hello everyone, do you belive that a qwartz is good for protection from entities robbing your energy?.. and if so wich one would be good for it? is anyone aware of the diferent properties of diferent ones?.. thx I don't know much about them and I have been told that It would be a good idea to get some..

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I don't usually worry about dark entities, but I easily pick up on other people's negative energy, so I use White Light Protection method. You can look up on Youtube a guided meditation that will lead you through it, it's very simple and takes about 3 min at first, but you have to practice it every day before coming into contact with others. After a while I've learned to call it in every time I need it, very fast, in a second. Works! :)


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thx olga i will look for it :)

(19 Sep '11, 04:23) jinxx

the tools are only as good as the one using them.


In Pharaonic Egypt, toilette articles, weapons against possible enemies, amulets against serpents, were also left in the tomb, together with magic texts and a magic wand which enabled the ba (soul) to use them.

In classical Greco-Roman mythology, the god Hermes/Mercury has a special wand called a caduceus.

Six- to eight-foot-long staves with metal tips adorning them are carried traditionally in Freemasonry during rituals of the Craft. Ceremonial uses may have several wands for different purposes, such as the Fire Wand and the Lotus Wand in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. In Zoroastrianism, there is a similar ritual implement called a barsom. In Wicca and Ceremonial magic, practitioners use several magical tools including wands for the channeling of energy—they serve a similar purpose to the athame although the two have their distinct uses. While an athame is generally used to command, a wand is seen as more gentle and is used to invite or encourage. Though traditionally made of wood, they can also consist of metal or crystal. Practitioners usually prune a branch from an Oak, Hazel, or other tree, or may even buy wood from a hardware store, and then carve it and add decorations to personalize it; however, one can also purchase ready-made wands. In Wicca the wand usually represents the element air, or sometimes fire, although contemporary wand makers also create wands for the elements of earth and water as well. The wand is most often used by modern Pagans, witches, Shamans and others in rituals, healing and spell casting.

There is some scholarly opinion that the magic wand may have its roots as a symbol of the phallus. It may also have originated as the drumming stick of a shaman, especially in Central Asia and Siberia, as when using it to bang on his drum or point, to perform religious, healing, and magical ceremonies


what ever tool someone use it is not the tool that have the power it is the person. the tool is only a extention for the person.

experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

thx, so it is not the qwartz itself but the faith I put in it that it will protect me, I already have something on my wrist and under my pillow that I belive protects me, then I think I am set.. thanks again white tiger :)

(19 Sep '11, 00:38) jinxx

you are welcome. but know this put faith first in God and in you. experience and enjoy.

(19 Sep '11, 00:50) white tiger
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