i'm asking this question because i'm trying to fully understand the 7 keys that govern radionic devices (an example of which is the manifestation box), and your points of view are very useful...one of these keys is "function creates the organ", and its meaning seems difficult to comprehend.

i've been working on this question since 24 july and thanks to all the answers given, i've come up with a simple practical definition as shown below that seems workable...your comments are most welcome.

asked 24 Jul '11, 09:14

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blubird two

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Blubird, as Simon Templeton has mentioned to you before, we do not welcome one line questions on Inward Quest. Please refer to the FAQ: http://www.inwardquest.com/faq . We will start closing them down if you continue to do this

(01 Aug '11, 08:08) Barry Allen ♦♦

@Barry Allen-here is more material to the question

(01 Aug '11, 10:22) blubird two
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actually every material form is part of a universal plan and with its own particular destiny,
yet it is interesting that all will eventually be together,
as it has been with each previous manvantara,
so function is not what creates an organ, though a prevalant theory


answered 24 Jul '11, 13:03

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bluebird, from what i comprehend now, every form is/has its own part in the plan , whether or not the event can all be registered by our current senses. if all forms of life where considered and composed on a blue-print before manifestation. Is that a plan? and then the building, bringing together of natures substances to present man, or the bird, or the rose, each to/of its own kind imprinted somewhere in its composite form. and expressed in the vehicle earned for this voyage back on earth.

(25 Jul '11, 01:36) fred

Evolution is the name of the game and even though I'm a creationist at heart I still beleive that all things organic or inorganic evolve to what they must become for the all important survival of the species.

Consciousness or spirit creates and yet they say that only humans are conscious of being conscious. Gues what each and every cell is conscious and will evolve acording to divine plan.

Just imagine this could possibly mean that one day in many millenia to come man will be able to fly without having to pay for an airline ticket. I hope to God that there is reincarnation for I for one certainly wouldn't want to miss such an awsome opportunity.


answered 24 Jul '11, 17:57

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Paulina 1

@blubird- i believe everything that exists in the physical world was previously fabricated in the non physical realm. conclusively, it suggests everything we can see, hear touch (everything tangible), came about from an untangible source

(24 Jul '11, 18:33) realityVSimagination

there only seems to be an answer to this question in our physical world because humans are the only creature capable of consciously manifesting, of consciously using the powers of the subtle energies of nature...from a philosophical point of view the question is unsolvable.

the chinese are real masters in the world of subtle energies ... they are a very practical people and the system feng shui offers a solution to "function creates the organ".

let me explain using this example...imagine you're in a dark hermetically sealed capsule, it's stifling hot and you can hardly breathe, you start to panic and all you want is to be able to do is breathe and escape (this is the "function", the need for a circulation of air has flashed through your brain)...how can you allow this function to operate?the answer is child's play, you make a hole in the capsule (the hole is the organ)...the two operations take place in your brain almost simultaneously, however in this example it is the function that comes before the organ; function creates the organ.


answered 25 Jul '11, 04:25

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blubird two

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I wish to understand this too. It seems to go in circles.

(03 Aug '11, 14:54) Wade Casaldi

@wade-i've re-edited using a different example

(04 Aug '11, 04:08) blubird two

Didn't the function of being able to breath follow making the hole? I would agree need creates the organ that creates the function by your example.

(04 Aug '11, 04:14) Wade Casaldi

@wade-maybe both statements can be true and we can choose whichever one we want :)

(04 Aug '11, 05:11) blubird two

@wade-imagine a small dinosaur living in a world of giant predators, he's had enough of being trodden on and suffering, we can easily imagine that this dinosaur has a very strong desire to escape, god here's his call and gives him wings.

(04 Aug '11, 05:24) blubird two

@Blubird Now that makes sense maybe everything is simultaneous and depending on perspective we see which one causes the other. Very interesting, I have liked this discussion very enlightening.

(04 Aug '11, 05:24) Wade Casaldi

@Blubird dinosaur example is a good one, yes the need comes first then the form the wings and the function flying away. I like that example. :-)

(04 Aug '11, 05:26) Wade Casaldi

@wade-my pleasure :)

(04 Aug '11, 13:43) blubird two
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Paleontologists believe in the idea and say 'all birds derive from the theropod dinosaurs.' And Darwin believed in survival of the fittest and came up with his idea of the 'Origin of Species.' So we have different people with their ideas and beliefs, but we don't actually know if these things are true per se, after all they're only ideas and beliefs...

Another idea is that the consciousness which occupied those animals/creatures was dissatisfied with their function and due to its asking, source energy came up with an entirely new idea and hence, birds came into being. In the same way we can believe that man originated from apes or we can allow for the possibility that man was an entirely different idea from that of an ape.

Of course, we have to believe that source energy or god is infinitely unlimited in its potential to design and manifest any and every idea imaginable. And that the only limitations are those which are self-imposed by our mind, through our own definitions and beliefs :)

does function create the organ?

In my view, the experience of environmental stimuli causes the asking for something better and source energy always responds and then something new becomes manifest.


answered 26 Jul '11, 04:34

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@blubird, the way I view life and reality is that there's nothing wrong. Each version of reality always remains the same. If we're not happy with the reality we're currently experiencing, we move to another parallel reality which fits our preference...

(26 Jul '11, 06:30) Eddie

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton yes we choose on a cellular level our adaptations Bruce Lipton


answered 04 Aug '11, 12:49

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Fairy Princess

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@fairy princess-thanks for the link, very interesting

(04 Aug '11, 13:42) blubird two

Ha ... I love this question blubird :)

  • Function is the "raison d'être", the reason that something exists.
  • Organ is the physical structure.

Function creates the organ is synonymous to creating the physical solution to a problem, in other words you intuitively receive the answer to a desire.

Function creates the organ = channeling the physical solution to a problem, you are asking your higher self to resolve a problem.

Simply ask and you will receive, here's a concrete example;

Long before mechanical means of transport were invented, just like dogs, cats, horses, squirrels and many other animals, humans could only move over a surface by taking steps with their feet

alt text

Humans had the desire to explore farther and quicker so they invented the bicycle, the automobile and other mechanical means

alt text

The reason that the organ exists e.g. a green colored motorbike, in this case is to provide yourself with the function to go farther faster.


answered 06 May '14, 05:04

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@Jaz yes I too the love the question and your answer as well.

(06 May '14, 06:11) PERFECT GOOD

@PERFECT GOOD if you promise not to tell anyone, lol, I'll let you into a secret; function = cause and organ = effect, so this question is all about the law of cause and effect, and guess what? cause and effect gives the fundamental understanding of the law of attraction by splitting our experiences into two distinct parts, cause and effect or function and organ ... have a great day :)

(07 May '14, 01:09) jaz

@Jaz I heard that secret so close to my ears, lol, it is like a breezing cool fresh air... I promise to keep it as secret, lol...

Definitely I will, thank you.

(07 May '14, 02:10) PERFECT GOOD

jaz, what if function has been designed, organs have a purpose to fulfill and lack of said use causes deterioation

(09 May '14, 20:40) fred

or in other words "what if cause creates seemingly negative effects?" ... yes @fred a pertinent question

(10 May '14, 01:57) jaz

jaz, what he saw was, without directed use then atrophy

(10 May '14, 21:09) fred
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In the past 30 million years or so, three types of saber-toothed cats (I use the term loosely, since the first two creatures were not true cats) developed on Earth.The advantage of having those huge teeth is obvious- an animal could attack and kill animals much larger than themselves when equipped with such teeth. The last saber-toothed tiger existed in the time of early homo sapiens, and we know that this cat killed even our poor ancestors. So this is perhaps a good example of function (the saber teeth) creating the "organ", as you put it. But let's not forget our Darwin here. Function develops over millennium, not instantly. I could list a thousand examples of how evolution has determined what functions and body parts work, and what do not.

Blessings, Jaianniah


answered 25 Jul '11, 18:17

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No I saw on a video environment does. Some guy took some stem cells and placed them in different environments. According to the different environments the stem cells grew into muscle, tissue, skin, fat, bone, organs etc... All of this just because the environment was changed! Amazing!

Google epi-genetics

Edit Added

The more I look, I see it is environment but environment would cause an influence to need a new function thus causing form to mutate from it's original to the new.

This link backs up what I said it is environment that shapes life. http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2009/sep/07/papua-new-guinea-new-species


answered 28 Jul '11, 04:16

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Wade Casaldi

edited 30 Jul '11, 05:03

@Blubird This answer is mine, Jai only edited it for me. As for environment causing change, the body of your question is a good example of that conclusion. The dinosaur could no longer function in the environment and transformed. It makes to wonder if the world became unlivable to our present condition if we would gain wings or gills?

(28 Jul '11, 23:13) Wade Casaldi

@wade-mutation?-cause?-thanks for the input wade

(30 Jul '11, 03:49) blubird two

@Blubird yes just look around the world at all the different animals, crocodiles are found in swamps, you will not find one in a desert. The environment is different so the animal that you find there is different. Even people if you look at the shades of their skin and where they live you see again the people are different because the environment is different.

(30 Jul '11, 04:50) Wade Casaldi

@wade-agreed, animals adapt to their conditions, this is a result. what is the cause?

(30 Jul '11, 05:27) blubird two

@blubird The need to fit the environment, survival. Nature fills the lack of something needed by adapting the thing that has the need or otherwise it would parish from existence. It seems every need is meant and filled, it is in realizing this that there is good news for us! Our needs will be meant as it says in the Bible that God takes care of the birds they are provided for every day and so takes care of our needs as well every day.

(30 Jul '11, 17:49) Wade Casaldi

@wade-so do we agree that god is the cause of all evolution in nature?some people believe that god is (chi, prana, universal energy, ki, pneuma, nature, Qi ...)

(31 Jul '11, 14:58) blubird two

No we do agree it has to be, for it to be accidental just doesn't make sense. There has to be an intelligent design. Yes we both agree it has to be God behind all of this. If I had the intelligence to see what is needed for an animal or person to survive I would as well have the intelligence to change it so it can survive.

(31 Jul '11, 18:57) Wade Casaldi
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Your question makes me think of this topic, as an answer to your question.

Stem cells used to create 'fetal kidneys'

18 April 2011

By Rosie Morley

Appeared in BioNews 604

Scientists at Edinburgh University have grown kidney structures in the laboratory in a step they hope will lead to organs being grown for transplant patients from their own stem cells.

The researchers were able to reconstruct the complex structures that form a functional kidney by combining human stem cells (hSCs) extracted from amniotic fluid with mouse fetal kidney cells. They previously used a similar technique to grow nephrons, the structures in the kidney responsible for filtering products from the blood.

Using an improved method they were able to make nephrons that arranged themselves around a collecting duct, as in a normal kidney, where urine is then emptied into the bladder.

The team eventually hope to use a similar approach to create a complex functional organ. 'The idea is to start with human stem cells and end up with a functioning organ. We have made pretty good progress with that. We can make something that has the complexity of a normal, fetal kidney', said Professor Jamie Davies, whose team carried out the research.

The ability to grow kidneys from hSCs could help combat the shortage of donor kidneys. Statistics from the NHS show that in the last year around 2,500 people in the UK received a kidney transplant, compared with 7,000 on the waiting list. Growing an organ from an individual's own cells could also prevent the risk of rejection that arises when the body's immune system tries to fight a transplanted organ.

'We already know that stem cells that come from amniotic fluid are quite good at making kidneys', Davies said. 'At the moment we throw amniotic fluid away when babies are born. But if we kept it and froze down the stem cells of everybody born in the UK, there would be cells that could build kidneys waiting for them, frozen, in case they ever needed them'.

The research was published in the journal Organogenesis and Professor Davies will be talking about the work at the Edinburgh Science Festival next month.


answered 28 Jul '11, 06:30

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