santa claus seems to be very beneficial to the development of young children...santa is of course a fictitious figure born from the imagination of humans. however he seems to open the doorway to a kind of blueprint for our belief systems...could belief in god be considered in the same way for us adults? that is, is god a fictitious figure, born from the imagination of humans, beneficial for our development, and that he opens the doorway to a blueprint of greater consciousness?

asked 02 Aug '11, 06:08

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blubird two

Brilliant question!

(02 Aug '11, 08:20) Asklepios
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I think the concept of 'God' that you are putting forward here is a quite an enlightened one.

Yes, I would agree that the concept of 'God' that most people hold is (as you imply) really a temporary stepping-stone that they are giving to themselves at some level to help reach a greater understanding of a subtle, impersonal, unconditionally-loving consciousness that permeates our universe.

But, despite that, humans tend to treat a belief in Santa Claus slightly differently to a belief in God.

Many years of human history have demonstrated that if you tell someone that Santa Claus doesn't exist in the way they think, they might be disappointed but eventually they'll get over it.

If you tell someone that God doesn't exist in the way they think, they'll find a way to invade your country and probably kill you :)


answered 02 Aug '11, 06:58

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With Santa, parents are deliberately lying to their children and telling them that this other person exists and does things like leave presents under the tree and in stockings, while the parent is actually doing it. I personally did not do this. After the first Christmas, I told him it was me. I still could say that Santa wouln't come if he didn't behave, but he knew it was me. It was important to me that he trust me. I don't remember learning Santa wasn't real, but on TV it sure seemed traumatic to some kids. I didn't want my son to have doubts about what I tell him about God because I lied about Santa. I think that kids finding out their parents lied about Santa, weakens their trust in their parents. If they lied about Santa, they could be lying about God too.

However, many of the things that are taught in church are not really God either. People have dressed Him up and put Him in a box and made God something He is not. People have created their own gods, idols made by man. People are looking 'out there' for God as they would for Santa. Maybe if we change it to the spirit of Santa that comes and leads people to give to others on Christmas, we would know where to look for God. For God is a spirit and we need look no further that within ourselves.


answered 02 Aug '11, 12:59

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Fairy Princess

This is a nice idea. I'll do the same if I were to have kids.

(02 Aug '11, 13:33) Asklepios

@ Asklepios, since you mentioned doing this, I thought I would share with you, When my son was younger, we would go through his room and gather up the clothes that were too small and the toys he no longer played with and took them to the local shelter for the homeless families. Now they don't let us take stuff there, we can only donate to the thrift store, so we stopped doing that. He had to make room for more gifts. He enjoyed giving to others, just in time for Christmas too.

(02 Aug '11, 13:40) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess "If they lied about Santa, they could be lying about God too." This is the trouble spot right here that causes kids to question if there is a God. Because as we show we can not be trusted to tell the truth in one way it ruins trust in all ways. That is why it says a Christian does not swear or promise but does as he says, his word is good. Once you have to swear or promise or say trust me it is over your trustworthiness goes out the window.

(02 Aug '11, 14:37) Wade Casaldi
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I already answered this question here.

I believe this is a phrase to tell Atheists that God is more than some mythical legendary fairytale. I know Atheists compare God to Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny many times, saying do you believe in them too? This I believe is because many think of God as either a bearded old man with white long hair much like Zeus (or Santa Claus with no hat or suit of red picture Santa wearing a toga looks a lot like Zeus) or as Jesus that is not here but off in heaven someplace. But this doesn't fit with the Omni-Present, Omni-Potent, Omni-Sentient being we are taught about that is everywhere.

An atheist would say show me your God I see him nowhere. A religious person says you can not see God, it is by faith you know he is there. A spiritual person says God is everywhere, all I can see is God.


answered 02 Aug '11, 14:20

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Wade Casaldi

stop believing and experience. god exist as i am that i am he is the alpha and the omega. meaning the beguinning and the end. experience and enjoy.


answered 02 Aug '11, 14:27

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white tiger

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