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If you are an artist inspiration is often needed. It it also desirable in daily live, because it gives you the power to perform an action. Inspiration is related to one's mental state and this question is to discuss how to positively affect (tune) it, so I hope it is not offtopic.

My sources of inspiration are:

  • books - well, often when I'm reading I keep my pen close by to write down new ideas
  • taking photos - my mobile camera suits me best, I always have it with me to save the current beauty of the world around me (my favourite are clouds)
  • movies - I don't watch them often but they can be inspiring too
  • world - the world is like a poetry as the poets could say; once a mere lesson in school gave me an amazing idea to write a book
  • quotes - I forgot to add them. Quotes inspire me very much. Of course I don't like those pessimistic ones!
  • music - I forgot to add this one too.

I'm sure your sources of inspiration are much more sublimed than mine! And maybe you have some particular things, like particular books, that have inspired you?

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Good question! Surprised it hasn't been asked before.

(09 Dec '09, 21:11) Vesuvius

Curiously, Richard Bach books have been the single most inspirational thing to me that I can think of, specifically Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull is a short book; I can read it in a couple of hours. Illusions is a little longer, but I can read it in a day.

Interestingly, both books read like the ultimate version of the Vortex (Abraham-Hicks), in story form, especially Illusions. Both books are a great way to stretch your mind, and free it from limitations (at least for a little while).


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+1 for Illusions. A short but deeply profound book. I believe it is one of Esther Hicks' favorite books too. And if I recall correctly, Richard Bach attended at least one of Jane Roberts' Seth channeling sessions. (Seth was a precursor to Abraham)

(09 Dec '09, 22:38) Stingray

Seems I did recall correctly ( ). See Seth Audio #12 on that page

(09 Dec '09, 22:41) Stingray

I get my inspiration from a lot of sources in life, definitely from all the ones you have mentioned in your question.

Meditation has also proved very inspirational to me. When I meditate and quiet my mind, I have on many occasions had some amazing ideas usually with subjects I have been struggling with. When you have a lot of things going on in your life, you sort of get distracted and although the ideas and solutions can be obvious, they are not within reach. But, if you quiet your mind and get into an allowing mode, then you will be surprised how meditation can be a wonderful source of inspiration.


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Pink Diamond

According to Abraham (& it's the opinion that makes the most sense to me), When you are inspired or seeking inspiration you are the leading edge of consciousness.

So you are not just drawing up, "or pulling towards yourself", what is possible; you are literally what is possible or your very movement of consciousness is "what is possible".

However, I believe, that there is an automatic built-in knowingness of what that limit of possibility is within this physically manifested reality.


answered 10 Dec '09, 16:53

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The Traveller

You last sentence is extrememly profound and rings 'true'... and I think when we don't live in alignment with that "built-in knowingness" our true potential is never realized and we don't come close to that "limit of possibility", hence real happiness seems to elude us :)

(17 Jun '11, 23:36) Michaela

My inspiration come from people in general. I like to talk to people observe them, listen to their point of view, listen their stories, and learn from them. It is amazing how much we can from each other, and be inspired by each other. Some of my other inspirations come from many other sources: such as live shows, movies, poetry, books, and lot of different kinds of books.

The book that really inspired me the most, and changed my life is The "Power of Positive Thinking," and my favorite quote form that book is" I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me." Another book is " The Looking Glass What Do You See?" The book "The Navigator" is also very inspirational. Spiritual Circle, has some very inspirational movies that is very educating. I think I mentioned some of this information before.


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Inactive User ♦♦

Everything inspires me but not every time at he same time. Because being inspired comes out of nowhere (Inspired = Spirit taken in) I never stop looking at things in a way that inspiration can't be born.

I am often amazed at what does cause inspiration. A smile from a stranger, a bird that sings to me or even a long line at the bank, I am very fortunate to find inspiration around every corner, especially when I am not "looking" for it.

Inspiration lies in every corner of the universe...can YOU see it?


answered 17 Jun '11, 04:00

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You're so right... inspiration is everywhere if we just open our eyes to see it :)

(17 Jun '11, 23:38) Michaela

Aside from books,lyrics of a song, and inspirational quotes, my family is a source of inspiration to me.

Will you accept my answer? Just kidding, Asklepios. lol


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I'll have to think about it :)

(10 Dec '09, 19:37) Asklepios

I get inspired by the beauty of Our Earth. I also get inspired by spirits like Christ, Buddha, and all of the Ascended Masters. I get inspired by people like Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, M.L.K Jr, and all of the freedom lovers. I get inspired by Olympic Athletes, Yogis, Healers and everyone with an empowering voice. I get inspired by God and the Angels.

Love and Light

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answered 17 Jun '11, 23:19

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My sources are the same like you... But I use to dream also to have ideas. When I want to be inspire, I also go to the sea or to a lake and the lightning of the sun on the water makes me see plenty of new things. I've been said it was the photophène phenomenon (that works with a 75 opaline electric bulb). Leonardo da vinci used to take a plate with grain of sand in it. Looking in this plate of sand, He was seeing some pictures caught from his imagination. Try to write with your left hand in order to develop the righ side of your brain. Look with your left eye too. To resolve a problem, you may draw a petal with the problem written inside, then other petals around and each of them can attract lot of new ideas.


answered 15 Feb '10, 17:57

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Le Bémo

I also love the sun reflected on the water, I was astonished by this in Venice. Actually, I mostly use my left eye, because my right is a bit ill. :D

(15 Feb '10, 20:38) Asklepios

Today is the day which the Lord chose for me.

According to your faith be it unto you.

If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed nothing shall be impossible to you.

In God have I put my trust, Im not afraid if what man can do unto me.

All things are possible through the Lord who strengthens me.

Thou who keeps his mind on thee shall remain in perfect peace.

Whatsoever you want pray for it believing and you shall receive it.

Try these every morning 7 times each.


answered 03 Sep '10, 06:21

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god and life experiance enjoy learn and grow!


answered 17 Jun '11, 02:03

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white tiger

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