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I am in the process of reading the Master Key System and one part advises that it's important to visualize and not daydream. How do I know the difference and how can I know I'm visualizing correctly?

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Visualising= conscious daydreaming Daydreaming= visualising without conscious command

This is just a generalisation. There are lots of questions on Inward Quest about visualising. But what is subtly touched upon is that visualising is actually a technique- meaning, it is a technique that can be trained and improved.

If you like, I can go into detail with visualising, but that wouldn't be answering your question. To know if you're visualising correctly (and I've ripped this example right off of somebody else, so it's not really my credit), try and not think of a pink penguin.....BINGO- you thought of one, and visualised one in their minds eye. You probably didn't see the penguin right in front of you, but on some tangent, you 'saw' it in your minds eye. The word itself 'visualising' is perhaps a bad word- when practitioners visualise they experience things from several different senses.

I guess in the Master Key System the idea is to have a bold, hard sculpted dream/goal you could imagine getting. Visualising, in this context, would mean to hold such a positive, realistic and permanent vision that it seems as though it could happen one day. Daydreaming, I guess, would mean to just have silly thoughts about something and yet have no emotional charge around it. Visualising is emotional and meaningful.

Hope this helps :)


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Great answer Nikulas.

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The difference is will and concentration.


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Visualization is focused where daydreaming can take you anywhere. Daydreaming can be important too though :). I've often had wonderful insights while daydreaming, especially when I'm standing under the flow of energy called a shower....lol.

Wishing you peace and love :)


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Daydreaming, is when you see possibilities to an outcome. You can see certain aspects of a situation, but there is no believability. Visualization is when you can actually see yourself in that situation, and you believe it. That is your chosen path.


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When you are visualising (as per The Master Key) you have conscious control of what you want to visualise and how you want to visualise it. In otherwords you are using your willpower to control your visualisation.

Daydreaming on the other hand mostly just happens and is nothing more than a fancy.

If ever you would like to turn a daydream into reality than you have to take conscious control of the daydream and use your willpower to direct your vision constructively and not just let it happen haphazardly.


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