I feel that I have been given a strong message but am not sure whether to act upon it or was it just a passing awareness.

Whilst waiting at the ferry wharf yesterday two dark, brown eyed young children came up to me. The ferry approached, we chatted briefly and the little girl grasped my hand and held it tightly.

She and her older brother and younger baby sister were with an elderly male Carer on a day’s outing before going back to temporary Foster care. We all boarded the ferry & sat together. She held my hand tightly for the duration of the ferry ride.

Her eyes portrayed pain & I sensed the sadness in her young heart and such an overwhelming, Universal love for this little person. She slept leaning against me. I wanted to help but I knew not how.

I prayed for an answer before the ride ended. There was no answer at the time, only the harsh reality that there are many children from poorer & ravished countries who have lost their parents and crave the trust and caring of anyone who will offer them the slightest affection. How could I make a difference to these three young children right beside me?

My heart aches for them and for children in the same position. How can I ignore this incident. It felt so right to be with this small group of strangers.

I managed to acquire details of the Foster Organisation from the Carer. Would it be in their best interests to make contact even though I cannot give them a home?

I feel honored that I was the female she chose to trust. I also feel responsible to follow up ... To do what? ...Am not sure.

Please can anyone offer any guidance in finding an answer to the ache in my heart that has remained.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

You gave consolation and comfort in the moment, perhaps creating a memory that will never be forgotten for all of you involved. It's possible that there is nothing more required of you. It was only required of you only in that space of time.

It's possible that you knew these souls from another incarnation or from between lives. You may have agreed to comfort them at a difficult time. For that reason, you would instantly feel a renewed and close bond.

It's possible that you should be considering a career in social work.

Of course, those are only three possibilites. Perhaps you have thought of more scenarios than these. Add all the possibilities to your mental list and see which feels best to you.


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Thank you for your answer LeeAnn. I pray that these children will find a caring home and the nurturing they deserve. Some moments are to keep and cherish forever and a catalyst for a new awareness. Lots to think about. Blessings and thanks again for your thoughtful response.

(11 May '12, 01:27) Tisca

Yes, yes, yes please do contact them. Someone that cares and sometimes visits bringing sweets and small gifts can be like heaven to theese children. They will feel loved and have something to look forward to.

You can make a huge differance in theese childrens lives but let them know from the beginning that you can't adopt but will visit whenever you can. Just be there once in a while and you will be blessed.

Good Luck Tisca you are an earth angel.


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My dear, you have been called.

God opened your eyes to something you did not know was there! There are so many, many ways to help orphans and children without homes...Volunteers and helpers are needed all the time.

The question is this: How can you turn your calling into something that is practical and will work for you?

I would follow this great feeling into action, and simply ask God to show you where He wants you to go with this. Do not let the feeling pass. Never forget how those children made you feel.

Remember that Jesus welcomed the children, and told us that we must have hearts as simple as theirs. (Mark 9:36)

Email me for more direct contact about this issue!

Blessings to you,




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Tisca you are going well so far, you have turned this over to God. That is good, these children need those prayers. Many times children that go to foster homes do not end up in good homes, they may get separated from each other and treated almost like slaves. I have heard of this before the foster parents want them for the money and to have someone in debt to them to do all the chores everyday that they have for them.

The thing you are doing with your caring prayer is swinging their future in a better direction than that. When you pray, Thank God that he has seen to it that these children stay together, that they find a very good loving caring family and parents that treat them as their own with love, compassion, and caring.

Also if this is for you to be adopting you can thank God for showing you the way and giving you a clear sign. When you pray thank God as if he has already heard and answered your prayer.

If you are not getting an answer then tell God, "I want to know why I am not getting an answer God?" "God you promised me in the Bible many times that you would not forsake me, that anything I ask in prayer and faith you will do for me. So I want an answer why I haven't received an answer yet to my prayer. I need an answer now and find it impossible to do your will if you do not show me what your will is. God I'm waiting for your answer thank you for answering me with clarity that I may follow your will for me with clear guidance from you. Thank you, You are an awesome God and I know I will have an answer thank you in Jesus name I pray, Amen..."

If it is more than that that you feel you have to adopt them but do not see a way then tell God to clear the way for you that makes it so you can and you have a good home for them. Thank God for that then.

Your prayers are making it so that these children do not go to an abusive non-caring home, you are making a difference for these children. Do not think that "All you are doing is praying." If more people did pray this would be a better world because it is mind that molds experience and molds the world around us our prayers are to God and God is awesome and does even today many miracles so your love for these children and your action does make a difference. Love is not a feeling or emotion it is compassionate action. John 3:16 God loves us so much he gave his son as a sacrifice for our salvation. It does not say God loves us so much that he said I feel for you it is too bad you are all going to hell. No there is action in love and you are demonstrating that action through your praying for those children.


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Your comments Paulina, Jaianniah and Wade are greatly appreciated and helpful. Not being able to locate the children, restricted by understandable legalities, prevent making a simple difference to the children the way I would like. However I am looking through new eyes and soul and working on becoming an Earth Angel. That may be what my message is…. And who knows what that may lead to. I am still asking God. Thanking you kind people ….Blessings and Light

(13 May '12, 05:57) Tisca
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