Uri Geller claims to be able to perform many unusual things bend spoons, telepathy...here is a video of one of these phenomenon...


Would you agree that this is a demonstration of polarized energy in action?

asked 01 Sep '11, 04:32

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blubird two

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Barry Allen ♦♦

There is no spoon :)

(01 Sep '11, 14:10) Eddie

@Eddie-true, but there's a beauty of a unicorn :)

(02 Sep '11, 03:32) blubird two
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well bluebird there is many things that people can do that would blow your mind. is it because you can do something that you should do it?



answered 01 Sep '11, 07:48

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white tiger

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@white tiger-come on now, don't lets exaggerate...lol

(02 Sep '11, 03:35) blubird two

i put the movie to explain something to you. that even if you have power should you use them? imagine that you do it publicly then you will have the goverment the army and many people with money after you to get your power or to use you as a weapon etc. you would also have to deal with jealous people or people that will try to ridicule you. then if example you can fry people you would fry a whole bunch. so people that have power will use them wisely and not show other people what they can do. when you see people in tv show doing stuff it is mostely magic tricks or it is set up.

(02 Sep '11, 03:50) white tiger

very rarely genuine people with power will expose them self like that.

(02 Sep '11, 03:52) white tiger

@white tiger-yes my friend, i agree...but for me there is also a question of maturity...Uri Geller became aware of these abilities at a very early age so he has grown up using them in a rather immature, though useful fashion...people who become aware later on in life tend to use these abilities in a more discrete way.

(02 Sep '11, 04:45) blubird two

well blue bird some have powers in early age and still keep it to them self. and do not make a show of it. this way they stay more genuine then someone making a show of it. same thing as medium at 4.95 the minutes can you tell me how many are real? and how many are faking it? and how many are in between? then look at this is it really worth it to call them?

(02 Sep '11, 19:55) white tiger

yes he can be a good sender of though and some are good receiver. i tell you nothing is hiden. if you would be in the light out of the flesh you would see that every i am send their though by the golden light. the same way that you speak to people in this world. in there it is though at the speed of light.

(02 Sep '11, 21:41) white tiger

@white tiger-wise words my friend...brilliant performer searching for growth...

(04 Sep '11, 08:08) blubird two
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