My question is that how can we receive answrs of my question using visualization technique?

asked 07 Jul '10, 11:57

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There isn't one technique that is best either for visualization or receiving answers. Different things will work for different people.

I would suggest getting still (meditating), ask your question and trust that the answer will come. It may come to you while meditating or at a later time when you least expect it. I think when we're looking for an answer, the key is to listen for it. Quite often we ask the question and we then try to find the answer ourselves instead of trusting that Higher Power to bring it to us.

  1. Ask your question

  2. Trust or Allow God or the Universe to answer

  3. Receive your answer ( At the right time - don't try to force it)


answered 07 Jul '10, 13:21

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The only option that seems possible for me is to visualize that you already know the answer. But not only visualize; feel like you know the answer.

This is about Law of Attraction here. Check out the first answer to this question to see how important it is.

Back to the original question - check this out. It seems worth trying. Maybe some day the answer will be revealed to you. But remember - no doubt, never. If there is a doubt, you won't get the answer.

EDIT: Now that I've seen Michaela's post, I agree with it. My advice is to ask Nature/God/whatever you believe in and wait for the answer. There is a poem of Charles Baudelaire that describes it greatly:

In Nature's temple living pillars rise,
And words are murmured none have understood,
And man must wander through a tangled wood
Of symbols watching him with friendly eyes.


answered 07 Jul '10, 13:24

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great replies.now i undertand that i was blocking replies by forcing an answer to come.thank you very much.

(08 Jul '10, 04:13) Zee
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