For example if we Observe an empty wallet are we vibrating lack even with no felt emotion behind it? Is observation another manifestation killer ?


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As others have implied, if there is no emotion behind an observation then the observation does not have any impact on your reality, positive or negative.

Emotion is the key - emotion is an indicator of how much "manifestational energy" is flowing towards something you observe. And the positiveness/negativeness of that emotion indicates whether that energy flow is being resisted or not.

Emotion is what gives you the clue that something is important to you. And what's important is different for each person.

One person may look at an empty wallet and feel appreciation (positive emotion) because they now have a wallet they didn't have before and it makes them think of all the money-making possibilities that they have in their life to fill it up. The observation of the empty wallet is helping them manifest abundance and prosperity.

Another person may look at the same wallet and feel depression and sadness (negative emotion) because they now have a wallet that reminds them of how little they currently have, and how much they have lost in their lives. The observation of the empty wallet here is a 'manifestation killer'

Yet another person may look at the same wallet and just see an empty wallet and not feel a thing. The observation of the empty wallet has no part to play in their reality

We are the ones who give meaning to anything we observe in our lives - the observation by itself is inconsequential.


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@stingray-a brilliant explanation, thanks

(02 Aug '11, 08:41) blubird two

Thanks is up to us then how we Interpret our observation's. So obvious really once it's explained. Thank you for answering my question:)

(02 Aug '11, 18:14) Satori

You're both very welcome

(02 Aug '11, 23:00) Stingray
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The essence of observation is non-judging. So when you observe an empty wallet, you feel neither bad or good about it. If you feel bad about it, this is not an observation anymore.


answered 28 Jul '11, 16:05

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Well said Asklepios :)

(28 Jul '11, 23:29) Michaela

Thank you Asklepios. I like you answer.observation would be the starting point of attraction then:)

(29 Jul '11, 15:46) Satori

To observe without feeling is to simply be aware or conscious. What are you aware of? What are you conscious of? You are aware and conscious of the fact that your purse is empty. Your awarenes and your consciousness is your reality. Does that answer your question.


answered 28 Jul '11, 23:25

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Paulina 1

Thank you Pauline,your answer has made things clearer:)

(29 Jul '11, 15:42) Satori

I like your question and the answer is yes: since I bought a new Wallet a week ago to put my money in; it was empty when I first observed that I like this Wallet, and when I purchased it. Now this Wallet is full of money that I manifested into it!


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Inactive User ♦♦

Thanks's up to us then how we Interept our observations:)

(02 Aug '11, 18:11) Satori

when you put no consiesness or energy behind a mannifestation, you recieve none either. If you observe with out energy, it isnt giving any thing in, so you get none back. By the way . i LOVE that name satori. Never knew what it ment untill i heard teh Gene Ween solo band cover of "Memory fo a free festival" the line is this." fly it from the topest top of all the tops which man has pushed beyond his brain,, satori must be somthing just teh same, we scanned teh skys with rainbow eyes and saaw machines of every shape and size." after I heard it I HAD to figure it out, if my source on teh web is right it is teh 1st step to nirvana, yes?

love n light,



answered 28 Jul '11, 19:06

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TReb Bor yit-NE

Thanks for your Answer Treb Bor yit-ne:), yes your are right about Satori, an awakening experience that could be considered as the 1st step to enlightenment:) thank you.

(28 Jul '11, 20:17) Satori

you are welcome, you can call me rob, treb bor yit-ne is teh name of y channeled source, i give him great credit for opeining my perception on reality and helping me be able to draw from myself to finsd my own answers, so i use teh name as a respect, , but if u cant remeber rob, u can call me whatever u want, my wife does lolololo

(28 Jul '11, 20:33) TReb Bor yit-NE

Lol. Thanks Rob:)

(29 Jul '11, 15:48) Satori

lol,, thank u so much , love n light 2 u 2

(29 Jul '11, 16:33) TReb Bor yit-NE
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yes you can experiance stuff just by observation. do you watch the tv or read the news? as for the wallet that it is full or empty those it change anny thing i can have a empty wallet but every thing i need i have so does it bother me that the wallet is empty? it will refull eventually. so is it a lack to have empty wallet? it depend on your choice and perspective. so experiance and enjoy.


answered 29 Jul '11, 05:03

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white tiger


Thanks for your answer White Tiger. It's up to us how we view our observations:)

(02 Aug '11, 18:18) Satori
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