Lately I have been experiencing many spiritual signs. when I first started to notice the synchronicities a few months ago, I found it exhilirating and very exciting. Yet now I wonder if am I experiencing these things because I am looking for them and are focused on them or is it really my higher self or higher consciousness giving me messages/insight?

I often find myself experiencing events so synchronistic that I stop and ask myself, was that even REAL or am I making this up?

For instance, I had made up mind that I was ready to begin dating again after ending my marriage. I had gotten crystal clear on the mate that I wanted to attract. Within one week and a half I met someone that actually exceeded what I had asked for. I have not spoken with this individual since that night 3 months ago, yet ever since I have experienced so many signs, had visions, dreams and incredible feelings about this person. When I met him he seemed too good to be true although he was everything (and more) that I had asked for.

Yet now still I ask myself was that experience REAL?

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Welcome to IQ Robyn :)

It seems as though it's a combination of all of those things.

Is it REAL?

What is real? How do you define real? Is real something you're unaware of or is real something that's occurring within your conscious awareness (consciousness) right now? If it's happening within your consciousness right now and there is only now, then I'd say it is real.

Am I making this up?

In your world, in your experience of reality is there anything else but what you have made up through your definitions and beliefs? Is there a reality that's independent of what you, at some level of your being, have called forth? You define and believe (make up) something and then you experience it in your reality; then you say, oh, is it really real?

Remember that your higher self is you it's not separate from you. We use terms like physical mind, higher mind, higher self and soul etcetera for the sake of communicating and understanding ideas and concepts, but fundamentally there's no real separation, it's all you.

Realizing this, realize that your higher self will never lead you astray, it is you. So stay connected and listen to and act upon its messages through feeling, intuition and inspiration coming to you through the channel of imagination and you won't go astray from the path you have chosen.

Trust that if your manifestation has not yet been realized, your higher self has a good reason for delaying it. Relax and enjoy every moment of your life to the best of your ability and all things you say you want and that resonate with your total being will manifest in and as your reality.


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Great answer, Eddie!

(21 Aug '11, 16:04) Maria 3

yea great answer.

(22 Aug '11, 06:10) Zee

Hi Eddie, I loved your reply and thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I feel very blessed to have received so much feedback and support from people I don't even know!! Many blessings to you...

(23 Aug '11, 03:36) Robyn
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I think the reason that you asked this question is that you noticed a difference in "quality" of what you experience, and that is basically the answer.

When you first met that person, that was the LoA at work - you knew what you wanted, and at the first opportunity you got it. After that meeting, you had dreams, visions, and feelings. They are certainly related to the LoA in as far as you attracted them, but...in the form of dreams, visions and feelings, that is responding to what has been rather than creating a "practical reality".

One of the points about the LoA is to let go of the "how" to achieve a certain result. Our imagination, as necessary as it is for visualising and shaping results, can also limit the Universe in doing what would be best. The more you give in to this kind of imagination, the more you disperse the vibrations. The more you focus on the result only, irrespective or even despite of how it might be possible, the more you bundle and reinforce the vibrations.

Update re "...please explain in more detail if you would your comments about the dreams, visions and feelings being a response to what "has been rather than creating a practical reality."

I'll try my best, and without knowing what you experienced in your dreams and visions or how, so my answer can only be general.

Feelings and emotions are perceptions and "automatised" reactions of our body. They are partly innate, that is inherited/instinctive, and partly (pre)conditioned, that is a result of previous behaviour (ours or what we've seen with others). Examples: Fear of the unknown is basically a protective reaction which made caveman cautious in the dark. Whether we experience fear of the unknown (or nervousness) before a job interview, an exam or a date depends on our previous experience, personal or not.

Now in your case I don't suppose you felt fear but rather joy and oneness - still this would be a physical expression, based on your hope and expectations. Don't get me wrong, your feelings are certainly real, they show how you feel about that person at this moment and open the way for you to find out who he really is. They are however not absolute truths, as they remain physical reactions and are easily manipulated by others and ourselves.

As vision I describe an image or a movie appearing before the mental eye, often like a "second layer" on top of what our physical eyes see. Visions may be daydreaming, but also instant, sudden truth. What matters more though is not whether they are one or the other, but what we make of them.

Our brain is constantly filtering information according to what we need, or what interests us most, what is aligned with our personality. Take ten people who watch a certain scene (in a park, riding on the same bus) and they will all tell a different story of what they've seen. So these filters are, again, geared towards what we want or fear, according to our experience and our wishes and our beliefs. If our body-mind thinks that a sudden insight or a certain vision is true, then it adds it to our personal reality box. (With one of my boy-friends, I just "knew" through a very clear instant vision of a certain problem he had which made him act the way he did. As I discovered later, I could hardly have been more wrong - but by then of course I was already acting according to my "knowledge").

There is a great variety of dreams while asleep: Attempts of our mind to deal with events we have experienced during daytime, communication with our True Self/I-Self and the rest of the universe (as interpreted by our body-mind for better understanding), so-called lucid dreams in which we can consciously "direct the movie". Just like feelings or visions, they depend on our filters, on how "real" we believe them to be. Even prophetic dreams depend to a certain degree on belief (ours and others').

Yes, there are also instances where you actually experience a different aspect of reality in your "dream", you would very likely perceive it as real. But it would also mean that you experience your relationship with this person on a different level or plane, not in your physical reality. In this case, whether it manifests as a physical reality for both of you, depends on BOTH of you - and there is no reason at all to push it :)


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Maria 3

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i like your answer Maria.

(22 Aug '11, 06:06) Zee

Thank you, Zee :)

(22 Aug '11, 19:11) Maria 3

Thank you very much Maria for taking the time to answer my burning question! I found your reply very insightful. I do have a further question for clarity...please explain in more detail if you would your comments about the dreams, visions and feelings being a response to what "has been rather than creating a practical reality. I'm just a little unclear on what you mean specifically.

(23 Aug '11, 03:33) Robyn

@Robyn: I've updated my answer above.

(25 Aug '11, 04:37) Maria 3
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I think the bigger question is: do you think it is real? Since we are all coming from a different place in our life, but in essence we create our own reality, and we create what we are asking the universe for, and we believe that we already have it; and this is how we know that the Universal Law of Attraction is working to manifest our desire in the right given time.


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Thank you for your response Vee...I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to me!

(23 Aug '11, 03:37) Robyn

Welcome to the Rabbit Hole!I have a saying-"There is no such thing as coincidences- only "Godincidences"....

I noticed that when I let go of my ex-husband, one and for all, I started to pick up all sorts of new and exciting sychronicities in my life, too. I think the bad relationship actually was pulling my vibrations down so badly that it was like I was underwater.

So, I posted this answer to validate you and to encourage you! You go, girl! Stay in synch with God and the Universe, stay happy and expectant, and the world will drop at your feet! It happened just like that to me! Truly!

Blessings, Jaianniah

![alt text][1]

[1]: http://

This is a picture of me and my fiance, Wade, who is also a Member of Inward Quest!


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"...stay happy and expectant, and the world will drop at your feet!" I agree completely :)

(21 Aug '11, 06:28) Maria 3

Well, it's true...and it did!!!! LOL!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(21 Aug '11, 09:11) Jaianniah

Very nice photo, and you're right!

(21 Aug '11, 13:44) LeeAnn 1

Wow! What a fantastic photo of the two of you. Both of you project an energy that can be easily felt when looking at this picture. There is a certain intensity (maybe it is your confidence), and a lot of love that you are both projecting. Thanks for sharing it.

(21 Aug '11, 15:44) The Traveller

Thank you all!!!!!!!!! I am so glad you are enjoying the picture! Blessings,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(21 Aug '11, 16:42) Jaianniah

Nice pic jai..its nice to see you and Wade..God bless you.

(22 Aug '11, 06:14) Zee

Thank you so very much for your reply Jaianniah! Your words, encouragement and picture all spoke volumes to me and I thank you for sharing your journey with me..as it is very inspiring and uplifting to hear someone else's similar path! I plan to be posed with my wonderful and exquisite mate next to me very soon!!!! And will send you a picture too!!! Take good care and many blessings to you and your hubbie to be:-)

(23 Aug '11, 03:42) Robyn

@jai- very very nice pic..dear, it feels so good to see both of you together...,u both truely look specially n specifically made for each other...:))).., ur an inspiration for me too jai.., "that hold on to positivity long ..for what want and we have no choice but,to get what we want"..., lots n lots of blessings your way dear.. n wade too..

(10 Dec '12, 06:15) supergirl
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I would suggest that if you feel that these signs are synchronicities then they are...just act as if they are true and "see" what follows...

9 dec update ;

" direct messages come in the form of confirmation chills, lucid dreams, inner voices, inner visions, 'inner knowings', and synchronous events " ... this phrase was gleaned from the following text that seems pertinent to the question in hand


have fun


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blubird two

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Thank you very much Blubird...I will do that!

(23 Aug '11, 03:43) Robyn

i guess its all about "vibrational matches", n co-incidences is nothing but,a sign tht ur doin well n very much vibationally matching ur desires.

(10 Dec '12, 06:58) supergirl


i am sailing in the same boat as ur sailing. having lots of Godly n heavenly co-incidences of me n my would be love. so..,what i am doing now-a-days is to be as much happy as i could. enjoy ur present very very much n don't think anything about ur future. place ur future in the hands of God. simply enjoy the moment. and see everything will fall into its right place. i l soon send u .."our couple pic..".. :))) till..enjoy...,remember to not to get attached to the final outcome. n yup..remember this too - 'ALL POWER IS WITH US,WE CAN MAKE ANYTHING HAPPEN."...

so..stay happy..stay blessed.. :))))

love,light n blessings to you..darling :)))

supergirl.. :))))


answered 10 Dec '12, 06:28

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