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How to change impatience?

I guess I get my impatient nature from my hyperactive and restless father- maybe...(sounds like a rationalization to me...). He had this T-Shirt with two buzzards on it, who were sitting on a branch. The T-Shirt read," Patience, He!! !... I'm just gonna go kill something!..."

That about sums up my level of patience...sometimes. I have been very patient about the whole illness thing..but in my everyday interactions, I tend to push and lose my patience easily. I hate that in myself.

I already know the answer, and that is to practice...and I try. I really do. But sometimes, I just lose it, and open my mouth and insert my foot, saying something hasty and pushy.

Any advice would be appreciated. I especially wouldn't mind some help from the spiritual side.

Quite frankly, I want patience, and I want it right now!!! (LOL~)

Blessings, Jaianniah

asked 22 Aug '11, 04:18

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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

was it deserve? if so you did the right thing if not locate what is making you lose patience and know that you do not have to let it affect you. it will stop. or you have something to learn from it to get the patience that you want. experience and enjoy.

(23 Aug '11, 03:16) white tiger

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