The thing most people forget when it comes to Law of Attraction is that the SUB-CONSCIOUS is a larger part of the mind (90%) than the CONSCIOUS (10%).

If you just think by repeating affirmations or by thinking in words in order to bring what you desire into your life, it will not have much of an effect compared to the effect you can gain by imagining with Pictures, Sounds, and The Physical Sensation of the thing that you desire.

The Sub-Conscious loves change, therefore it doesn't matter how Long you imagine what you want, the only thing that matters is how Often. It is a good idea to think about the image or images throughout the day, rather than trying to hold that image for the entire day. The Sub-Conscious Mind gets bored thinking about one thing, so it is best to come back to the image of what you want throughout the day and to also have other images as well rather than making the sub-conscious bored by focusing on only one thing.

It will also help you obsess less so that Law of Attraction can operate better without the Neediness and work on other images (manifestations) as well.

Why do most Law of Attraction teachers seem to focus only on Thoughts, Beliefs, and Perspectives but seem to not mention the importance of actual PICTURES to let the larger mind (sub-consious) know what you want?

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They can only open the door,they cant make you walk through and light...

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Because the way you think, what you believe, and how you perceive the world, can be major barriers that prevent you from achieving anything you want in life.

Sure, using your mind in a more creative way does help. But the therapeutic process mostly concerns itself, not with helping people be more creative, but with helping people get unstuck so that they can facilitiate their creative processes. To free their mind, in other words, so that they can pursue more creative, productive and fulfilling endeavors.

Most people achieve breakthroughs in their life, not because they learn new ways to be creative (they already know how to be creative), but because they learn how to remove the mental barriers that prevent them from creating.


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I agree with what others have contributed here, but I have one negative to add. Many LOA teachers are marketers or inspirational speakers. Many of these are solely in the business for the money. It is up to each of us to find and select people who are genuinely teaching many of these practices to help others. However, herein lies the main caveat: how do we find genuine LOA teachers as opposed to those who are merely trying to liberate your savings?

I find that most LOA teachers are telling you exactly what you need to know up front, but they will leave out key points that only make you yearn for more. The best way to tap into their knowledge, I find, is to read their books rather than attend their seminars or buy their videos lectures. Some of their seminars are thousands of dollars and unnecessary, whereas their books usually cover more material and can be purchased for $10-$25.

Another thing to keep in mind is that what many of these so-called LOA teachers are not really teaching anything new. Most, if not all, of their information has been around for centuries...they have merely repackaged the information and then resell it as if they have discovered a new revelation. They have not. You can find much of the older literature on-line for free...indeed that's what many of them are doing too :-).

Another trick you can use to learn more about their teachings is to refer to their list of references in their books and seminars. I would avoid any literature that has no references. You can then use the same references to learn the same lessons.


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perhaps the complexity
of what makes us who we are
is not known, or if they are
incorrect they share karma


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"Why do most Law of Attraction teachers seem to focus only on Thoughts, Beliefs, and Perspectives but seem to not mention the importance of actual PICTURES to let the larger mind (sub-consious) know what you want?"

The sub-conscious knows what you want.. who do you think GAVE you the idea in the first place..? (one good way of manifesting is sometimes.. set it and forget it.. one way!)

What do you have.. some idea..?? that your manifestation powers are 90% clearer if you give daily affirmations to your sub-conscious..? your sub-conscious is not a IT.. it's part of you.. relax!

"Why do most Law of Attraction teachers seem to focus only on Thoughts, Beliefs, and Perspectives but seem to not mention the importance of actual PICTURES to let the larger mind (sub-consious) know what you want?"

Alright I'm gonna give you some very advanced information.. there is only 1 problem in creating reality.. really (and you do it automatically!) but beliefs are the biggest problem..

So what are beliefs?

Excellent question... beliefs are made of law of attraction they are energy constructs that create reality too!
If you want to create abundance/money.. but you have a belief that "only a good person is poor not rich" can you see how you would be creating conflicting energy and intentions?
Beliefs are your only problems in creating.. (and many beliefs aren't yours.. and more so MANY of us are unconscious to our beliefs creating our reality)
There are only 2 methods I know to getting rid of beliefs..
1. Try bashar methods (which I think suck!) 2. Healing.. which means that you do a "general cure-all fix" which effects everything and takes it all away, over time/eventually :)
Let's be clear there is 1 thing I do agree with.. making what it is in the sub-conscious.. making it conscious.. that will help in manifestation and knowing you better.. that's helpful, I think.. but otherwise this concept is just too much externalizing and perhaps even getting a tad too much into that psychoanalysis world :) :P

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How do you know the subconscious mind needs telling more than once? How do you know that you even need to tell the subconscious what is wanted? How do you know that manifestation is a game of vivid detail and increased sensation and not one of removing the blocks that are keeping the unwanted in place?

I personaly think it's all the above but it depends on your perspective of what it is you're wanting and how to 'get' it. There've been stories of people having tons of vision boards and daily mantras etc. for plenty of money and getting nowhere until they finally gave up the 'fight' and surrendered. Then it came flooding in because they were seeing money as hard to get. Perspective is everything and manifestation tools are highly personal!

Whatever tools LOA teachers advocate are most likely the ones that got them to where they wanted to get to, anyway, their perspective. It's your game and you have your emotions and instincts to guide you to the right answers :)


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