Hi Everyone!

I'm inspired to learn qi/chi. I have heard many good things about it and I'm eager to get started as I've already set aside some time to practice this daily.

I'm completely new to all this... I probably couldn't tell you what qi/chi even is :) I've just read about it here and there and recently got an email which inspired me to pursue this. It would be preferable if someone had links to online resources that they would recommend I get started with. It would also be awesome if you could share an anecdote of how qi/chi exercises helped in your life and your inward quest.

From the research and information that I have gathered so far, http://www.chienergyheals.com/ looks like a cool online school for chi (then again, marketing/advertising can make anything look cool ;) ).

I also came across people doing some pretty amazing things with their Qi. Take John Chang as an example...


He can heal people and set things on fire. How much training is usually required to get to that kind of level?

asked 10 Jun '14, 19:58

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Nice question! ;)

(10 Jun '14, 20:01) Grace

Thanks :) !

(10 Jun '14, 20:21) WeRadiateBeauty
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If you are serious about developing your physical/psychical potential then the Chi Energy Heals training you've mentioned is about as good as it gets in my view. Certainly the results come decades quicker than many other schools of "development"...and I've been involved previously with some of those other schools.

Just do the exercises consistently and daily exactly as they say and you'll start getting exactly what they promise (and more) in the safest way that I currently know of...and personal safety and inner stability does become a major issue when you start building up and focusing significant quantities of human bio-electricity ( "Chi" ).

alt text

Obviously, from what I've said, you can surmise that I'm signed up there myself and, as for what abilities you can develop, I personally don't talk about the "impossible" in order to make it more possible in future...but it's probably fair to say that I've had a number of (positive) experiences that would upset more than a few people's belief systems about the way our physical reality operates.

Then again, I've already implied on Inward Quest numerous times that I control The/My Universe with a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet so I may already be responsible for many upset belief systems :)


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@Stingray "I control The/My Universe with a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet" If Bill Gates knew what you are doing, he would sue you and he'd demand 60% of the Universe's shares.

(11 Jun '14, 10:01) releaser99

@releaser99 - You are quite right. It does state in the software licence: "Microsoft Excel must not be used to control the entire Universe. Evil domination of galaxies or significant globular clusters is only permitted if you upgrade to the Pro version"

(12 Jun '14, 01:13) Stingray

@Stingray This is very interesting - thank you for posting. In your opinion, is there any difference between a spiritual healer and a quantum healer or are they just different names for the same thing?

(13 Jun '14, 03:36) Catherine

@Stingray Also, can you recommend a good focusing exercise to be carried out daily - something that I can just slot into my schedule - it would be much appreciated if you could share something to help with focusing.

(13 Jun '14, 03:38) Catherine

@Catherine - "just different names for the same thing" - I would say all healing is healing and, just to stir things up a bit, all healing (in the traditional sense) is illusionary anyway :) In an attraction-based universe, one cannot assert into another's reality no matter what. The best anyone can do for another is help them guide their own focus in a way that they attract for themselves what they've been desiring (but keeping themselves from aligning with). Soothing would be a better word

(13 Jun '14, 05:22) Stingray

@Catherine - "recommend a good focusing exercise" - If you are asking for some quick feeling-good slot-in-schedule ideas, there are some here: Getting into the Vortex takes up a lot of my time . Best single daily focusing exercise that exists in my view (and it has been my view for several years now) is Focus Blocks, which I apply using my Universe-controlling spreadsheet :)

(13 Jun '14, 05:28) Stingray

@Stingray Yes, I guess the "healer" is just the permission slip to use a Bashar analogy - best not to get too hung up on quantum or spiritual although quantum just sounds a bit more modern to me (I'm thinking marketing here) but basically in your opinion it is all just soothing the client and allowing them to heal themselves. I think I agree with that - just wondered if I was missing something.

(13 Jun '14, 14:09) Catherine

@Stingray The focusing I am thinking of here is more the concentration of chi used in healing - are you saying that focus blocks do that? Or, is there some other technique that say healers use or that man in the video who sets fire to the paper, to focus chi?

(13 Jun '14, 14:28) Catherine

@Stingray thanks for the info :)

(14 Jun '14, 04:04) jaz

@jaz - You're welcome

@Catherine - There do exist such daily energy training exercises but I don't know any powerful ones that are not "proprietary". I wouldn't feel good about disclosing the private methods of others without their permission - and it's probably unwise anyway to do them outside of the teaching context in which they are presented. The most effective overall "bundle" of such exercises I've come across is from the Chi Energy Training School that is mentioned in my answer.

(14 Jun '14, 05:04) Stingray

Does everyone here that has signed up for 'Chi energy heals' agree that their pricing is fair? I was expecting it to be high when I enquired to sign up but was still slightly shocked by the price. I cannot afford it presently due to being a backpacker but will in the future sign up as it has fully captured my attention! I'd just like to confirm that it is priced fairly as to the information you recieve and I cant just read/discover the information elsewhere cheaper/for free. Thank you.

(14 Jun '14, 08:24) lastplacefavourite

@Stingray That's fair enough - thanks, I respect that.

(14 Jun '14, 14:33) Catherine

@lastplacefavourite - In 1,000+ answers on this site, there's very little I've recommended that isn't free or freely available so you can form your own opinion about my opinion from that :) As for price, who can possibly say what is a fair price for knowledge? Ask someone dying of thirst in a desert how much they would pay for the knowledge of the location of the nearest life-saving oasis. Then ask someone sitting in arm's reach of an abundant water fountain. You might get different prices:)

(14 Jun '14, 15:05) Stingray

"still slightly shocked by the price." - Although many of the best things in life are free, sometimes you still get what you pay for. I have often found this to be true with regard to instruction. I'm sure that Itzhak Perlman charges more for private violin lessons than the average college music student offering instruction in his spare time. That said, I have found the Chi School prices to be consistent with "quality" martial and yogic instruction in the big Euro/American cities.

(14 Jun '14, 17:14) lozenge123

@WeRadiateBeauty thank you definitely seems interesting and has many things I am interested in learning.

@Stingray thank you, that is what I had gathered but I just needed some confirmation.

@lozenge123 you make very valid points there. Thank you.

I need to eliminate some more limiting beliefs about money, I really feel like I need to be a part of a program of some kind where I have the guidance and support at hand. A while ago with the superhuman question I was drawn to Chienergyheals.

(14 Jun '14, 21:17) lastplacefavourite

Can anyone read this http://www.thejinn.net/chi_jinn_my_story.htm

And let me know your opinions of it? Is the accumulation of chi actually the act of posession? Is it just a risk that comes along with exposing yourself to higher energies? Thank you.

(16 Jun '14, 00:09) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite- As one grows more "powerful" and stands out energetically from the general mass of humanity, one becomes more interesting to a multitude of beings that interpenetrate our reality. They are always there. It's just that you tend to "light up" brightly to them as you build in Chi power. As long as you put feeling good first you'll never encounter...

(16 Jun '14, 01:51) Stingray

@lastplacefavourite - ...anything in your reality that doesn't match the good feeling. If you don't put feeling good first then it's quite likely you're probably going to have some "interesting" experiences as you build your Chi :) I'm always emphasizing feeling good first as the key to everything in life and that applies to building Chi also. The founder of the school I've mentioned has also come to this realization and it forms the core of the teachings which is why I recommend them.

(16 Jun '14, 01:56) Stingray

@Stingray Yes I fully agree with you and can understand where the author was going wrong. Although it appears that (from his experience at least) he is fully convinced that the chi itself is the negative entity. Not just that by increasing his chi had he attracted entities to himself. Is there any evidence that lends itself to this at all or is everyone fully convinced that it is a seperate phenomenon? Thank you for your concise answers once again ( I understand you are very patient with me)

(16 Jun '14, 03:15) lastplacefavourite

@Stingray the author has also gone as far as too compose this page http://www.dangerofchi.org

Which raises some interesting points and comparisons.

I try to spend my time focusing primarily on the positive and feeling good but I am always drawn to the dark and negative. Its as if my whole life i have had a negative influence, or maybe my purpose is to experience the duality.

(16 Jun '14, 03:20) lastplacefavourite

@lastplacefavourite - "I am always drawn to the dark and negative" - And that probably explains your line of questioning :) You'll probably have endless hours of fun with these websites then :) ... Dangers of Law of Attraction The point is that anything that you decide is true becomes true. The experiences that one's beliefs can conjure up in conjunction with LOA are as real as it gets...because physical reality...

(16 Jun '14, 05:01) Stingray

@lastplacefavourite - ...itself is just an illusion, a collective set of agreed-upon belief structures that we are collectively focusing within. So if you are asking me for evidence of the "dangers of chi" then, yes, there's an abundant amount of evidence of such dangers because LOA will create it for you even if it contradicts the existence of LOA. The question then is not whether such dangers exist but why would you...

(16 Jun '14, 05:05) Stingray

@lastplacefavourite - ...search for them? Because the more you engage in that search with bad-feeling focused attention, the more "real" these dangers become for you - and only you. For every thought that exists, there can be a corresponding physical truth because physicality is just condensed (focused) thought. You can have a safe, great-feeling life or a danger-filled, miserable one. It's not about which really exists (they both exist), it's about where you put your dominant focus.

(16 Jun '14, 05:16) Stingray

@Stingray thats exactly what i needed to hear right now :) thank you so much for helping me unravel some thoughts. My best wishes and greatest gratitude.

(16 Jun '14, 09:22) lastplacefavourite

@Stingray - What are your thoughts on this answer by Stingray of 2014? Do you still keep up with daily Chi exercises?

(06 Aug '16, 21:03) WeRadiateBeauty

@WeRadiateBeauty - Despite it being more than two years later, I would still have written the same answer today. And, yes, I'm still doing the exercises.

(07 Aug '16, 02:58) Stingray

@Weradiatbeauty-here is a good link.This man teaches about qi/shi energy.you people will love his videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tnoiN0OPVY

(07 Aug '16, 12:16) Zee
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Beyond the physical world is the invisible world, the energy that animates it is variously known as chi, prana, human energy field, universal energy, orgone, animal magnetism etc ...

The book "Méthode Expresse de Magnetisme Personnel" (Quick method of personal magnetism)

alt text

contains 16 practical exercises that only take about 15 minutes daily and will progressively strengthen and develop your chi in a matter of weeks, here're four examples;

Exercise No.1

Stand up and place this diagram on a table in front of you

alt text

The magnet is symbol of universal magnetism, when you magnetize it you make contact with the enormous movements of universal magnetic energy, you reinforce and participate in it's power, you are the fiber of magnetism.

Magnetize the drawing for one or two minutes by slowly passing your hands from top to bottom fingers pointing towards it, with the desire to saturate it with your magnetism, imagine a fluid flowing from the tips of your fingers to impregnate the drawing. Once at the bottom close your hands, bring them back to the top of the drawing and repeat the exercise again.

Exercise No.11

Breath (verb) is charged with power, it has always been considered as propagator of life. Stand up with hands on your hips, shape your mouth as shown

alt text

and exhale regularly, slowly and profoundly on pronouncing "VH", this produces vibration of the column of air which constantly amplifies itself. When you need to inhale close your mouth and breath in slowly, regularly and profoundly by the nose. Continue doing so for one to three minutes. Keep in mind that the verb is charged with power.

Exercise No.12

The black disk, the simplest magic mirror, symbol of the invisible and the profound life that animates it.

alt text

Sit down with this drawing placed on a table at an angle of 45°. Smile and gaze unblinkingly at this drawing with your eyes slightly more open than usual, keep smiling and remain relaxed and loving for a minute or two, have in mind that your gaze fascinates.

Exercise No.15

The spine, seat of unconscious life and of the sympathetic nervous system that regulate the human body. Magnetize this drawing from the top of the head to the base of the column for 1 to 3 minutes. Keep in mind that the world is unconsciously influenced by your magnetism, that by your simple presence you do good to people, consequently they're attracted to you.

alt text

The human body irradiates, it constantly sends out heat and various energy radiations, it ionizes ambient air. This exteriorization is particularly intense at the ends of the fingers, in the gaze and in breath; it also seems to follow thought.

It's especially exteriorizations from the fingers, gaze, breath and thought that it has been given the names magnetism, prana, chi, ki ... it's a fundamental concept present in all natural manifestations.

The composition of these exteriorizations is made up of a complex associating three important things;

  • Primo, real radiations like those that can be measured scientifically. These radiations go through various obstacles, travel in straight lines and are reflected by mirrors, they travel long distances and their speed is variable; inside the human body they move at about the same speed as nervous impulses, outside the body they go a lot faster.
  • Secondo, an extremely fine substance rather corpuscular, sometimes named magnetic fluid. It's this fluid that retained the attention of the ancient magnetisers because under certain circumstances it becomes perceptible to the five senses; like a kind of slightly luminous multicolored vapor, feelings of heat or cold ... this fluid integrates with other substances and things can be impregnated with it; tissues, water, wax, talc, wood, paper, cotton wool, steel, a magnet ... this fluid breaks up under the action of light and disperses into the air, in other words it's natural propagation is feeble.
  • Tertio, an assembly of mental properties, in effect magnetism is inherent to thought. It's always bestowed with an intelligent force, and all thought however brief is accompanied by magnetism. This is how after having placed a thin sheet of paper on the temple of someone, you can using radiesthesia or psychometry, know what that person was thinking.

Humans are not the only generators of magnetism, there's also an analogous magnetism in animals, vegetables, sources of electricity, magnets, colors, forms, various objects such as sculptures, tableau, graphics, books, ornaments, jewels, stones, etc... These other magnetisms coexist with human magnetism, together they form universal magnetism.

You're been using this energy since you were born, whether you wish to practice reiki, qi gong, healing or spiritual work, etc ... you're tapping into universal magnetic energy; here's a simple and easy way to become conscious of the presence of this magnetic chi energy, the building blocks of the universe


ref; http://www.servranx.com/Categories/Developpement-personnel/Livres-et-CD/Methode-expresse-de-magnetisme-personnel.aspx


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