Everything is energy, our higher self is connected to both 'The Source Energy', and connected to thought. According to the law of attraction, where thought goes energy flows, can then our function be considered as being a terrestrial energy converter?

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blubird two

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Barry Allen ♦♦

yes in the sense that we are all relays for higher energies

(20 Feb '14, 03:02) jaz

information is energy in a particular form ... information comes through some form of sensor, a sensor acts as a transducer whose purpose is to sense and convert one form of energy to another ... in other words as feeling beings we're all energy converters, we're all channeling ...

(03 Apr '15, 04:10) jaz

and channelers act as a medium through which source energy (spiritualized energy) can express itself ... and a medium can be defined as something such as an intermediate course of action, that occupies a position or represents a condition midway between extremes (positive/negative for example)

(13 Jun '15, 00:34) jaz

yes I would say that in my experience I'm an energy converter ... now the question becomes what exactly is "spiritualized energy" or "higher energies"?

(17 Jul '15, 08:00) jaz
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I'm sure you realize that there is nothing simple about it. You deserve more credit than that of a simple energy converter.

What you are is a Master Artisan, recognized by beings of the highest order for your ability to create unique, amazing and finely crafted art on a daily basis. Your work is displayed for all to see in this 3D gallery we call Earth. Energy is simply the paint, colored with your beliefs and applied with brushes of emotion.

I suppose there are some simple energy converters, but they are little children, scribbling on walls and generally making a mess of everything!

alt text


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"Energy is simply the paint, colored with your beliefs and applied with brushes of emotion." - Beautiful, one of the best metaphors :)

(25 Feb '14, 06:25) cassiopeia

yes beautiful, i force him to be :)

(25 Feb '14, 07:27) jaz

I guess that could be one way of describing us, but to me it just seems such a cold description... I'd prefer to call myself a love transmitter :)


answered 14 Aug '11, 23:57

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@Michaela-love transmitter...feels good, could i have your phone number?

(15 Aug '11, 05:58) blubird two

Ha! Thanks for making me smile blubird :)

(16 Aug '11, 12:56) Michaela

@Michaela-my pleasure! :)

(17 Aug '11, 07:49) blubird two
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I would consider us to be energy exchangers. We are constantly giving and recieving energy in the form of thoughts and vibrations. Life is about being an adept at exchanging energy. The ancient Egyptians believed we have 360 senses to exchange energy with.

Love and Light


answered 17 Aug '11, 22:38

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humans are not simple by any means,
your law of attraction is a theory,
you are correct that thought transfers to thought forms
and consequently new life


answered 14 Aug '11, 22:38

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@fred-sure the law of attraction is a theory, but it certainly seems to fit into our reality for the moment

(15 Aug '11, 05:51) blubird two

We cannot give what we do not receive. We receive our energy from the source and give our energy to the source. In otherwords we receive our energy from life and give energy to life. Seeng as how life is all there is we are nothing more than life energy receivers and transmitters.


answered 18 Aug '11, 06:55

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Paulina 1

I would say an energy transfer station. Negative and positive poles, transferring energy and information.


answered 14 Aug '11, 20:36

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The Knights Alchemy

The Knights Alchemy-transfer info/neg/pos...interesting

(15 Aug '11, 05:49) blubird two

Yes, we are energy converters. Our soul has it's own vibration. We are attracted to our parents by this vibration. It is our design to use our thoughts to raise our vibration. Whatever vibration we hold by the time we die is what attracts us to our next 'destination'. The Tree of the knowledge of good and evil, opens the door to both negative and possitive thoughts that can either raise or lower our frequency.

So we must be aware of our thoughts and the affect they are having on us pysically, physiologically, mentally, etc... the sum of which is our overall vibration that we carry with us when we shed the physical body.

Jesus came to show us how to use this energy to create 'miracles'. They are not really miracles because Jesus said that we could do these and even greater things. The higher your vibration the more 'miracles' you experience because that is the plain of existance in which you reside.


answered 21 Aug '12, 13:01

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Fairy Princess


@Fairy Princess-"The higher your vibration the more 'miracles' you experience because that is the plain of existance in which you reside"

I like this:)

(21 Aug '12, 14:01) Satori

Thank you @Satori

(24 Aug '12, 09:04) Fairy Princess

I think this is an excellent description of humans and our ability to create! - It reminds us also to stay humble and to develop consciousness about what we are thinking and doing...


answered 13 Aug '11, 06:10

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Maria 3

@Maria-thanks, have a wonderful and creative day

(13 Aug '11, 06:22) blubird two

@blubird: Thank you, to you too :)

(18 Aug '11, 08:04) Maria 3

Since energy is energy, and we use if for everything in life, then of course you can feel obliged to consider our function as being a terrestrial energy converter, but for what purpose. Is it in the best interest of mankind, or is it for ulterior reasons to wipe out the human race?


answered 13 Aug '11, 06:34

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Inactive User ♦♦

@Vee-good question...we are all free to decide how we use our energy.

(13 Aug '11, 08:31) blubird two

The numerous organic physical vehicles on Earth our Greater Consciousness occupies are vibrational antennas, grounded to the Earth's magnetic field and constantly attracting the renewing electrical charges of the Sun, which is, in fact, a convertor, and not hot but cold in temperature.

Our individual and collective emotions and vibrations are sent back to the sun, converted into 'realities', are attracted back to the Earth's magnetic field via Law of Attraction, which in turn transforms such into an infinite array of potential manifestational scenarios funded by the vibrations that brought them into existence. Each antenna will receive the vibrational frequency it has tuned into. Attract another channel, receive another channel.

Which channel on the galactic radio dial do you prefer? :o)


answered 20 Feb '14, 04:11

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hmmm, interesting

(21 Feb '14, 10:55) jaz

@TGunn- Why do you keep saying that the Sun is cold???? Where are you getting this misinformation??? If the Sun was cold, Life would not-have started on Earth...All stars are burning hot, like thousands of hydrogen bombs going off all at once. Please, please check this out, I want to know exactly where you are getting this idea that the Sun is "cold". ♥

(21 Feb '14, 15:44) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah: Now I remember you! In a 'past' life, you were the person who went round saying that my theory that the Earth is round and not flat was misinformation ;o)

There are many sources out there, should you care to seek them out.

Here's a good starting place:


(21 Feb '14, 21:11) TGunn
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