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More than looking for answers, I'm looking to provoke thoughts.

Have you ever thought of what is your building block of your life ?

So often, and I was victim of it too, we build our lives on ever changing conditions. On our job, friends around us, our status. But when the storm passes through our lives and destroys our status, turn our friends against us, have us fired from out job. What are we really left with?

I heard (a beautiful to me) quote

"The only thing you have in this world, is your perception of who you are and the confidence in what you can do"

This is my own building block. Because it's within me, no storm of life can shake it if I make it solid. This way I can go through any situation or condition of life strong. As my belief in myself is based solely on me.

We ought to believe in ourselves, first and foremost, before undertaking any other crusade in our lives.

Give it a thought of how this relates to your reality and please share invaluable knowledge you may find along the way.

Thank You :)

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You have what you had before the storm came, and so much more besides. To realize that the storms in life are merely experiences, that enable us to fully realize and develop our own strength of character, allows us the ability to weather each of those storms with what is required in any given moment.

We all start out on the journey of spiritual development thinking that we're going to reach a place where life is idyllic 100% of the time. The truth is that the storms will still come and go but the only thing that has changed is ourselves and how we choose to respond in the midst of the seeming turmoil.

If we look at the lives of any of the great enlightened beings that walked this earth, we'll see that their lives were not devoid of storms (in fact they probably experienced more than the average being) but their true essence shone through because they did not falter in the face of those storms but moved through them with an ease borne of a faith and knowing that resided right within their own being :)


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have faith and be the light that you can be. experience and enjoy.

(21 Jul '12, 01:11) white tiger

Well For Me Being A Christian, I Have Jesus Always, And Yes Storms Comes, And The Thing Is Standing Through That Storm, I Strong Believer Of The Quote "God Never Closes A Door, Without Opening A Window". My Thought 2 The Things You Name Are; When I Lose That Job, It's Because God Has A Better One For Me, When I Lose Those Friends, If They Were My Real Friend They'll Still Be Here. There Will Be A Lot Of Stumbling Blocks In The Way, And While Life Is Good We Should Be In Training So When Those Block Come Up We're Jumping High, Ducking Low, Moving From Side 2 Side, We Got This Because We Have Already Been Trained And Expecting Them. When I Got Saved I Lost Friends, It Sadden Me But I Notice That They Were Only Bringing Me Down, They Didn't Want Anything In Life, So They Wanted Me Not To Want Anything Either. I Lost My Job In Jan 2011, But God Provided For Me The Whole Time I Was Out Of Work, And Then 2 Months Later I Got A Job, 3 Months After That I Got Another Job (Summer Job), 2 Months After That I Got Another Job,(It Was Temporary But I Still Had My First Job) Jan Of This Year I Got Another Job, That I Love, Now I Have 2 Jobs, God Takes Us Through A Lot Only To Put Us Where We Want And Need 2 Be. I Think When The Storm Passes, If You Stand Through That Storm Trustin God You Get A Better Life Than The One You Had Before.


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