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This is a purely informational site about orgonite, a simple compound anyone can create in their backyard with fairly inexpensive, widely-available materials which balances ambient energy by turning the negative energy into positive energy, with many easily-confirmed effects. Orgonite does this continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without electricity.

Quick Facts About Orgonite:

Simple. Easy to make. Works continuously.

Turns negative energy into positive energy.

Purifies the atmosphere, detoxifies water, ends drought.

Helps plants grow better, repel pests & require less water.

Mitigates harmful effects of EMF radiation.

Disarms and repels predatory forms of life.

Inspires a pleasant demeanor and balanced, happier moods.

Frequently remedies insomnia and chronic nightmares.

Helps awaken your innate psychic senses.

Well I'm always one for trying something new and wacky, and there are a lot of anecdotes on how orgonite has benefitted people, including photos showing a person's aura before and after orgonite here.

So I bought a pendant a little over a week ago, and have been wearing it since. I've been feeling very good lately, but it's too soon to tell whether this is the orgonite or not. I also made a batch of orgonite at home as my pendant is small and I wanted to try out the bigger pieces.

I'm pretty excited to see what it does. Just wondering if any other IQers have experience with orgonite?

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Guess who will be making orgonite? Me. Thanks for the info and will keep you posted on the results in about 3 to 6 months.

(29 May '12, 02:01) Paulina 1

Awesome! I'm glad that more people are experimenting with this!

(29 May '12, 05:12) cassiopeia
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It makes sense that these pieces would generate some positive energy. Some of the designs look very lovely too. I can't answer your question, since I don't own any orgonite, but I would like to thank you for the links, and plan to try making some this weekend, as an experiment. Please keep us posted as to your feelings as you continue using it!


answered 24 May '12, 08:25

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LeeAnn 1

Also, was it hard to make?

(24 May '12, 21:22) LeeAnn 1

No, it wasn't hard at all! Of course it probably takes a lot of practice to make pieces that look as good as some of the ones on the net - but it's all about functionality.One tip - get silicone moulds as they make it so much easier to take the orgonite out after it hardens. I've currently got a piece on my work desk with yellow jasper and carnelian to encourage productivity :) And I have been feeling unusually positive after wearing my orgonite pendant (pearl and rose quartz) for almost 2 weeks

(25 May '12, 05:18) cassiopeia

Well, good luck and let me know how it goes!

(25 May '12, 05:18) cassiopeia

I really had fun making my pieces, and I will admit that I feel better and am sleeping better. I made a small piece to carry with me and a larger one to keep at my bedside. Both actually look very nice, and as you mentioned, would look even better with some practice. I used copper wire spirals, copper shavings, crystal pieces and some lapis lazuli chips. In the larger piece I included a piece of jade and a few moonstone chips. This was a fun challenge and I am so happy with how I feel!

(28 May '12, 15:46) LeeAnn 1

That's great to hear LeeAnn! I've developed a bit of an obsession with orgonite in such a short time and I am already planning my next pieces that I am going to give away as gifts!!

(29 May '12, 05:13) cassiopeia
(29 May '12, 06:22) ursixx

Wow, Ursixx. I made some little spirals out of the copper wire, but imagine something so beautiful and complex in a pyramid. It would be very powerful I am thinking!

Cassiopeia, I think Orgonite pieces will make lovely gifts, and I, too am a little obsessed, I admit. I made some more pieces this morning and have them drying in a hot room!

(29 May '12, 11:08) LeeAnn 1

Thought you'd be interested in this: Orgonite aura photos of orgonite with different types of metal. I used mostly steel wool with mine because that was all I had, but I ordered some copper shavings which should come soon, can't wait! LeeAnn, if you have any more experiences with your orgonite I'd love for you to post them because I want to hear all about it! :D

(29 May '12, 14:24) cassiopeia
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Hi cassiopeia, me too i love new and wacky things ... on the subject of orgonite and all the beneficial effects, it can also be associated with shungite, the two materials complement each other ... "inside orgonite the black mineral is cleaned continuously by the orgone matrix, while the absorbing capacity of the device is enhanced by the shungite powder ..."

ref; shungite and orgonite, a perfect match

have fun :)


answered 04 Jun '12, 10:32

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blubird two

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