There is a saying that the mind is a place of it's own. More than ever can I see and understand that. I see that it is just as equivalent to the physical places we travel. I see that the place of the mind is more important than geographical or the surrounding people and with the place of your mind reality does follow. For example two people can be living in the same city in the same circles and one can be in hell and the other in heaven and others everywhere in between.

So my question is that it seems sometimes our minds end up in places we don't want. For example darkness, addiction etc. And when we are in a neutral place how do we keep from going to the negative places when it feels like some other force is steering you there?

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(24 Jul '11, 21:53) Back2Basics

though an unpopular answer, it is all about will power. when it comes down to it no one is forcing the negative places visited, it is a choice made by the individual

(29 Jul '11, 23:02) fred
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I'm playing a little game with myself at the moment...just refusing to believe every thought that arises in my mind. What I'm beginning to notice is that our problems only become problems when we believe what the mind tells us about them. Without any meaning added by the mind we can see that they are only challenges that can be worked through.

It can take a bit of practice to not become attached to the thought arising but every time you find yourself identified with it just refocus and go back to merely observing. When the thought doesn't serve you, just ask yourself what if this isn't true? ( most of them aren't).That little question alone diffuses the intensity of a negative thought and the more you practice the less those thoughts come calling. You might even find yourself smiling at them, then you know you're making progress.

We're always going to be presented with challenges in life... when you fall down get back up and try again, that's what really matters. You are in control of your mind, not the other way around... reclaim your power :)


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lots of good thoughts in there ... i agree we live in a world of belief, i would go so far as to say that without any beliefs we live in a void.

(25 Jul '11, 03:32) blubird two

Love your answer Michaela. It makes you wonder who is doing the thinking doesn't it? I believe there is such a thing as voluntary thought and involuntary thought. And the question as to "who is the thinker?" applies to the involuntary thought. And of-course, if you block both these states of mind, then as blubird pointed out, you do end up in a void, and it's not a place to live in while physically participating in reality. It just gets too "empty"

(25 Jul '11, 15:19) The Traveller

I remove the word problem with the phrase "something needing a solution"

(25 Jul '11, 15:23) ursixx

i love your answer, michaela. this takes practice to remind ourselves that whatever we think - we can stop it, refocus, and choose differently. some days are easier than others, though!

(26 Jul '11, 04:18) soybliss

Thanks guys. It does indeed take practice, but I'm finding every day that it's well worth the effort...and it does get easier and easier to refocus :)

(28 Jul '11, 23:12) Michaela

Michaela have you ever seen Avatar, not the movie the tapes and book from Harry Palmer? Resurfacing and Living Deliberately? These are very very similar to what you are doing here and expand on it, if you have not I recommend it.

(29 Jul '11, 19:31) Wade Casaldi

(30 Jul '11, 03:52) Wade Casaldi

@Wade... No, I've never heard of him, but thanks for the links :)

(30 Jul '11, 13:23) Michaela
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You can tame the ego by living in the moment. When negativity and the darkness seem ready to overtake you be strong and dont allow it. Change your vibration to a more positive one by using tricks like happy upbeat music and than it will be easier to be in the moment. Observation of thoughts is excelent and equilibrium can be acheived by living in the now and being aware (observing).


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Paulina 1

thank you...why does it take some people more strength to stay out of these places? What is the difference? Is it just will power or more?

(29 Jul '11, 19:47) Back2Basics

meditate and you should eventually find all the answer you need. so the ego negativity and darkness becomes futile and a waste of energy, focus and awareness. do you really need to experiance those things? once you know that you decided to experiance this world and that you have free will to decide annything you like why would you let annything bother you?

(02 Aug '11, 01:34) white tiger

if you leave the center and go to much one side it will bring you back to the other side so stay on the middle way. experiance and enjoy.


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white tiger

As cryptic as this answer may sound it is the absolute truth (As far as I'm concerned). In these few words, exist the entire explanation to the problem and the solution. Brilliant Answer!

(25 Jul '11, 15:14) The Traveller

thank you.......

(26 Jul '11, 16:48) Back2Basics

A thought of thoughts. one thought overstanding another, also identified as perspective. To change course "Simply" change perspective. Simply is also a matter of perspective, so don't be discouraged if changing perspective is not as simple as it "seems," (So my question is that it seems sometimes our minds end up in places we don't want. Authored by Back2Basics) Perspectives are likened to the rays of light bending through a prism. The proceeding link shall help you visualize the concept. Perspectives are contained in our memory banks. The more you have the more you will be able to adjust or adapt to your situation. Perspectives are rooted in moral/imoral consciousness. Searching for it is a study that takes practice and concentration. A rule of thumb is, the more seekers you have amongst you the more easy it will be for you to find what your looking for. Be careful to whom you choose to help you seek or else you will find yourself on an unwanted path or ray of light likened after the prism concept. Peace & Consciousness


answered 29 Jul '11, 11:04

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