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hello everyone.. for those of you who can see energy or even enteties etc, how do you go about your daily life? has it affected your work, are you able to work seeing a bunch of energy all day?.. how has it afected your relationships? are you able to date?.. I would apriciate any insight on this.. thanks.. :)

asked 20 Sep '11, 18:23

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Barry Allen ♦♦

what if there is something one feels instead of seeing,
is that method of entry of that energy that crucial or that superior
or does it only get synthesized with yet others,
before the will suggests a choice


answered 20 Sep '11, 23:44

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Fully agree Fred... There are many ways to experience the energy of the universe, visual being merely one of them :)

(21 Sep '11, 00:05) Michaela

I know but sometimes when you are doing a task and the lights are so bright it becomes distracting specially at work.. i am still trying to see if i cant shut it off but it seems that this is going to be the way i see things and i will need to adapt to it.. i am not complaining in any way i just was wondering if you know how to get it to chill enough for a person to do there everyday tasks.. everyone needs to eat even those with the "gift".. :) thx for the response..

(21 Sep '11, 03:00) jinxx

jinxx, replace any fear about what is going on with taking the necessary steps to nurish your body, to stay healthy; learning to adapt, with your gift as a blessing

(22 Sep '11, 11:14) fred

jinx meditate and clear your mind. remove the veil of the mind. then you will go in the golden light. you will see that there is even more light and you will understand things better you will have the truth. but you will see the light 3 more time after doing this. and if you think that you see alot of light right now you will see that when the light comes in the physical you will wounder if your body is still there or if it ceased to exist.

(23 Sep '11, 00:36) white tiger

but after doing this it will be eaiser for you to ajust. because you will know the truth. the truth will set you free. experience and enjoy.

(23 Sep '11, 00:38) white tiger
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well jinxx it is the same life its is just that you are more aware and see more of the same existance. for relationship you can know or see or ear or feel stuff about people that they don't know. like someone say to you something and they think the opposite. so you know the truth the question is can you accept it? yes the other person will not accept it. so do not tell them they do not need to know. make your choice and let them make their choice it is not your problem. for dating it is the same you will know they lie to you or they seek money popularity or material stuff lots of desire that will not make them happy in the long run. so experience and enjoy.


answered 21 Sep '11, 01:57

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white tiger

The same way one deals with life prior to discovering that it was mostly a big game.. except that one doesn't take things so seriously.

The main work is to unmask the "false self" which is putting a layer of dirt over everything we experience in life. Once this is unmasked, things become easier, life is less serious, and most satisfying. But on a day to day level, there's really still the same things to do.. eat, sleep, work, play etc. just the perception is different.


answered 21 Sep '11, 02:00

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thx everyone for taking the time and answering my question.. I do take it as it comes since I truly dont have a choice.. I am trying to take it easy.. :)

(21 Sep '11, 02:57) jinxx

Dear Jinxx, In the beginning it bothers for it takes time to become aware of what is truly going on. One usualy thinks Oh My God I'm going crazy but nothin could be further from the truth. Some like yourself see and some feel and some hear but some have the gift of all or more than just one sense.

Learn the meaning of different colours and you will be able to tell how people are feeling or if they are lying or telling the truth. Just remember people have a right to privacy. Also read the Celestine prophecy books starting with The Ninth Insight.

Write down all your experiances for I'm sure that seeng energy is not the only gift you have and others will also develop.

You have to realise that with theese gifts there are also moral obligations as theese gifts should be used strictly and only for the good of humanity and never in a negative way.

Here is an example of how it was with me. Many years ago I strted sensing when a person was telling a truth or a lie and I also sensed what they were thinking. I first thought there was something wrong with me as this truly shocked me for I thought that my friends pretty much liked me. Well needles to say some were only pretending and this hurt a lot. It took me quiet a time to get over that one but eventualy I accepted the fact that people had a right to think what they wanted to and got over my pain. Today I dont give it a moments thought and yes I still have some friends that lie but I dont tell them that I know for it is their life and they have a right to it. As long as I'm thinking from the heart for the good of all that is all that matters for I can't be responsible for others. Later this progresed to feeling others emotions and pain and that part wasn't pleasent at all. Thank goodness that has stopped although I can still use this gift when healing others. I started seeing Angels and geting their help when doing healing which I love and seeng chakra colours which is very healpful. I was becoming more and more psychic and the chalange was in learning to deal with these gifts. Now I'm finaly at peace and love my gifts but to me the most important is to utilise them for the goodness of humanity and no other reason.

You shall learn in your own way how to deal with seeng energy but do more reaserch and find out how others did it for it might help. Wishing you luck and happiness.


answered 22 Sep '11, 08:41

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Paulina 1

each one will reap what he sow. i agree Paulina Giao.

(23 Sep '11, 00:30) white tiger

you are pretty awsome.. right now i have learned to ignore what i didnt like about this so it dosent completely take over my life and i can be a functional human beign.. right now i usualy know or read the other persons intentions and without getting visuals i know what they will do next and they do it step by step as i think it.. right now.. i only see a white field of energy around people and objects (animals) and when they are happy or relaxed it gets bigger when they are chillin its smaller so i guess i just read there energy but i dont see colors (yet).. thanks a lot for all your help..

(23 Sep '11, 07:36) jinxx

GOD bless you :)

(23 Sep '11, 07:36) jinxx
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Im still waking more and more every day. And I will tell you what. it feels GREAT lol. Ty for your question. You know they get younger and younger these days. Here is a 14 yr old young man from england, having a session with my source. Great stuff. Listen to his awarness as these questions are asked.

Love n light,



answered 21 Sep '11, 12:02

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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