This saying comes from Proverbs. The whole verse says this:

Proverbs 3:5-6: Trust in the LORD with all your heart. And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight....

Strangely enough, this saying has been on a plaque in our home for a while, but it was not until we moved it into the kitchen that the phrase, "lean not on your own understanding" hit me hard. I mean, big-time wake-up call...

I have been trying to "understand" the whole LOA thing- by this, I mean, scientifically understand it, make some equation or something out of it that would make it all work for me. But here was this idea that I am not supposed to understand it- I am just supposed to do it!

In fact, this phrase has shifted all of my thinking, and my Faith, too. It is often said that you do not have to understand electricity in order to use it. Same thing here.

I know that most of you absolutely hate the fact that I am Christian- that I quote from that darned Bible, and all, but I do try to apply what I learn here on IQ to my life. I have been slow to trust it all, but it does work, and finally, I see that I have been suffering from "analysis paralysis" when it comes to Manifesting.

I am slow to trust anything or anyone, period. I have learned to be cautious. Perhaps my post will help somebody else, I do not know. But I thought that it was interesting that the attitude we need to take in regards to our expectations form the Universe can be found as far back as the old Testament...I know it goes even farther than that, I am sure.

The best part of that verse is the promise it holds:

...And He will make your paths straight..."

That just letting go of thinking and trying to rationalize, and just trusting in what is being taught here is the key to it working! I.E., my paths will get "straightened."

So, I ask: have you found this all to be true? What do you say?


Jai ♥

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asked 06 Jan '14, 15:44

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I've been getting inspired a lot lately plus I used to write The God Consciousness Experiments. Every time one of those came to me to write it was amazing. That is how I have been feeling lately in spite of people trying to pull me down for posting. I feel good letting this inspiration flow through and come to expression. This same thing has been happening with my karate and my katas, everything revealed in a flash like my change LOA question.

(06 Jan '14, 16:24) Wade Casaldi

Lean not on your own understanding". Is this the "Key" to letting the Law of Attraction work in my life?

  • Does it feel good to you?

  • Do you feel any resistance towards that particular phrase?

  • Can you get to a point where you don't really care about what other people think pertaining towards your new empowering belief or current beliefs in general?

Ask yourself those questions and you may quickly and easily find that missing key.

I have been trying to "understand" the whole LOA thing- by this, I mean, scientifically understand it, make some equation or something out of it that would make it all work for me. But here was this idea that I am not supposed to understand it- I am just supposed to do it!

You really don't even need to use the phrase Law of Attraction if it doesn't feel right for you. I believe this is where you get hung up. All the stuff we talk about here is essentially the same in many ways but sometimes viewed through different belief systems which makes us put up a wall and defend our own personal opinion.

If using the definition of Christianity, or Buddhism, or Islam, or whatever is your preferred method to live your life and feel better, then go with that.

Also, since this thing (-preferred label here-) is working all the time every second of every day since the day you chose to become a human being in your mothers womb, there really is no specific do-ing involved. You are always doing it, or creating it, or experiencing it, or hating it, or loving it, or denouncing it.

From hearing your enthusiasm in your question, I think it is time that you just simply start allowing it to work by focusing, thinking, and then acting in the way that you prefer. A way that makes you happy, that makes you feel better, and have zero expectations of a specific way things should happen, and pay no attention to what anyone else thinks about your choices.

I know that most of you absolutely hate the fact that I am Christian- that I quote from that darned Bible, and all, but I do try to apply what I learn here on IQ to my life.

I can't speak for anyone else here at IQ but I could care less if you are Christian or quote from the bible. I'm not saying that in a negative way either. I'm saying it in a way that you get to choose your life the way you want it and what you choose to believe in or say is none of my business.

This goes back to the third bullet point question I asked above. It may be in your best interest to stop caring what other people think about you and start only caring about what you think about you and enjoy every moment in life that you can. This method has helped me tremendously.

That just letting go of thinking and trying to rationalize, and just trusting in what is being taught here is the key to it working! I.E., my paths will get "straightened."

This is a somewhat similar statement that I made in my answer to Wade about updating, replacing the LOA and going about it in an intellectual way.

When we can learn to release the chronic thinking mind chatter and put more emphasis on the way we feel, trusting (as you mentioned) our instincts and emotional indicator, situations and events (not matter how big or small) will slowly start to match up to what you have been wanting.

Trust in what feels good to you and what feels good to you will show the same trust by showing up in your experience. If one particular phrase gives you that a-ha moment, then by all means follow your own built in guidance system and go with it.

Trust yourself:-)


answered 06 Jan '14, 17:53

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@Cory- Thanks, big time. Your answer made me feel good- but then, I already do....:) Yes, I am getting closer to just "creating" than "thinking"-if that makes any sense. It's only taken 4+ years for me to get it....Sigh. ♥

(06 Jan '14, 19:09) Jaianniah

Excellent answer once again @Cory I love reading your posts. (sorry - left out the s) Gee @Jai ~ you forgot to mark it up.

(06 Jan '14, 20:34) ele

He will make my path straight...but I recall some of my gay friends are pretty fun to be around. I wouldn't want to be deprived of that.

(07 Jan '14, 10:32) CalonLan

@Cory 1 word. ..Awesome!

(08 Jan '14, 03:08) ursixx

@Jaianniah You are welcome. Instead of projecting into the future (getting closer) or going back to the past (4+ years) just try to have some fun with it and tell yourself, "things are working out for me now." Even if you don't believe it and it sounds and feels weird to say, just play with it in a fun way because in the end, what do you really have to lose. You only can gain from trying something different. I went through years complaining about chronic pain and complaining about my...

(09 Jan '14, 13:19) Cory

@Jaianniah ...awkward childhood, and habitually reminded myself how much of a sorry loser I was.

When I finally decided to live in the present moment and feel the best I could in the present moment (no matter how hard my mind tried to focus on the bad and the pain) I started to find a little glimmer of relief here and there. I could have given up and went back to my bad habit of choice, but all I could think of was "what do I have to lose...and...things can only go in a positive direction."

(09 Jan '14, 13:25) Cory

@Jaianniah So simply ask yourself, what do I have to lose by playing around in make believe world (right now) for a while and feeling the best that I can?

(09 Jan '14, 13:27) Cory

@ele @ursixx Thank you!

(09 Jan '14, 13:29) Cory

@Cory - Excellent advice, thank you. I too have chronic pain and have been trying to understand how to allow it to "be", so that I can get out of my own way towards a change. It's been clanging around in my head, but I haven't been getting very far with it, I think because it is just so darned ever-present, and I don't want to think that being in pain is ok with me - it isn't! But your encouraging the thought "What have I got to lose?" is cutting through the fog and ringing true. Thanks! :)

(09 Jan '14, 14:22) Grace

@Cory @Grace-Chronic pain is a b----. As you said, it is ever-present and annoying and sometimes really depressing. But I have figured out some things- Ask yourself what are your favorite distractions? Watching a good movie is as good as any pain-killer for me (most of the time- kinda hard when you have a migraine and are blind LOL). Distractions work! Praise God!

(09 Jan '14, 16:28) Jaianniah

@Cory @Grace- IQ is another distraction for me..but I love to write, which is third distraction. I figured out that making artwork of my pain helps, too. Sounds strange, but you have to try it and see. Try drawing it. What does it look like? How can you make other people see the pain in what you create? I have posted some of my artwork here in these pages..I am not sure where. But the more positive distraction you put into your day, the less you have to deal with pain. Love you, Jai♥

(09 Jan '14, 16:31) Jaianniah
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I feel like I am (after mumblemumble years) making real headway in getting this LOA thing. And one thing I've noticed is that over the past year, one idea would pop into my head over and over:

"You'll understand when you're in the Vortex."

And it has been true of many things, so much so that now whenever I start wrestling with ideas I don't understand, I am mostly able to catch myself and remind myself that I can't understand those things because I am not yet a vibrational match to them, and so no matter how much worrying and problem-solving and thinking I do, a solution will be unable to come. But not to worry, if I just keep focusing on choosing the least-resistant thought (which is, for me, often the least-focused/most-general thought!) after a while my vibration will rise and I'll line up with understanding the idea, and boom, there it is without struggle: the understanding, the solution, the fix, whatever it is.

Another thing I recently heard Abraham say and have found useful is: "When you ask questions you don't know the answer to, the Vortex spits you out." So when I find myself jumping into a worryfest, I use this to stop myself, because it has been in my experience so totally true: worrying is basically asking myself a bunch of questions I don't (yet) know the answers to, and that is so very resistant that it plunges me into lower vibrations and worse feelings and then I am further away from the solution I believed myself to be trying to find! So I am trying to train myself - and am having some success - to just turn away from those ideas and focus on other things.

It has taken quite a while for me to start to really understand and believe that I can always relax and trust in choosing the best-feeling way of thinking about something (even if that is to back off and not think about it) - I previously THOUGHT I believed it, but now I can see that I was just sort of paying lip service to the idea, and didn't really trust it at all and still thought I needed to actually think and act my way through problems into solutions. Now I am coming to understand that, to paraphrase Einstein, the same consciousness that produced the question cannot produce the answer. The state of vibrational being that is experiencing the problem is not the same state of vibrational being that can experience the solution. So if I want the solution, as weird as it is at first, I have to get totally out of the mindset I'm in when I'm gnawing at the problem and really delving into the details of it.


answered 06 Jan '14, 20:02

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the same consciousness that produced the question cannot produce the answer. only if it is not able to seek the truth and understand why it as asked the question for each question there is answer and for each problem there is a solution. who is the owner of that consciousness?

(07 Jan '14, 06:54) white tiger

An issue I have had with life is that I enjoy wrestling ideas logically in my head, literally using my mind.

My monkey mind matrix believes that through more wrestling with ideas, through more thinking, eventually I will figure things out. The issue here is that no answer is ever suffieicent. When one idea is 'solved' using the system of your mind, another issue will pop up and thus you will constantly be unsatisified, or "going somewhere but never arriving at your destination."

It's taken me little skill (but lots of ego reduction) to realise that even through finding great answers to life in my mind, I am still not happy despite the knowledge.

Let me ask you a question: do you wish to seek out the answers, or do you wish to be happy? My answer is designed around the idea of attaining happiness.

And so now here is an insightful and deep statement: The law of attraction doesn't really matter.

How about this: does that really even matter?

I can probe that you need to engage in activities that get you out of your head, so to speak.

Listening to your heart is an entirly different world to listening to your mind.

Unfortunantly, the way a question and answer website is structured, it encompasses the use of the mind analytically to write and answer questions. Do you see what I'm saying?

I would highly suggest, just for you Jai, to drop figuring out how LOA works, to drop manifesting, to drop trying to get things sorted, to let go of it all just for a while. Let go of the stress and anxiety of figuring out how the universe works.

Whilst it may be pleasurable to write questions and ponder answers, don't you notice how stressful it is?

Seek out activites that involve your heart and encounter a moment where you are fully present in your body and experience. Your mind will poison you through too much thinking. Just let all the thinking go!!

Personally I have stopped visiting the drama of the IQ website more than usual, because I've realised how stressful I become through seeking out the answers. Stress is of the mind. Feeling good is of the heart.


answered 06 Jan '14, 20:18

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@nikulas your are at your destination the problem is that you focus to much on the target or the lack of target and you do not enjoy the journey. is it the fact that you are moving in this world that make you think you are not able to find your destination? so according to you someone not moving and staying somewhere in this world is someone that reached is destination? yet this world is in constant movement on itself around the sun and in the universe. so even when not moving you are traveling.

(07 Jan '14, 07:00) white tiger

@white tiger-Excellent point! The journey is always going on, always changing, never static...That is why people say, "Go with the flow." If you get this idea Niki, you will finally find some peace~! ♥

(07 Jan '14, 07:57) Jaianniah

You have that right Nik ~ heart over mind . Follow your heart ... You're absolutely right ~ thinking can be sooo overrated. Feeling is best. You'll create unconsciously if you only use your mind & not your heart.

(07 Jan '14, 10:27) ele

@nikulas - I would disagree with @ele who said,"You'll create unconsciously if you only use your mind & not your heart."

I would suggest that the reverse is true. Use your heart and you will create joy unconsciously. Your heart, joy, the journey and the destination are all One.

(07 Jan '14, 20:14) Dollar Bill

@nikulas I find your statement, "Personally I have stopped visiting the drama of the IQ website more than usual, because I've realised how stressful I become through seeking out the answers. Stress is of the mind. Feeling good is of the heart." BRILLIANT!

(07 Jan '14, 20:18) Dollar Bill

I did a terrible job of quoting Gary Zucav who said "You cannot find your soul with your mind, you must use your heart. You must know what you are feeling. If you don't know what you are feeling, you will create unconsciously." (Gary Zukav)

(07 Jan '14, 21:09) ele

@Nikulas Let it go brother...just let it go. Nice answer!

(09 Jan '14, 13:32) Cory

A friend of a friend likes to say "Thinking is a trap!" Which is something I have come to understand is very true for some of us! (I am one of the nerds for whom this is true. My theory is that if you have this type of brain, you chose to come into the world this time with a persona that allows you to hyperfocus... which makes it harder (for some) to just stop thinking and chill out and get out of your brain, but which must have some interesting opportunity for expansion for your inner being.)

(09 Jan '14, 20:33) corduroypower
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I know that most of you absolutely hate the fact that I am Christian- that I quote from that darned Bible

I don't believe anyone hates you Jai. I can't speak for others; but I seriously doubt anyone hates you because you are a Christian or because you quote bible verses. The largest percentage of people I know or have met are Christians of one denomination or another & this includes Catholics whether either of you believe Catholics are Christians or NOT. IMO, the difference between you & them is this ~ you feel the need to tell us every chance you get that YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN. Same goes for Wade. Perhaps it turns some people off . It' been my experience people do NOT appreciate this.

All the Christians I know or have met do NOT tell people they are Christians or feel a need to do so. If you're really a Christian you shouldn't have to tell anyone you are one. If you do, once or twice should suffice. A real Christian has no need for a label; their words, actions, & deeds should define them.

In my area of the country, not many people state they are a Christian. They may talk about their church by denomination ~ but have NO need to say they are Christian. If someone states they are a Christian right off the bat, our trust vibes go on alert or we simply walk away as fast as we courteously can. Here's a suggestion for what it's worth ~ state it in your profile & stop preaching.

Just the other day you stated unless you have a theology degree you can't debate or understand these bible verses. quote ~ [" You have to be a Theology student to really delve into this - it encompasses a lot of the Bible"] Says who?

Dollar Bill states he's a man of deep faith. Please correct me if I'm in error Bill ~ if I recall correctly he stated he studied numerous religions & the Old Testament in particular for many years. I've NEVER heard White Tiger state he was a Christian or have I ever heard he studied theology. White Tiger & Dollar Bill quote bible verses all the time & are both extremely knowledgeable. I've never heard either one of them make false statements about another persons religion either.

Simon said we should consider IQ a Wikipedia site. He expects questions & answers of high quality. It's one thing if you are stating an opinion; it's quite another to state something as fact when a Google search can easily tell you, you are in error. I don't understand why members do NOT correct you or Wade when you make factual errors. I tried to correct Wade once, a year ago & he got quite upset & made some very negative remarks to me. I stopped commenting because he was so upset. I see he either edited or deleted those comments. I mentioned this here the other day when Wade finally came to the realization he was wrong in regard to a particular Catholic practice. This has happened numerous times ~ but for whatever reason he feels hes an authority on the subject.

Just because you & Wade are born again Christians & you took theology classes does NOT make you experts on the bible or ALL other religions ~ especially current practices. What was said about Catholics was based on lack of knowledge, laziness & prejudices ~ NOT fact. If you wish to answer a question by guessing ~ please say "I think".

I also do NOT feel it's in good taste to make jokes about Catholic priests when one long time & well respected member who has always supported you has stated several times her son is a Catholic priest.

I hope I've answered this particular question for you. True its based on my thoughts, experience & opinions ~ BUT ~ I sincerely doubt anyone on IQ hates you for being a Christian or quoting bible verses. I realize you have little tolerance for questions which you do not believe are appropriate for IQ ~ luckily you are in the minority. Most people know they can just click on one of 5000 or more other questions & ignore a question which they do not like or doesn't resonate with them.

I have been trying to "understand" the whole LOA thing- by this, I mean, scientifically understand it, make some equation or something out of it that would make it all work for me.

Right off the top of my head I think ~ Newton's 3rd Law of Motion, Quantum physics, Vibrational Universe ~ but I'm not sure if any of this has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt yet. I think there is more science to back up Evolution than Creation ~ but I also believe in Aliens.

Shaking my head as I say this. Dear dear Jai ~ where is the science behind the bible & your beliefs? Is it NOT based on faith & trust & allowing? The LOA is working whether you believe it or NOT.

I can't add anymore to @Cory excellent answer except to say I absolutely agree with what he said. Be open to new experiences Jai ~ trust is expansion & all you need to do is allow good things to come to you. In many ways faith is essentially the same thing as trust.

I am slow to trust anything or anyone, period

@Jai ~ how is it you can have faith in the bible & in God & in Jesus & you cannot trust? That statement makes NO sense. I'm going to post one of my favorite quotes on trust. It's an answer by @Vesuvius

Trusting is equal to expansion. If you trust, you attract the power of love and the power of creation, and your world expands with that creation and love.

Distrust is equal to contraction. If you distrust, you cannot create, and therefore your world shrinks.

Einstein said it this way: The most fundamental question we can ask ourselves is whether we live in a friendly or unfriendly universe.

"The less you know, the more you believe!" ~ Bono

Just Let Go Jai & fly...


I only mentioned @cory 's excellent answer because I was writing this when @corduroypower & @Nikulas posted their answers. They both made excellent points too.

This answer is marked "community wiki".

answered 06 Jan '14, 20:19

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edited 06 Jan '14, 21:38

The LOA is most similar to harmonics or music. When looked at this way as notes and colors it is as a beautiful painting or symphony.

I have stated this before as we vibrant one frequency the harmonics vibrant those same notes or colors in octaves. So the physical octave matches the mental octave thus drawing it.

(06 Jan '14, 22:18) Wade Casaldi

That's beautiful Wade ~ reminds me of what the former member known as bluebird two would have said. So why are you having such an issue with LOA? You know as well as I do it's always working.

(06 Jan '14, 22:23) ele

Sorry @Roy I just happened to have the email associated with IQ open & I don't follow. I love a good joke too.. I assume there's a pic you want me to recall. I recall the one I posted ~ but I see only sadness & no humor..

(06 Jan '14, 22:34) ele

I have no issue with LOA. I am just aware of ways to improve it. Really more to improve results, we control what we broadcast. I was inspired to find an easier way, no one understands me and I'm okay with that.

(06 Jan '14, 22:52) Wade Casaldi

I would challenge and prove every single thought to be wrong...if I cared to. I won't cause it takes time and I've no benefit in doing so, but you get the point. Point of views, point of views, point of views.

Point of views themselves are not to blame, but people for their approach to them are. People first pick point of view "I believe in going south" and then they choose a goal "I want to go west". Instead they should adopt point of view based on the goal they want to reach...

(07 Jan '14, 16:58) CalonLan

...just like you don't dive in fireman's suit, nor do you run into a house on fire in scubadiver's gear. Adopt perspective according to the objective you are trying to reach and success is inevitable.

If someone wants to be happy, then their happiness is most probably defined as the opposite of their current unhappiness, which clearly gives out the perspective which needs to be adopted in order to succeed in becoming happy. Duuuh? Yes, Thank you mr. Spock.

(07 Jan '14, 17:02) CalonLan

Sure @Cal That was my point... or were you only helping me show it? They are NO better than me or anyone else on this forum & vice versa.

(07 Jan '14, 17:49) ele

@ele, no, I just follow you around, cause I don't have very many people to talk to,..haha. Or because I find most of the people too stupid to talk with about the stuff I want and in depths that make me comfortable anyway. Like a monster in the deep sea, lonely and alone most of the time, happy and easily attached to anyone who dares to dive down to my world. But do I regret it ? Nah, I'd rather be alone and lonely than live up in the shallow with many.

(08 Jan '14, 02:35) CalonLan

lol I wasn't expecting anyone to speak to me @Cal I turned around a few min's ago & saw you. I thought I was all alone ... You make me laugh so..

(08 Jan '14, 02:53) ele

Chuckles. .too... mental image of Cal with little light dangling in front of him

(08 Jan '14, 03:14) ursixx

@Cal Sea Creatures ~ No, not a monster ~ it's puff. You need a friend & you need a bit of magic in your life.. All you have to do is believe again Jackie.

(08 Jan '14, 03:25) ele

@ele alien of course they exist. every one that is alien to you is not know of you. there is so many planet in the universe that of course there is life on some other planet, even in this world some alien could exist that we know nothing about. alien hiding in the shadow.

(08 Jan '14, 03:32) white tiger

@Wade just because you feel that "no one understands me" doesn't mean that no one understands :)

(08 Jan '14, 03:43) jaz
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This forces one to a belief system, which is how it works. It sets up a window of opportunity, this is the time to act to fulfill the request, otherwise, it loses steam until another request. Our own understanding will make us more passive and caught up in our own interpretations.


answered 07 Jan '14, 19:58

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The Knights Alchemy

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