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Hi I am totally new to visualization and I am one of the people who closes their eyes and "sees" nothing. I liked some of the answers here and I have enough concentration power due to my meditation practice where I am willing to allocate as much time and will power as I want to get this handled. I only have some questions so if anyone can answer this I believe will add to this topic greatly. does visualizing something mean actually seeing it as if you would see it with your eyes?

because I realized I visualize in my daily life more in concepts and thoughts but not in images. I can think of a red ferrari in my driveway, but I wouldn't be able to tell the details of what rims it has or if the windows are clear or tinted. when you say see something with your minds eye? does it mean like a actually seeing a 2d picture or 3d picture I would see with my eyes closed? or is it more like a 3d object somewhere up in the upper part of the head where thinking happens :) thanks

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Eduardas Kubilinskas

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Lets make it really simple to understand:

"Imagine," with your eyes open or closed, walking into your bedroom. With vividness, walk in your door and look around at your bed, dresser, clothes etc. It's very easy.

There done! You just did a visualization.

The reason people say close your eyes is because many people get distracted with visualizing the picture in their mind's eye by things that are happening around them in that moment. That's the only reason. With practice, you will get to the point that you can sit in your living room with the TV on and your family running around and making all kinds of distractions and still be able to visualize with ease.

Now here's the trick to make things manifest for you:

For example if you wan a new bed; use that exact vivid visualization of walking into your bedroom and see your new bed, visualize yourself sitting on the bed from your own eyes as if you already have your new bed. Imagine "from" the scene with your new bed....DON'T imagine looking into the scene "of" your new bed.


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@Eldavo-would you please explain your sentence"Imagine "from" the scene with your new bed....DON'T imagine looking into the scene "of" your new bed".

(10 Feb '14, 00:23) Zee

Yes, of course. Imagining "of" your new bed is exactly that. Holding a picture in your mind of the new bed. Imagining "from" the scene is vividly putting yourself directly in the scene/bedroom with your new bed. Being so focused into the scene you think you're actually there. Imagining you already have the bed. Lying on it, feeling the blanket and seeing the color, vividly visualizing the bed in rest of the scene/bedroom.

(10 Feb '14, 22:02) Eldavo

@Eldavo- Great man!!!

(11 Feb '14, 06:01) Nikulas

There's my old friend Nikulas!

(12 Feb '14, 21:54) Eldavo
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There are many different techniques, choose the ones that feel right for you, do it whichever way you want, whichever way appeals to you and generates corresponding emotions in you. Even if you see a red flying carpet and are convinced that it is a ferrari, it will work ... in the same way a box of matches can become a vault full of gold.

Visualization is the creation of vibrations following your mindset, so the technique is of little importance, whether two dimensional, three dimensional or even seven dimensional, that's ok ;-) ... in essence you are creating the virtual pattern of what you want in reality. What is important is to do it as per your temperament and mindset.

Let the fantasy element flow freely, if your red ferrari starts flying all by itself, that's great ...


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abhishek mishra

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so when you see image do you see it as if you see it with your eyes open? cause I dont see anything as in seeing through visual sense gate. It rather appears to me in form of thoughts around the chosen object, but its pretty vague, and Its difficult to hang on to. because its kind of fluid. I tried doing technique where I look at object for sometime with my eyes open. and then close my eyes, but still can't see even after 20 minutes trying to concentrate with my eyes closed.

(03 Sep '11, 16:56) Eduardas Kubilinskas

Eduardo , if you have difficult 'seeing " use your other senses , can you hear the car engine reving up for example , smell the new leather seats , touch the steering wheel , these are all ways to anchor yourself in an " imagining " state :-)

(12 Feb '14, 20:58) Starlight

This is a good question that a lot of people new to visualization ask. This is the same as imagination. I use this a lot for finding out what the masters intended with my karate katas. I imagine my opponent in front of me while I perform the kata side. Then I play the opponent and imagine the kata side what is affecting me.

We don't really see something like it is solid just more imagined or like a memory.

If you tried to get the details of the car a piece at a time, you will find it will come to you.


answered 09 Feb '14, 23:50

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Wade Casaldi


Visualization´s purpose is to get you into a state of being, different authors and sources call it vibration, others frequency, feeling, etc. Such state of being, frequency, vibration ( whatever name you want to give it) will manifest the circumstances related to the vibration you got with the aid of visualization.

Think of a friend for example, remember what is like to be in his/her presence; now think of another friend and what is like to be with him/her, thinking in each two of them gave you a different feeling, right? Well, that´s the deal, that´s a state of being. that´s what matters, not the image. In my experience, in this case for example, holding the image/feeling of a friend will get me to, in any mean, stumble upon with him/her eventually by any means.

So, the image isn´t really important, but the feeling it gives to you, that´s the thing that manifests.



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Yup , ya got it Tarkus , Feeling works by The Law of Reverse Transformation . Read about it in the 1st Chapter of Neville Goddard's " Prayer The Art of Believing " I promise you , you will be soooo happy to have read this :-)

(12 Feb '14, 21:03) Starlight

Creative visualization is an effective method of generating positive vibrations. Pl find an article in this regard About Mydhili M Nair

This little girl, the grand daughter of KG Sathyan Muttambalam and daughter of Manoj Kumar and Aparna, studies in 1st standard at Sophia International Academy, Kottayam. She received special blessing from the Supreme Creator through Sadguru Poojaneeya Rishidev Sri Narendranji when she was only four years old. Now Mydhili chants all the Shakthiveda mantras and Gayatri mantra meticulously and she often corrects the modulations of others including that of her grand father. During and after cosmic visualization Mydhili narrates about the flow of golden energy. She also shows the signs of clairvoyance. According to this child she has got two mothers; one is her Cosmic Mother and only the second is her' ordinary ' mother as she says.

Mydhili started computer paintings recently without any one's help. She could do 12 paintings within one week.

Painting on Shakthiveda Power Meditation When she was asked to do a painting based on Shakthiveda Power Meditation, Mydhili brought out a painting within 10 minutes. This was sent to Satguru Rishidev Sri Narendranji, Mataji(Mata Dr Sripriya, Managing Trustee of Shakthiveda Wellness Mission and primo disciple of Satguru and Sri PB Boss, the Director of SW Mission and the disciple of Satguru. Sri PB Boss is a visionary having the access to subtle and suprasubtle dimensions made a comment on Mydhili's painting which is given below.


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Visualizing with closing eyes or opening eyes is not the issue. One has to open the INNER EYE. That is important
sathyan muttambalam

(09 Feb '14, 11:05) sathyanji
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