I am new to joining this site, but I have read several articles on here for a couple of months and I must say this website has really helped me understand the law of attraction and what I have been doing wrong / keeping me from most of my desires (which was attachment). Honestly after reading several answers from Stingray and the manifestation box method (which I am using now) I finally understand letting go is seriously the key.

But lately I have been wondering about the feelings portion of it all. What I have noticed is that with many of my requests from the box or just quick, random wanting statements/thoughts, they have manifested quickly. With these manifestations, I never really had a strong feeling with them, like the feeling of having it now like many people say you should have in order for it to come true.

This makes me wonder, do we need to have the feeling of having it now, or the joy, or happiness about the desire in order for it to manifest? Do we have to have the feeling with the visualization in order for it to appear? Or can we just write down what we want, know that it will happen and then go on doing other things and it will still manifest. Because I never really FEEL the things I want, I actually don’t find it as easy to feel those feelings of having it now, and extreme amounts of joy and love about a lot of the desires like soo many people talk about(or its emerging for a couple seconds then dissapears), im more neutral WHILE im writing my desires down and thinking about them, and still remain neutral after the desire is written down and tucked away nicely in the box. I am kind of confused. Please and thank you for your help!!

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Or can we just write down what we want, know that it will happen and then go on doing other things and it will still manifest.

Yes, you summed it up perfectly there.

When I manifest the idea of brushing my teeth in the morning, I can assure you that I don't spend any time at all building up joy and happiness about my toothbrush or trying to get into the feeling of brushing my teeth now :)

I just think I ought to brush my teeth and what is usually inspired to me as a result, is that I need to take a bit of action towards it.

I didn't have much emotional involvement with the brushing of my teeth because, from my inner perspective, it wasn't that important to me.

What you will find is that there will eventually be subjects that come up for you that generate a huge amount of emotion when you think about them. You just won't be able to stop that emotional reaction. This sudden rush of emotion means you already have a large amount of thought focused upon those subjects, usually from your inner perspective. That's when these ideas of feeling happiness (or, at least, neutrality) about the subject will make more sense.

Other than that, you may have many subjects where you are as a neutral about them as brushing your teeth. When I'm manifesting parking places for example, I'm almost completely neutral about it unless I really need that space for some reason and then it becomes much more difficult.

Just one thing to watch for, sometimes people "cope" with lives that they are not happy with by cutting themselves off as much as possible from their emotions. You could kind of say that they "stay out of their bodies" so they don't experience the emotional pain that comes with their physical life.

If you are not in that category then there's no problem at all, from my point of view, about being generally neutral about what you want. If you are in that category, a clue might be that there is nothing in your life that makes you feel excited, passionate, joyful etc when you think about it.


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@Stingray-amazing point revealed.how much i concentrate on it,it opens new windows in my mind.

(21 Feb '12, 02:13) Zee

Hello! This is long overdue but thank you for your response! I had trouble with logging in my account but it is fixed now so I can finally respond to comments! You really clarified the neutral feeling part alot for me. also your comment on brushing teeth made me laugh!

(19 Apr '12, 00:40) Fatsuma

@Fatsuma - you're welcome

(23 Apr '12, 08:16) Stingray
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In my understanding, it completely depends on how much resistance you have towards the thing you're trying to manifest. If it's something you've been wanting for a long time, but you've been focusing on the lack of it, or maybe deep down feel that you don't deserve it, you may need to summon up a strong feeling of 'having it' in order to counteract the resistance.

If it's something that is just a fleeting want and there is little to no resistance to having it (either because it seems natural to you that you would get it, or because you don't care whether you have it or not), it can manifest with little effort.


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Welcome to the Site. There is something LOA teaches call "would it wonderful if". In other words have a strong desire. Explain what you want and be happy even if you don't get it.

I feel you should reread everything that Stingray says about the process. It's not complicated but the better you understand the steps. The easier you will manifest.

Very Important though, is the idea that if what you are doing is working than don't fix it too much.


answered 20 Feb '12, 01:12

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