Who gets it if they are of equal vibration?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

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(31 Jul '11, 01:24) Barry Allen ♦♦

I've had the same thought in the past because I love sports and was thinking about how the manisfestation of victory would work, and I've figured out a solution, so I hope this works for you. First of all, no two people can ever be in a situation with the same exact vibration, because that would mean that they're both the same exact person. That's number one. Now, if you're in a situation where you notice the other 99 people going after your trophy, then your belief in obtaining it is not 100%, meaning you're just playing the odds. So the one who believes it most (or desires it most with minimal resistance) will get it. But if you don't notice the other players at all and you're centered at the core of yourself, meaning you're operating within a sense of pure abundance, then you'll get the trophy. The problem is, if this were the case, then you wouldn't think of it as a trophy. So the sense of victory wouldn't really exist. This is why it wouldn't really work in a sport, for example. Hope this helps.


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@mit-interesting ... have a great day

(01 Aug '11, 04:37) blubird two

I like how you put this...I TRIED to say the same thing in my answer...and have NO votes, which tells you which of us succeeded in conveying the message, and which of us did NOT!!! LOL! Love,>>>>>>>>

(01 Aug '11, 18:22) Jaianniah

no worries, Jai. I heard you. ;)

(01 Aug '11, 23:11) mit

Great answer Mit.

(27 Nov '11, 07:39) Paulina 1
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This is the belief that there isn't enough. The Law of Attraction according to Wallace Wattles he states that Nature is abundant there is plenty to go around, there is always more where that came from.

I see you are talking about something man made for example the Hope Diamond, then that would have to go into some kind of odds thing that I see Jai explained very well so there is no need for me to explain that.


answered 31 Jul '11, 01:52

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Wade Casaldi

Good answer. Lets take the hope diamond. Who gets it? The one who wants it more? The one who is more appreciative?

Wallace Wattles was right then. His statements are not true anymore.. Things change

(31 Jul '11, 02:11) you

Yes this is true all things change, like I saw something from here that said the Master Key System conflicts with today's science findings. Yes things change but to make obsolete is to find everything is different. If there is anything worthy of saving and adapting that I believe is the better of the choices.

(31 Jul '11, 19:04) Wade Casaldi

@wade-manifestation is creative,what about if at the time of wanting there is only one hope diamond, and by the time manifestation is complete there are 100 ?

(01 Aug '11, 03:45) blubird two

@Blubird there is only one Hope Diamond on earth, many billionaires want it but only one owns it, I believe it is in a museum some place now. It is the most perfect cut largest diamond the world has ever made.

(01 Aug '11, 05:15) Wade Casaldi
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I say that there are a LOT of conditions that would have to be met before such a situation could arise.

1. All the people must be at exactly and precisely the same vibrational levels...

2. All of the people involved must want and desire exactly and precisely the same thing

and 3. All of the people must have an equal knowledge of The LOA to be in such a contest in the first place.

So...I say that the chances, chances meaning statistical chances of this happening are pretty slim to nil. BUT!!! If it did happen as you want and are asking, I'd say that math would win and the chances would be exactly one out of one hundred that you would win.

I guess it would be a pretty hard contest to hold!

Good question! Jai


answered 31 Jul '11, 01:40

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Good answer, so if the odds are the same then you are saying that some things are "un-manifestable"?

(31 Jul '11, 02:13) you

@jaianniah-what about 100 people all singing the same song in a church ?

(01 Aug '11, 03:41) blubird two

@ Us- no, I did NOT say that at all.. read it again...I said the odds would be 1 out of 100, even-steven, in that case.>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(01 Aug '11, 18:23) Jaianniah

@Blubird- exactly WHAT thing is being manifested when the 100 people are singing together??? The only thing I can think of is perfect harmony, which would be a manifestation that they ALL want...>>>>>>>>>>>>

(01 Aug '11, 18:26) Jaianniah
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this question rings a bell in me so to speak :) ...it seems to be linked to my question "does the ring of a church bell carry a hidden message?" and may have been the unconscious spark that led me to ask my question ... it feels as if there is a central basis and these two questions are looking at it from two different angles , hence the use of answers from other observers to obtain a triangulation effect.

i'd like to add the following that i've just read...at bangkok, all around the interior of a pagoda, metallic bowls are lined up to receive offerings, in other words coins...the faithful who always have something to ask for or something to express their gratitude for, walk around the temple and throw a coin into each bowl, there are lots of bowls...each time the faithful thinks of his wish, he throws a coin in the first bowl at the entrance, he does the same thing with the second bowl and the same again with all the bowls until he gets to the exit.

here is a metaphysical explanation...when the faithful throws a coin in the bowl, it "rings". so there is a whole series of "rings" before its finished...the faithful is not alone, lots of others do the same ritual, without interruption , all day long. the whole temple vibrates with the music of "ring" that doesn't stop...in a metaphysical way, the "ring" of one is worth the "ring" of the others.

the music of the offerings presents itself as an energy susceptible to send all the wishes to the right places...each faithful takes part in the prayers and demands of the others, a kind of virtual compassion.


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blubird two

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Of course a church bell carries a message and it isnt hiden at all. It's telling the people that it is time to go to church. It's calling its flock to worship.

(01 Aug '11, 08:42) Paulina 1

There is abundance in the univesre and if 100 want to manifest more or less the same thing they can do so but if there is only one like a trophy than let the best man/woman win. It depends on their power of manifestation and their internal make up.


answered 01 Aug '11, 08:46

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Paulina 1

Sorry to bump this up but I think this point of view needs adressing...

They all win.

Say for example they were all playing the lottery, they all wanted the multi-million (insert currency) Jackpot. Obviously if all 100 won the lottery they would share it and not get the full jackpot.

If all were in allignment with winning, then they have to win... theres no game of odds etc... IT HAS TOO COME. Each moves into an existing reality where their numbers are the correct ones, regardless of each of the other players as far as that individual player is conserned.

When the players pick their numbers, they dont walk into it saying that they hope to pick the winning numbers because the winning numbers havent been picked yet! They walk in hopeing to move into a reality in which the numbers they pick are the ones that win! Being conscious of this is a big step :)

In summary...

There exists an almost infinite amount of realites and this means there is almost an infinite amount of realities where each of this people won the lottery. Getting in vibrational alignment just means moving into the reality that most reflects that vibration. They all move off into different realities so effectively they all win! But, as far as each person is conserned, they are the only winner.


answered 23 Dec '11, 02:49

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If it is a million dollars each wants to win and 100 people win that million dollars then none of them get the million because it has to be divided by 100. Then all anyone who was trying to win the million gets is $10,000. So no one won the million no matter how much they attracted the million winning number.

(23 Dec '11, 03:22) Wade Casaldi

You clearly missed the point of all of that > . <

(23 Dec '11, 04:24) RFextra

I reread the last paragraph so using my original Hope Diamond example you are saying all the Billionaires that want to own the Hope Diamond actually do own it in their own dimensions? Even more so since there is plenty of this single rare diamond I in my own dimension can own it too and sell it for a cool profit making myself a billionaire?

(23 Dec '11, 07:16) Wade Casaldi
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