I was wondering if repeated words are as powerful as prayer. I always thought that mantras and prayer are kind of the same thing.

I read stingrays answer to manifesting through persistent prayer and how it works when he mentioned the rubber band snapping back into place. I believe that words can be just as powerful. After all, a mantra is just a word or an affirmation repeated over and over again to effect the energy which I believe does end up as a manifestation in the physical realm.

I suspect that the reason that some mantras work better than others is because of the resistance and beliefs associated with them. I noticed that resistance builds up when I repeat some affirmations and I feel better when I repeat others.

I figured I could just repeat a specific affirmation or mantra all day and then clear up any resistance that builds up at the end of the day. I would then repeat this process everyday until the desire manifests in the physical.

I tried looking up stingrays answer to the question: How does manifesting through persistence in prayer work?

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I figured I could just repeat a specific affirmation or mantra all day and then clear up any resistance that builds up at the end of the day. I would then repeat this process everyday until the desire manifests in the physical.

If you recite the phrase "I am truly a unique powerful human being" one thousand times, do you find the phrase feels as powerful to you after repetition 1,000 as it does after repetition 1?

If it does, then you are truly a unique powerful human being :)

For the rest of us, our conscious focusing mechanism is always drawn to new, fresh, novel experiences (because continual, fresh, new desires are what physical life is about) so after reciting that affirmation a few times, our attention will start to wander and the good-feeling focus on the subject will diminish.

Sure, you can repeat the words without much conscious focus on the meaning of what you are focusing on...and then start a new career as a singer :)

alt text

...but as far as focusing on the subject of your desire in a positive way is concerned, it's of limited value and is doing things the hard way. That's not to say that many people don't get results by doing things the hard way :)

But perhaps you're now thinking you could vary the affirmations you are using to keep your attention more focused, perhaps even think of better-feeling or less-resistant ones as they occur to you and then...

...congratulations, you'll have just re-invented the processes of Focus Wheels, Focus Blocks, Rampages of Appreciation, Positive Aspects, Touchstones etc. etc. :)


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This is such a good answer and it reminded me of my theory about resistance. That there is 'positive' resistance and 'negative' resistance but they're both resistant. Whether you're saying to yourself over and over 'I will never get my desire' (negative resistance) or 'my desire is on the way' (seemingly positive but it's still resistance) They're both thoughts/beliefs that take you out of the now moment and they're both stating that what you desire isn't here yet....

(12 Dec '14, 08:01) Yes

.. all the Universe can do in response to those vibrations is give you what you're asking for. In the first case you believe your desire isn't coming so it doesn't come and in the second instance the Universe will make sure you get what you asking for which is more of your desire being on the way. It will be 'on the way' indefinitely, for as long as you keep saying to yourself it's on the way. When you accept it's already here and stop the resistance (pos or neg) you can see it, here now, today.

(12 Dec '14, 08:08) Yes

Thank You. I Love this answer. This really could be used as a substitute for the focus wheel and more.

(12 Dec '14, 22:19) EnlightenedOne
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Good question.

I use affirmations as a guide for focus i.e. more to gently keep the mind focused on the preferred ideas without making any attempt to believe them. It's just better than keeping the mind focused on the negative. Of course, if you're easily occupied with joyful relaxing things that's the best.

EVERYTHING IS TRUE in a sense because Self or pure Consciousness is the ONLY ULTIMATE AND ABSOLUTE TRUTH. All the rest may be thought of as illusion of truth, dreams, passing truths, relative truths, optional truths, personal truths, or even waffle (: from this perspective, apart from Self it's all waffle from the most mind blowing, fantastic science to the seemingly lowliest life form :). Because Self is consciousness and everything is a dream / imagination, ANYTHING YOU IMAGINE IS TRUE even you can't immediately believe it from your current vibration. IF IT'S IN YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS IT'S A TRUTH although maybe not directly observable via the limited capacity of the rational add sensory perspective. Since I am aware of Self it's easy for me to repeat affirmations of any kind and know they are true even with passing conflicting feelings from temporal illusions of truth.


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harsha, for something to be true it may have to be able to be seen, the 'things as they are' not just as they may appear to us, and thus only our relative reality we want to be the truth

(12 Dec '14, 20:22) fred

Very True. I think that the more persistent you are with mantras the more faster and better they work because your beliefs in them grow. Persistence and faith are kind of the same thing.

(12 Dec '14, 22:22) EnlightenedOne
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