Stingray made a great comment in response to one of my answers (to quote him):

Actually, the points by themselves don't really mean anything other than you spend a lot of time on the site. Perhaps a better indication of recognition would probably be average points per question or answer...but even then, it only generally means there are others here who agree with what you've written (which is not always a good thing when trying to come up with original thinking) the value of the points is to probably to help you ultimately realize that there is no value in the points. Very Zen :)

– Stingray

Now, this made me think about exactly how much the points influence my behavior here on IQ, very Zen, indeed! So I thought that I would just come right out and admit that yeah, the points do influence my, now, I am asking you if they influence you, too! Be honest!

Blessings, Jai

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@Jai "influence my behavior here on IQ" lol!

(05 Mar '13, 00:02) ele
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I guess I'm obliged to throw in an answer to this one because that quote from me in the question might give the impression that I don't think the points system on Inward Quest is important.

Actually, I think quite the opposite...the points system is very important...but, to understand why, I think you need to look at the reason it's there.

Spammers and Trolls on the internet thrive where it is easy to do their "work".

So spammers throw up hundreds of spam links and post hundreds of spam messages where it is easy to do so. Similarly, trolls thrive on getting highly visible emotional reactions from their victims.

With the points system, a spammer has to first gain the trust of the community enough to be given permission to post multiple links in a message otherwise they have very limited access to the site. Trolls are in the same boat (with limited access) unless they also gain the trust of the community...and who is going to vote for a trouble-maker? :) it becomes a pointless exercise very quickly.

The obstacles that the points system provides means that it's simply easier for them to find somewhere else to do their stuff.

Judging by the lack of spamming and trolling on IQ, I'd say it works pretty well.

The other major thing about the points system is that it filters the most valuable answers to the top of the page. And that means that all those "me too" type answers and irrelevant answers that clutter up threads in other forums remain well hidden at the bottom of the pages.

I think that makes the site more useful for everyone...but, obviously, to make it work, people have to vote!

Summing up, the actual points total you might have in relation to another person might not be that important, but I think that what the points system achieves for the site is very important.


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I agree very much with your assessment, and as usual, your answer is terrific! Thanks for taking the time to analyze this one!>>>>>>>>>>

(09 Sep '11, 20:48) Jaianniah

Good one Stingray.

(10 Sep '11, 08:02) Paulina 1

Please enlighten me , I know what spamming is but the only trolls I know of live under bridges that goats cross to get up the mountain ;-)

(04 Mar '13, 20:36) Starlight

@Starlight - since this thread is about 'points'; I couldn't help but notice when you ask a question; you don't bother to vote the people who answer your questions up & this is a reg occurrence. I end up voting the users up - I don't like zero's. Personally anyone who would take the time to answer a question I posed deserves an up vote. I couldn't help but notice; you comment on their answers, even the last person who answers your question & yet I see a zero..

(04 Mar '13, 23:06) ele

@Ele , should I be flattered that you pay THAT much attention to my questions , I wasn't "aware " that I am oblidged to upvote any answers, and I am not "Perfect"... are you ? this community knows how much I appreciate them ,and if someone gets their knickers in a knot over a 1 or a zero , it's not my concern ,to me the content of my comment is what counts, having said that , vote me down as much as you like and feel free to totally ignore my questions.

(04 Mar '13, 23:59) Starlight

@Starlight I think you took my observation/curiosity as a personal attack. It wasn't. I actually thought you had a good/unique reason. No, your under no obligation to do so. I've never down voted anyone & have no plans too. Some members feel puzzled when their answers receive 0 votes & for others; it makes them feel a bit sad. It makes me feel good to vote up answers & that includes yours. Truthfully, I think its rude. I consider the feelings of others & not just my needs. Have a good day/night.

(05 Mar '13, 00:11) ele

@Ele most definately when you write "I couldn't help but notice when you ask a question; you don't bother to vote the people who answer your questions up & this is a reg occurrence." Why would I see it as anything else ? How is it "curiosity" in your way of thinking, that it's a "regular occurrance"? I don't need sparkly stars, points or any other thing to validate myself , my saying thank you to anyone is appreciation in my eyes . You do it your way, and I will do what works for me , thank you

(05 Mar '13, 00:29) Starlight

I am actually quite angry over this, but it's just helped me realise that this is merely an echo of yesterdays vibration and probably more to come from being annoyed now

(05 Mar '13, 00:43) Starlight

@Starlight :troll One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.

(05 Mar '13, 01:18) ursixx

@Starlight I'm sorry. It was very rude of me to point this out when I've observed the same behavior in others - especially another user here who is obsessed with points & does the same thing. Honestly, I never thought you would get angry - I thought of all the users here, you were too 'together' to let my words affect you. If you don't care about points - then that's reason enough to not vote answers up. I like your questions - don't ban me. Peace?

(05 Mar '13, 01:19) ele

@ursixx haha - Got me - I'm a troll. Honestly, I thought the behavior was so peculiar. @Starlight - laugh please..

Now I'm going back under my bridge.

(05 Mar '13, 01:25) ele

@ursixx thank you for the enlightenment ♥♥♥

(05 Mar '13, 01:49) Starlight

@Ele , tis not my place to ban you nor would I.

Perhaps a question to ask yourself here is why you are obsessed with the need to keep check on others points allocation ?

If you read in the "How to use IQ "under Karma points, it is self explanatory.

As for me being "together " mostly I live a calm existence but without contrast there is no growth and so I have learnt something about myself from this interchange maybe you have too

Btw,I do vote answers up.... my way ♥♥♥

(05 Mar '13, 02:04) Starlight

@Starlight I click on a question I'm interested in & I can't help but notice zero's. I read the answers & comments. I would have to be blind not notice this & I'm sure others do too. When someone asks a ?, & there are 5 or 6 answers & the last 4 have a zero & the person who asks the questions makes a comment on the last answer - how would I NOT notice & then think, what gives? As for checking on points - how do you ..

(05 Mar '13, 02:17) ele

.. not notice? They are listed after the users name. I made a big mistake when I first came here - I jumped all over something Eddie said & he was quite annoyed. Then I noticed his karma points & my heart sunk. I just offended one of the most respected members here & now you.

(05 Mar '13, 02:22) ele

@Starlight The question I should be asking myself is why does this bother me. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Perhaps we will both grow from this.

(05 Mar '13, 02:49) ele

@ele so apropos I stalked your answers last night oldest up to about 6 months ago.. read the comments between you and the ed'ster ..You handled it very graciously I thought..and about the stalking well was a very interesting trip to follow. many great answers and smart comments..glad you are here

(05 Mar '13, 03:02) ursixx

@ursixx I knew that as soon as I said deuce. Pay backs are hell you know. Eddie was very, very gracious. I didn't know the question wasn't from a person on the 'verge' of suicide until later.

(05 Mar '13, 03:26) ele

.. if you only comment & not ask or answer; I find one is harder to track - it's much harder to find the comments & the comments tell a story.

(05 Mar '13, 03:29) ele

@ele, so here's the deal for me (at least) I read an answer to another's question , if it resonates , sometimes I comment but don't vote but may click the I like (thumbs up icon >>> on the right) other times I don't comment but may click thumbs up on someone else's comment and so you can't possible know when I do that or even when I have commented on an answer to my own question and someone else may have "liked it , or even upvoted and it wasn't me, so assumptions are tricky devils .

(05 Mar '13, 03:57) Starlight

I don't auto upvote everything , choice plays a part in someone deciding to answer me and what they say I may or may not agree on however acknowledgement is a nice thing , it's agreed and I try to do that , but don't always cover everyone .I too notice detail , like the adjustment you made to one of your answers which now makes mine a little out of synch, however , thats your choice .Basically my veiw on points matches pretty much with Stingrays which is at the top of the page

(05 Mar '13, 04:07) Starlight

@Starlight as for out of sync; I only ADDED to my comments & the only thing I edited out of a comment had to do with me being "detailed oriented" for personal reasons. I also deleted "whatever part of the world you live in" cause I ran out of characters. I just edited out something I said to ursixx cause I realized I repeated myself. You have the originals - please check it out & show me & if I changed something, I'll put it back or explain. I lost my connection once in the middle of a comment.

(05 Mar '13, 04:28) ele

@Starlight - I was rude, I was in the wrong & I apologize. I don't know what else to do. You're a good person & you have a right to vote any way you wish & yes, I know you vote. Please let it go.

(05 Mar '13, 04:50) ele

@Barry Allan Would it be possible to delete my very first comment on this answer? It's offensive to another member & I don't want her to be judged by what I said. Actually, if the other member agrees, I think all the comments between the two of us should be deleted for her sake (reputation) & my sanity. Thank you.

(05 Mar '13, 04:59) ele
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At first, I was very excited about the amount of points I was getting, and how quickly I was moving up in the ranks. Then, I started noticing that some people had many points, but most of their answers had only point, but they had so many, that it added up. So, I realized that many of my points were only given as a courtesy by the asker. They might not like my answer at all, but gave me a point for taking the time to answer. All these things began to devalue my points and ranking. I do look still to see how many points I have on an answer and compare it to the other answers. But I feel less excited about them.

A good question would be, Why do the points matter so much to me? Also, Why am I so competetive? Why do I care what other people think of my questions and answers? When I can answer these questions, and overcome the reasons behind my compulsions, then I can find peace instead. So, thanks for holding up this mirror for me to reflect my flawed thinking so that I can fix it. Understanding why or what or how is only part of the solution, what you do with the insight is what strengthens us and frees us, or holds us back and keeps us trapped.


answered 09 Sep '11, 14:45

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Fairy Princess

Great answer! It is the same for me...I need that mirror, too!>>>>>>>>>>>

(09 Sep '11, 20:44) Jaianniah

Love your answer Fairy Princess.

(10 Sep '11, 07:54) Paulina 1

Thanks, glad I don't sound like a dork.

(10 Sep '11, 15:36) Fairy Princess
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Truthfully, I just enjoy the exchange of ideas and could not care less about points! Were they to disappear I would still be here the same amount of time.


answered 09 Sep '11, 13:20

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LeeAnn 1

I wish I was as humble as you!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(09 Sep '11, 13:28) Jaianniah

I don't think it's humility, just apathy!

(09 Sep '11, 16:06) LeeAnn 1

LOL!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(09 Sep '11, 20:43) Jaianniah

No dear you are humble and deserve a medal for you are a rare breed of a good human being.

(10 Sep '11, 08:08) Paulina 1

That's nice of you to say Paulina. I enjoy your posts, best wishes!

(10 Sep '11, 16:16) LeeAnn 1
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The points system is an appreciation of what is thought about our answers. So it is always nice to be appreciated, however I can not say I enjoyed the site any less when I only had a few points as compared to now. I feel I enjoy answering more than points for answering but when I get no points at all or only 1 point I feel like most didn't think much of my answer. So conclusively the points are nice and feel good and motivate us to continue onward but the most important thing is enjoying the questions and answering what we feel is interesting and feel led to.

Many times I'll answer an old question knowing it already has a best answer and I may not get much points for just because it is old.


answered 09 Sep '11, 18:02

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Wade Casaldi

I like your point about appreciation...It is nice to be recognized and appreciated! Great answer! Love you!!>>>>>>>>>>>

(09 Sep '11, 20:46) Jaianniah

Very true Wade we all love to be appreciated.

(10 Sep '11, 07:57) Paulina 1

I agree with Stingray it is a good way to not feed the trolls and spammers. And I like voting points.I don't like to see the zero next to an answer or question if I took the time to read them they get my point. And of course I like getting points its like an affirmation of my thoughts.


answered 09 Sep '11, 20:24

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don't forget to vote this answer up ;)

(09 Sep '11, 20:24) ursixx

I just did! LOL! It is honest and to the point! Thanks!>>>>>>>>>>>

(09 Sep '11, 20:49) Jaianniah

Ursixx you just got a point. I like the saying ask and it is given. You asked and you got. Good for you.

(10 Sep '11, 08:06) Paulina 1
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Oh yes those magnificent points that make you feel good and if you are already feeling good they make you feel great. On the other hand if you get a zero.....well need I say more.

When I first discovered I.Q. and the point system I had no idea on how to give points. Most probably the first few days I didnt give points to answers I read and when I finaly started it was delightful to receive coments.

I decided that being alturistic in nature I won't allow the points to influence me but those poinst are dangling like golden carrots in front of my eyes and yes even I get tempted every now and then. So how can we explain points as having meaning to us.

When we work we get paid a salary. You could cosider the points as being our salary for doing good work. The better we are at answering questions the more points we will be paid. The salary of doing good works is apprciation and the points represent appreciation.

Hey Boss I think I deserve a


answered 10 Sep '11, 08:27

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Paulina 1

Great answer! Thank you for your honesty!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(10 Sep '11, 10:41) Jaianniah

I agree with what Stingray says about the points system protecting the site ... apart from that the points system is great fun, it's always nice to feel appreciated and to be able to show appreciation for others, it can also help as a self guide as to where we are and where we are going ... the actual amount of points of a particular member depends on many factors ... there can be brilliant future members who are not yet registered on the site, there can be brilliant members with just 11 points, there can be brilliant members with 60000 points :), let's face it, we're all brilliant in our own way.

alt text


answered 05 Mar '13, 03:33

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ru bis

Hurrah for @ru bis ♥♥♥

(05 Mar '13, 04:21) Starlight

@ru bis - up up & away. I voted you up even tho I didn't agree with your first comments. I like the rest. Is that an original doodle? Love it. Makes me smile.

(05 Mar '13, 04:31) ele

thanks @ele and @Starlight, that doodle is a copy of an original found on the internet :)

(05 Mar '13, 05:04) ru bis
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I remember a time when I very young, attending parochial school & the sister graded with colored shiny stars. My papers were always perfect; yet I never received a gold or silver star, only red or green or blue.

We had a variety store in my home town & when ever my mom took me there, I got candy. One day I spotted boxes of colored stars - silver & gold. I asked my mom to buy them for me. She couldn't understand why I would wanted stars. After much pleading, she finally relented, but said not to ask for candy & I didn't. When I got home I stuck silver & gold stars on all my old papers & each day when I came home from school I ran up to my room & did the same. One of each was sufficient. I deserved those gold stars; each & every one..

After all these years, I still have those vintage boxes of silver & gold stars. You'd think I'd of used them all up; but the boxes are mysteriously full yet.

I really don't like the points & I don't need points to feel good about myself. If I ever do, I'll just reach for the stars. I'm my harshest critic; what matters most is what I think of me.

I know points mean quite a bit to most of the users & am happy to vote answers up. Whenever I vote up an answer, I send a wish, joy, love or a good thought with every click of my fingertip & smile. Try it - you'll like it.


answered 04 Mar '13, 23:57

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@ele " I send a wish, joy, love or a good thought with every click of my fingertip & smile" my sentiments exactly ..and now little gold stars too ;) had a taste memory when I read your answer

(05 Mar '13, 02:21) ursixx

@ursixx - recovering are you? That was my nicest memory by far. We are who we are because of it & we both can tell the users who are or have been. Thanks for the stars...

(05 Mar '13, 02:54) ele

I also don't mean to offend any current members of the faith. You would have had to 'live' through it prior to the 1980's (in the US), to fully understand what we ALL went through..

(05 Mar '13, 02:58) ele
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