Dear All,

I am in a dilemma and need your help.

I had got a decent job about 4 months ago. All's well in this job apart from the fact the industry and work is not something that excites me. When I had taken up this job, I was in a situation where I really needed a good job, and considering all the probable options I had at that point in time, this seemed to be the best choice.

Since the last 2 months I am constantly getting an inner call that I want to quit this job and get on my own as an entrepreneur. It would be important to quote here that I always want to have my own business. Even when I had taken up the job I knew that I am going to start my own business but probably I was looking at slightly longer time lines, may be a couple of years (to the maximum). When I was looking for a job before, I had initiated a few small businesses and I plan to build them further. I have always been certain that I will be an entrepreneur.

I have discussed this with with my spouse a couple of times and there seems to be some resistance and as of the last discussion we agreed that in the couple of months, when we have parallely grown our business which we plan to expand, so as to ensure that the cash flows from business are compensating for the absence of my salaried income, that would be the right time to quit. I felt that is fair enough. But I also sense a feel of uncertainty at this point in time. Also every single day I get this strong inner call that I should quit my job right now and get started with our business. Its a kind of impatience may be. And it feels like I am ready to take the plunge even with this uncertainty.

I also understand that I cannot progress to something better from a point where I am unhappy about my current job and circumstances. Hence I also find positive aspects about my job and remain in a fairly neutral and satisfied stance as far as my job is concerned.

What I am trying to understand is that when would be the right time to make that move. At one end I get this inner call everyday and on the other hand there seems to be little resistance and uncertainty accompanied with it. Sometimes I also feel that I am pushing a bit for this change and hence the resistance.

I want to know that should I wait for a time where I will get a strong indication where the resistance will also fade away and that would be the perfect time? Or should I follow my instincts now and make the change?

Look forward to your valuable feedback and suggestions. I have learned a great deal from all of you here and I have to stay that my life has been on the improvement path since the time I have started visiting IQ. Thanks so much :)

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I think the key to a decision like this is to make it from within The Vortex - which is simply a helpful analogy (from Abraham) representing alignment with your Higher/Broader Self.

You'll probably find you have different inspirations when you are inside the Vortex compared to when you are outside the Vortex.

  • The inspirations you receive while outside the Vortex will lead to more stuff outside the Vortex i.e. not what you ultimately want

  • The inspirations you receive while inside the Vortex will lead to more stuff inside the Vortex i.e. everything you want in life :)

That's why I advocate my philosophy of constantly checking whether you are inside the Vortex before doing anything important...ideally, before doing anything at all...ever :)

Once you are inside the Vortex, you can reliably follow your instincts as to what you should physically do next...until you no longer feel inspired to do it any further.

Then stop and make it your only work to align yourself with the Vortex again and wait for the feeling of inspiration again before proceeding further. Just get on with other aspects of your life in the meantime.

It might seem a bit scary at first following inspirations from The Vortex and you may end up doing things that others think are foolhardy - that happens to me regularly :) - but the opinion of others doesn't's only the opinion of that Broader You that matters.

It is quite possible as you continue down this road then further problems will arise as a result of you following your Vortex-inspired decisions but the solution to them is always the same again...realign with the Vortex and wait for inspiration.

I guess the basic idea I am putting forward here is:

  • The job of your physical self is to decide what you want in life and then just focus on realigning with the Vortex...while enjoying taking physical actions that are fun to do, just because they are fun to do.

  • The job of your Vortex is to sort out all the details of your life, based upon the desires of the physical self. It will let you know (through inspiration) if your physical self needs to take any appropriate physical action though often this will just be interpreted by your physical self as something fun to do (see above) so it will all seem effortless.


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Wow, another Masterpiece!! Thanks Stingray.. I guess this answer from you is a good reminder for me of what our purpose in life is. You had provided me with a similar feedback earlier, may be it was time that I be reminded again. Really Appreciate :)

(08 Sep '11, 04:39) Sourabh

You're welcome, Sourabh

(08 Sep '11, 10:45) Stingray

Very few people are really aware of the inner call. Ones who think they are, get mixed up between listening to their mind and listening to their hearts. There is a very thin line between the two, and it needs great skill in assessing whether the voice is the mind's or the hearts.
I've suffered from this confusion which led me to doing things which I would never have done. But if you are so sure that its your hearts calling (and I'm sure it is), i would suggest to do it NOW. there are various reasons why we DEFER listening to our hearts.
Some people are scared of the outcome, some people are skeptical of the results, some are not able to shed of the pressure of their family, some listen too much to the intellect. But in all cases, even if at times listening to your hearts true calling may seem ridiculous initially, that is what we should do. In fact Swami Vivekananda (a great saint of recent times in India) said exactly this. He said that the intellect is limited by our understanding, experiences and various other factors. But there are no limitations to the domain and the capabilities of the heart. That is why whenever one is stuck between listening to the intellect and listening to the heart, go for the latter, no matter how ridiculous it seems.
Another thing he said is that, in ancient India, thousands of years ago, people had discovered and acquired knowledge of the subtlest portion of matter, about planets, about the universe, about earth, about life. But in those days there were no hi-tech gadgets or equipment. so it was possible by the continuous purification and synchronization with the heart. So I would suggest you to do it now.
The least is you will be happy...


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abhishek mishra

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so true abhishek :D

(07 Sep '11, 07:20) ursixx

Thanks Abhishek, that really pumps me up and certainly makes a lot of sense. Really Appreciate!!

(08 Sep '11, 04:36) Sourabh

Dear Sourabh, I don't want to be a wet blanket but it would be best to make sure that you are ready for your dream before embarking on it. The Job you have at the moment pays you a regular salary and in the dream job you will be paying your own salary. Can you afford it? I'm all for you living your dream but if you save a years worth of living expenses than you will be able to survive a year without having to worry where your rent, food and other expenses will come from and at the same time make it more enjoyable in your dream job which will make it easier to be positive and attract clients or whatever it is you need. Think and look before you leap.

On the positive side do your LOA meditations and create that which you want. Imagine yourself living your dream life already with very positive aspects and you will attract it.

About your present job. Below are some pointers on how to learn to love the work you are doing at present so to make your remaining time there as pleasant as possible. Every morning on awakening or whenever you can remind yourself of these.

  1. Does this job pay for your groceries? If it does it is the first reason to love this job for it sustains your and your families life. You won't die of hunger.

  2. Does this job pay your rent? If it does great for that is another reason you should love this work for it provides a roof over your and your families head. You will not get wet when it rains or too cold when it's freezing outside.

  3. Does this job pay for the clothes you and your family wear. If it does excellent for you can dress warm in winter and cool in summer to protect your body from the elements.

Those are just some of the reasons to thank God that you found this work and to be grateful, appreciative and love the work you do for the short amount of time you will still be there. It will make your time there easier and happier to bear. When you are happier it is much easier to attract the good things in life and the sooner you can live your dream.


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Paulina 1

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That makes so much sense. In fact I did the 3 things that you have advised and I immediately felt a sense of relief.. Thanks makes me feel a lot better :) :) And I also feel more confident of what is coming!!

(08 Sep '11, 04:46) Sourabh

Glad to have been of service.

(08 Sep '11, 05:52) Paulina 1

If this change that you DESIRE is so burning and encompassing. It will come. BELIEVE that!

Get out into the sunlight — out where everything is — with a vibration that is so dominant that those who annoy you; those who don't agree with you; those who make your life feel uncomfortable don't come into your experience, because your vibration — through your practice — has become so clear, so pure, so clean, so in keeping with what you want, that the world that revolves around you just feels like that. That's what you planned.

--- Abraham

The resistance that is put forth by your wife is a good thing. It adds more wood to the fire burning within you. To see the road you want to follow. The timing of the change will be clear to you when you work through the resistance you feel and the feeling is right/in the Iortex. Be aware of your feelings/heart.


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Hi Ursixx, I never looked at the resistance like that. Thanks so much for sharing this quote and also for lifting my spirits :) Truly Appreciate!!

(08 Sep '11, 04:48) Sourabh

consider the positive and negative aspect from your job. do the same with your business. try to solve the negative aspect. once you will be ready to make the move you will know it. if their is no more negative aspect you will not have anny doubt. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

Hey that was so simple and powerful.. Thanks so much :)

(08 Sep '11, 04:33) Sourabh

even the complicated stuff is made from simple things. you are welcome . experience and enjoy.

(08 Sep '11, 05:01) white tiger

Have you considered that you may be resisting the resistance of your spouse as far as wanting to quit your current job right now? I'm not saying it's definitely the case by any means. It could also just be some impatience on your part too, especially knowing that your current job is not in a field that excites you. Do you possibly have a fear that if you stay in your current job for another couple of months that you will get to the point that it will be draining your energy? You also need to consider how important it is to you to honor your spouse's wish to wait at least a couple more months. These are just a few questions/things to consider.

I'd do some journaling asking for guidance. However you might believe in that guidance; angels, spirit guides, higher self. Get yourself in a quiet place and a calm state of mind. Then just write, Dear Higher Self -- and ask your question(s). Then write Dear Sourabh, and just let yourself write whatever comes to mind. Do this several times and see if what your answers are. You can write your answers with your non-dominant hand. I find this especially helpful because it gets me concentrating on writing well enough to actually read what I'm writing that I get out of being logical or rational (hence it's actually me answering) to get down to better answers.

Hope this helps a bit :)


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Hi thanks for your wonderful advise, it seems so Interesting. I will certainly try it. Also thanks for point out the few practical considerations!! :)

(08 Sep '11, 04:43) Sourabh
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