I have been questioning my belief system and what holds true for me today and what no longer is working in my life. I want to grow, expand and increase my levels of peace and joy.

I realize that I am experiencing scarcity thoughts pertaining to relationships and money. Not to get too deep into in my life, however I'd like some direction in releasing these fear-based/scarcity thoughts.

I began by writing things that I am (truthfully) afraid/fearful of, and on another page I wrote the opposite of my fears and turned them into affirmations. I have been reading these affirmations morning and evening (with feeling!). Additional things I do include:

  • daily gratitude journal
  • reading spiritual books
  • meditation
  • affirmative speaking (mostly)
  • watching my energy and how I'm feeling when I do and say things

I believe the things we desire in life are already ours, it's up to us to align our thoughts and energy with the desires in order to manifest. I get the principle, however I want to wrap my head around and conquer my fears.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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You release scarcity thoughts by replacing them with thoughts of abundance and expansion.

As Richard Bach once said, "If you want to remove a cloud from your life, you don't make a production out of it; you simply relax and remove it from your thinking. That's all there is to it."


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so right, that's all there is to it!

(30 May '13, 07:07) ursixx

Sounds perhaps too simple to be true, but it works wonderfully: Ask yourself what you can give, and give it. There's always something you can give, kindness, support, a smile or other good vibrations, balance. When someone requests or demands something of you, look for ways to provide extra value, to give even more than is asked for.


answered 11 Aug '11, 05:23

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Maria 3

Great advice Maria!

(12 Aug '11, 07:26) ursixx

Thank you, ursixx.

(12 Aug '11, 14:44) Maria 3

The Bible teaches us that we cannot serve bot God and money. This is how: Jesus said to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and these things (food, clothing, shelter) would be added to us. He said not to worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of it's self. God knows already what we need and has provided it for us. He said that all we have to do is ask. But we also must believe and have faith that we will receive it. You receive according to your faith. Those with much faith will receive more, those with little faith will receive less.

EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique- is a fast, easy, free way to safely eliminate negative emotions, limiting beliefs, fears, etc... that keep you from feeling that faith. You are already doing the affirmations. Try tapping each finger nail bed with the thumb of the same finger, while you read aloud your affirmations. Or turn them into EFT scripts. "Even though I have this fear of having nothing, I deeply and completely love and accept myself." With the reminder phrase, "This fear of having nothing." Or "Even though I don't deserve to have money, I deeply and completely love and accept myself," with the reminder phrase, "I don't deserve to have money." These are just examples, do it for your fears and limiting beliefs. First tap on the negative list you made, then when you get an issue down to a 0, tap in the corresponding possitive affirmation. So after the first example above, you would tap in, "There is more that enough to go around." or whatever fits for you.

But the goal here is to remove doubts so that by faith, you can have the desires of your heart. But first, seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Now here is a place where people disagree what that means to seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness. I have come to the current conclusion (it could change, it has before) that this means right thought which leads to right behavior. It doesn't mean that we can dance or go to the movies. It means to keep our minds pure from negative thoughts, emotions, fears, etc... and to have faith and believe and connect with God. When we hate or fear, we block God from us.

Peace and blessings,


answered 11 Aug '11, 13:52

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Fairy Princess

yes fairy princesse keep mind speak action pure.

(05 Sep '11, 04:13) white tiger

Do you enjoy life now. Do you have gratitude in the moment for the small things that that bring you joy and happiness right now? The comfy chair your sitting in, the warmth of the house you are in, the sound of laughter in the distance.
Fear is very future based. And you can not live in the future, you can only live now.

I began by writing things that I am (truthfully) afraid/fearful of,

That's good now throw that paper away!

Is there something right now to be afraid of? A big spider or a hurricane? Didn't think so. don't dwell on things that not there.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.

and last but not least Hakuna Matata


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Terrific answer, @ursixx. :) Love it.!

(31 May '13, 01:01) Grace

It is a great answer @ursixx - I didn't have time to make a comment when I saw it this morning - can't figure out why it didn't receive any votes prior to today.

"Fear is very future based. And you can not live in the future, you can only live now." and that is the truth! unless of course your fear is in the present - lol!

(31 May '13, 01:52) ele

there are two kinds of fear.the fight or flight fear.Such as a wasp buzzing around your head fear, that is healthy, natural fear.Survival instinct. Then there is the "I will never ,I cannot ,It is never going to change... " fears that are future based. Not in the present that cause unnecessary worry,unhealthy fears. imho

(31 May '13, 02:47) ursixx

lol! True & this is what I was implying in mnsho.

(31 May '13, 02:54) ele
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I know what you mean, I have very much faith in God for healing the mind, body and soul but finance seems so different. It is money pieces of paper and numbers it has nothing to do with our spiritual progress so it is difficult yet it is NEEDED in this world a LOT! Our very survival depends on money, we are told give everything you have up and follow Christ well that would mean being homeless and when you are homeless without food water or shelter you are not going to live long before you die of exposure in some way. Is that what God wants? I don't believe so but it seems that way.

We must search the Bible for examples of God taking care of us in our finances maybe meditate on Solomon?


answered 10 Aug '11, 21:24

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Wade Casaldi

well wade money is men made it as no value except the value you give it. did jesus multiply the bread and fish to feed many people? if the world money system would crash tomorrow would you still be able to feed yourself? do you know how to plant seed how to fish and how to hunt? do you know how to work? fix home fix car etc.? what good comes from money? are you a slave to get a small pay and never have enuff money to do what you want to do? are you bond by money?

(11 Aug '11, 03:21) white tiger

Wade, Jesus taught that if we seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, then these things (food, shelter, clothing) will be added to us. He says not to worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of it's self. The key here is to have faith, a knowing, that you will be taken care of, your needs will be met, if you put your focus on God, not money. The Bible says we cannot serve both God and money and this is how. We serve God, and God makes sure our needs are met. But, we have to have the faith so that we can accept what is already there.

(11 Aug '11, 13:26) Fairy Princess

I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience and I decide upon the goal I'd achieve and Everything that seems to happen to me I ask for and receive as I've asked.

Believe this beyond any doubt and you off the hook.


answered 03 Sep '11, 09:59

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Musa D

I've decided to include this suggestion in all my posts, because it'll really help anyone who does it and most important, you'll get all the answers that you want when the questions start coming along.

Practise "Antar Mouna" and you'll know what your heart wants to tell you. It's one of the greatest practices i've come across. It tells you what you should do, what you shouldn't do, gives the answer to all your questions, makes you tolerant and wise, makes you strong enough to handle all emotions, it overcomes all your weaknesses and all your past experiences, erases all bad memories, makes you peaceful and master of all situations, overcomes any pain/frustration/anger etc, and will do everything that you so strongly want, Antar Mouna;


You need to be persistent and the results will start showing in a few sittings. If everyone in the world did it, there'd be no more crime, everyone would be rich and happy, the world would be nothing less than heaven. but don't wait for everyone in the world to do it, you do it, and it will work for you...


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abhishek mishra

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ru bis

relationship and money will not make you happy. even rich people are not happy. as for other people they come and go. so there is nothing to fear from relationship it works or it don't. and you die alone. so why fear that?


answered 11 Aug '11, 03:25

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white tiger

What service can you provide in exchange for money? How important is it for you to have and keep a relationship? Meditate on the two questions seriously, and listen to your inner voice for guidance.


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Inactive User ♦♦

@figure8shape, those exercises will all help but only after you do the following work: Start asking yourself where those scarcity beliefs are coming from. Parents? Friends? Some teacher who said something and it "stuck"? An old boyfriend/girlfriend? Etc... Dig as far back as you can and find out who put that belief in your head. I can assure you it wasn't you.

You may have fed that belief over the years, but you didn't put it there. Once you find the culprit(s), stand aside and have a little conversation with them (not in person... "imaginary") and tell them that you understand that they were sharing their beliefs with you because that's what they knew best at the time, or maybe it was just how they were feeling at the time. Thank them and then realize that this was never YOUR belief(s) to begin with. Let those beliefs go (whatever imagery works best for you - like cutting the "ties" to those beliefs and watching them float away for instance). Take a few deep breaths. Feel how much lighter you are.

Once you release them, fill the void with new beliefs and then keep thinking of what it is you DO want until they become your NEW beliefs. When the old voices in your head keep popping back up (and they will), just tell them gently "I know these are "X's" beliefs and not mine - you longer have power over me. I release you." (or whatever phrasing feels better to you).

Until you find out the source of those beliefs and address then face on, all the affirmations and positive thoughts in the world won't get rid of them. I speak from experience. Those destructive beliefs are strongly lodged in your subconscious and your subconscious mind always wins. So the only way to get rid of them is to face them head on.

To only do affirmations and not address the underlying subconscious beliefs is like painting over cracked walls and rotten wood frames in an attempt to hide the bad stuff. Eventually, the cracks and rot will show through. Fix those first and then start building on a new foundation.


answered 16 Mar '18, 21:53

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