answer: Something like, "I am supposed to suffer because my life is more powerful than me". It has to be direct and simple and specific to count as a belief, otherwise it's more of a small speech that doesn't cut to the core of the issue.

When you get to the belief level in this way, what you are really doing is preventing yourself from focusing on the lack of what you are wanting, which is what is creating the resistance in the first place. In a way you are wagging a dog- you are driving focus on an unwanted issue, in order to fix a pattern of pre-paved focus and direct it towards manifesting those things that you are wanting. The universe will almost automatically shift towards goodness and allowing once you have uncovered knots in your pre-paved unwitting focus in this way. Once you bring what it is you are focusing on unintentionally to conscious awareness, the nonsensicalness of the statement of spelling out what it is you are focusing on will make it go away, no matter how long it has been kept around. It is only in an unconscious and undeliberate state that a foucs that does not serve you can stick around.

Once you have performed dozens and dozens of clearing sessions of this kind, and I would recommend doing it similarly in frequency than your creative workshop or meditation and other spiritual tools you are using, you will most likely notice distinct softening of the urgency and negativity in your well known issues. Once you reach this less-than-urgent point, I recommend that you switch towards imagining your desired circumstances, and treating them as real, although perhaps slightly less dense. This will emotionally satisfy you, and therefore move your focus away from the lack and towards the abundance of what you are wanting.

To summarize:

Treat the hardest toxic disfunctionality that is really really painful that may have crept into thinking patterns you may be unaware of head on and cold turkey by insisting that the feelings reveal the belief they are based on by clearly spelling it out, further refining and clearing up until you get a distinct sense of relief. Repeat this until a marked sense of relaxation is achieved.

As soon as you feel up to it, imagine the opposite circumstances than you have now, and decide that your imagined experiences are just as real as your unwanted ones, even if they are as of yet less dense. Let those emotionally satisfy you, and you will know you have shifted your focus in your more unaware pre-paved thought patterns.


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