This happened last night..I am not sure if its the right way to visualize but I felt bloated with happiness and if I was a little more lighter, I might have just floated in the air :).. It was a very nice feeling.. but when I was about to visualize the most important event, I could nt finish the visualization..I couldnt complete the picture.. Despite trying hard not wanting to give up, I still could not get that feeling of having it. I am not sure if it makes any sense, but it was like, everything is there, but that one last bit is not happening which completes my wish. Why does it happen this way? Is there something that I am not doing right? I am trying the focus block method but I am stuck with not getting enough thoughts to write in it either..

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After writing this bit, I wrote a few points in my focus block :).. Another question.. Is it alright to write what I see myself as once the wish is completed in my focus block?

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The reason why you start feeling lighter when you are meditating is that positive energy is lighter than negative energy. If you think about when you are feeling sad or depressed how you actually feel "heavy".

I do not know why you are having trouble completing your visualizaton. It maybe that you are blocking it or maybe its too hard to maintain the concentration during visualization.

It is good that you decided to use the focus block method because sometimes it is easier to write it rather than to "see it". I just started using the Focus Block method and my understanding is that you should write any good feelings that you presently have about what you want manifested and then identify your best feeling. The reason for this is that you want to be honest with where you are. You do not want to write feelings that you do not have because you are not there yet. What you are doing is trying to get there. In order to get there you have to keep putting forward your best feeling. This will help to increase the positive thoughts and vibrations until you actually get to where you want to feel. I hope this helps. I am in the learning process myself with the focus block method.


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Thank you Drham.. I will continue to write in the focus block..

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Are you destined for something else?

Richard Bach once wrote about something that happened to him during his days as a (more or less) famous author. Richard was a pilot, and owned his own aircraft which he used to travel from place to place promoting his books. He told a story once about how he tried to visualize who his future wife would be, but couldn't see her face. After trying for awhile, he gave up.

Then, as he was dozing off, a voice in his head startled him awake. It said, "YO, Richard. If it will make you feel any better, YOU ALREADY KNOW HER!"

Richard has the habit of visualizing his safe arrival when he is about to fly somewhere. But there was one occasion where he was unable to do so. He was puzzled by this, but continued to make preparations to leave for his new destination anyway. As he was about to get into the cockpit, he received a phone call from the person who was to be his future wife, and they made plans to meet.

Which was why he was not able to visualize his safe landing at the planned destination; that event was not in his "future light cone," so to speak.


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The story above is in the novel, "The Bridge Across Forever," if you're interested in reading further.

(20 May '10, 16:33) Vesuvius

Thank you Vesuvius.. I'll read the book as soon as I can.. I have question here.. If we are destined for something else, then how will the manifestation process works for things that 'we' want?

(20 May '10, 16:48) AVBhat 1

Richard was not able to see himself landing at his destination because one of his other manifestations had already taken hold.

(20 May '10, 19:28) Vesuvius
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