I'm sure for many people, whether or not a psychic can truly see the future is up for debate. However, I've seen evidence in my life that there are some individuals who are capable of predicting or "seeing" future events. My grandmother was one of these people, and she predicted some very strange things that ended up happening for me. I've read similar stories of individuals who can do this. There's a few in my area, even, that people have told me have given them accurate readings. I was reading and researching and found many of these individuals can see things such as auras and colors as well.

What I'm wondering however, is how this plays into law of attraction. If an individual receives a bad reading from someone who has shown they've been correct before, how do they handle that information? Is it possible to change events that a psychic/clairvoyant has seen playing out? I know when it comes to law of attraction, living in fear or believing fully something will happen will probably make it be so.

So, how does one move past that and focus on a better outcome?

Are some events predestined or do we have the power to change certain things?

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Imagine you and a friend are standing at the side of a busy road waiting for a taxi.

The road is very long and stretches off into the distance, so far into the distance that you cannot even see what's coming.

alt text

Then your friend suddenly tells you that a taxi is coming...but you can't see it yet.

You are amazed and shocked at how your friend can do this. How can your friend possibly know this?

Obviously, they must be capable of seeing future events...they must have miracle powers.

Then you watch more closely what your friend is doing to achieve this miracle thing. It turns out that every few minutes, they pull out a pair of binoculars and check what is in the distance.

alt text

Does your opinion of your friend's "powers" now change? It probably does :)

They are just using a tool for seeing further than you can. They can't influence the taxi to come, but they can see it coming from further away.

Some people are more gifted in using their own vibrational tools than others. They can see how vibrations are shaping up ("coming") before others do.

That's all that a psychic/clairvoyant does...they are excellent vibrational readers.

Now back to the waiting-for-the-taxi example...

Let's say that your friend tells you there is definitely no taxi coming yet (because they have binoculars that see in the distance) and you are upset and disappointed by this news.

Are you fated to accept this news and continue to stand at the side of the road forever?

No, of course not :)

On hearing this, you could stick your thumb out at passing traffic and try to hitch a ride. Or you could load up a taxi-hailing app on your smartphone and summon a taxi. Or you could call a friend with a car to come and pick you up.

You can do all of these things (and more) because you are more than a vibrational reader as far as your life is concerned...you are a vibrational creator.

So you can use their "reading" in a positive way by acknowledging the information it contains and choosing to create a different reality for yourself.

As part of this answer, I've decided to make a full definitive list of everything that a psychic/clairvoyant can predict about your future that you cannot alter.,,

  1. Nothing
  2. Nothing
  3. Nothing
  4. Nothing
  5. Nothing

...okay, I think you get the idea :)

To sum up, psychics/clairvoyants are good at reading vibrations that are playing out in your life before they have manifested...they can see further down the road.

But, at any time, you can alter the vibrational trend and choose to have something else happen entirely.

For more information, see http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/11622/when-fortune-telling-or-predictions-come-true-do-the-results-come-about-because-of-the-law-of-attraction#11629


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This makes a lot of sense. It definitely makes more sense why some predictions just don't come true, or happen a bit differently than was said. When it comes to psychics, is it something that you would advise against? I've considered going to one to see if my prediction changed, but I fear I'll be told the same thing again.

(16 May '18, 17:53) -Mo-

@-Mo- - "When it comes to psychics, is it something that you would advise against?" - I wouldn't advise against anything you feel inspired to do from a good feeling place :) What I would recommend is that you treat advice from psychics like you would from any other person offering a different perspective...use what feels right to your advantage, and ignore the rest. Just because someone can use a vibrational tool better than you doesn't mean that you should give all your power away to them

(17 May '18, 06:23) Stingray

@Stingray "But, at any time, you can alter the vibrational trend and choose to have something else happen entirely." Would you say this is true for things that channeled beings address as "possible but not probable", as well?

(17 May '18, 09:16) Marin

@Marin - "Would you say this is true for things that channeled beings address as "possible but not probable", as well?" - Of course :) Personally, when I have someone tell me that something is "not probable", a part of me has already reframed that comment into meaning that it's not impossible :) It's just a matter of attitude how you take those kinds of comments, wouldn't you say? One person's "problem" is another person's "challenge".

(17 May '18, 13:26) Stingray
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"How do psychic predictions play into law of attraction?"

they don't! - if you trust yourself.

they limit you. if you believe the psychic you limit your posibilities and your imagination (unless you want their suggestions).

But they do - because they are in your reality. so maybe you need some guidance or approval or something else - you know yourself better.

i can say about my self that most of the time i dont need to use any psychic , but when im compeletly out of enlightenment i feel like i want to use this kind of stuff, even though i know its really really stupid and not useful (in my perspective). because i know that when im connected to myself and play for ex. a psychic video its like: "what?? what??" and i just laugh about it. as apposed to when im not in enlightenment - oh...then i listen really carefully to every word! haaaaa! hope that helps


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It does make sense that seeing one would limit your possibilities. I was debating seeing another one, but it seems like the best solution is to bring myself into alignment and not dwell on past readings. I agree too, that I typically only seek out a psychic when I'm desperate (out of alignment). It seems like it could be a beneficial tool, but ultimately even a good reading can be limiting on your life.

(16 May '18, 18:03) -Mo-

The predictions of psychics are not necessarily wrong. They are simply picking on or 'seeing' one of the many realities that are possible in your life.

Seth (Jane Robert's book - The Nature of Personal Reality) explains that we have multiple possibilities of reality and we choose which one is probable and then it manifests. Only one will play out in physical reality whereas the others remain in the 'ether' so to speak.

I do believe that you can change your reality because once you are aware of the possibility (i.e. psychic prediction) you can manoeuvre into another possible reality of yours and turn it into the probability.


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somnambulist thinking much
easier to foretell than
of of one awake, in what
realm do choices lie


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