Hello everyone.. I have been able to see the white-clear sometimes beige looking aura around everything for over a month now.. I still haven't been able to see colors.. do any of you know any good exercises you can do to get to that point?.. I used to see bunches of energy but I think I stopped it since sometimes it got to be a little too overwhelming specially when I needed to focus.. I still like seeing energy around people and objects.. any suggestions? thx.. :)

asked 28 Sep '11, 23:23

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focus contemplate and do meditation. experience and enjoy.

(29 Sep '11, 03:10) white tiger

thx but this "gift" came without meditating or being vegeterian.. I still have no idea why its here.. its cool but at times it dosent let me focus on the day to day.. I am still trying to figure it out.. I dont feel bad about not enjoying it all the time because people like me who didnt look for it or asked for it have a little bit of trouble adapting to it.. even in the movie "wake up" you see it.. most people have meditated for years and searched for it and then theres some of us who just dropped in our lap without us even wanting it.. I am trying to take it as it comes and dealing with it.

(30 Sep '11, 01:15) jinxx

Jinxx-why you want to see the auras? what benefit will you achive?

(30 Sep '11, 04:47) Zee

@Zee What benefit do you achieve by experiencing stuff during our short time on this world?

(30 Sep '11, 12:41) BridgetJones09

Zee.. I never wanted to see anything.. It just happend.. it is not the only thing I see, and I don't get any benefit from the things I see, I am still trying to find out why it happend to me and I dont understand what I am supposed to do with it.. but as long as I am seeing energy I might as well see the colors, right now aura wise I see the energy around people, objects and animals.. I see other things as well, as for benefit who knows and who knows why it happend.. a lot of people are begining to see things without searching for it, and we all want to know why..

(30 Sep '11, 17:33) jinxx

i do not see what being vegetarian has to do with it? has for meditation it is to help you focus and be aware and remove the veils of the mind. seing as alot to do with focus and awareness. but do has you want you have free will. experience and enjoy.

(03 Oct '11, 02:33) white tiger

it was just an example.. since this started people that have been trying to see things for years feel that i should feel blessed.. but i never wanted to see anything i feel a little invaded.. i loved my reality before this happend i am just done feeling bad about not liking the fact that i see stuff from other dimensions.. thats all i have to say.. kudos to all that love seeing ghosts, auras, aliens etc. but it is not for me. i am still trying to adapt.. thanks for your comments.. and have a nice night..

(04 Oct '11, 02:57) jinxx
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I have never tried to see any type of Aura but I think I found a site that may help you out.



answered 29 Sep '11, 04:58

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thx Cory.. I'll check it out :)

(30 Sep '11, 01:16) jinxx

Just practice. It will happen without your expecting it. At first I could only see a cotton fog around a thing, then an orangey glow. All of a sudden I'm seeing a beautiful indigo and a light but shiny lemon-green. It will happen as days go by, you'll see. Only dont put a strain on your eyes. If you've been practicing a whole day take a break of two days or so... Best of lucks!



answered 30 Sep '11, 12:46

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thx bridget.. Still I see a lot of energy around people, it looks beautiful sometimes its huge.. :)

(30 Sep '11, 17:31) jinxx

@cory and @bridget you can find me on FB so we can share our experiences.. alissiacm@hotmail.com :)

(04 Oct '11, 03:17) jinxx

@jinxx Thank you! :)

(04 Oct '11, 13:03) BridgetJones09
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