An insight leads to my question ~ the information about the Moon causing the ocean to slam upon the rocks and we are 75% water is a ding moment for me - if I'm cyclically (sp?) being high tided and low tided then how am I ever going to get my life together?

I can observe that my days correspond like a big body of water.

Okay Im on the way up the peak, coming in to shore ... seem to stay there for a good while (traveling in) but before I can actually manifest the pinnacle of what it is I am working on, I start descending, or doing the low tide thing.

Dang, I'm not there yet, now it seems I must muster all over again. Back to the beginning of these various methodologies.

Glad to have them. But, hello. Is this typical?

asked 30 May '11, 21:05

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I think it's about coming to the realization that without those highs and lows, life really would be pretty boring... I'm coming to realize more and more that it really is the contrast that adds spice to life. Everything has cycles, and when we accept that as opposed to resisting it, we move through those cycles with much more ease... we realize that those cycles are a natural part of the order of All that is.


answered 30 May '11, 21:30

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I like that, thank you!

(30 May '11, 22:12) Sarita

You're welcome Sarita :)

(30 May '11, 22:58) Michaela

Yes, and every cycle is not better nor worse: really, after being at peace with it, the experience of every stage of the cycle is not worse/better but just different.

(26 Jan '13, 11:49) Nikulas
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your body or physical
vehicle of your soul
has the rhythms of nature,
yet your Spirit sparked life

though born to earth under
your setting of the star,
recognizing the guidance
of Spirit is your task now


answered 27 Jan '13, 06:12

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The reason you are not there is because you are thinking of the physical. Manifestation is dealing with a realm that is beyond physical. You must let go so the invisible can become visible. The tide is only physical, so, yes it is powerful. But only physical. Meditate on these my sacred words BE STILL AND KNOW I AM GOD! With practice you can truly meet the Holy Spirit and learn of wonders beyond any earthly thing. And yes, then you will have the earthly as well.


answered 26 Jan '13, 19:53

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