I found an article on how to see Auras, it was really easy, and I could do it in the blink of an eye, with static things, like rocks, books, then I did it with my hands...the article said that at first one would be able to see only a goldenish colour, or a cotton-like cloud, but with practice coulours would start appearing. And they did.

I don't practice that constantly, only now and then, but since then, I have started seeing colours when I close my eyes. Beautiful indigos, bright lemon-green, hypnotic shapes like the ones shown in optical illusions...

What is happening? Is it the opening of my third eye, is it meditation, is that I've been fiddling with seeing auras...? What does it mean? Or maybe doesn't mean anything, but it had never happened to me before!

NB: It doesn't scare me, it's really beautiful!!!

What do you think?

asked 26 Sep '11, 14:34

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I am in this current stage. I am awaiting for answers - literally and metaphorically.

(26 Sep '11, 14:46) Aphrodite

well bridget everything happens when it is the time for it to happens. experience and enjoy.

(27 Sep '11, 02:33) white tiger

if you would never have notice the cloud in the sky. it would be a new experience and you would know that some cloud do not carry rain and others do. well this is the same. as for what it is all that and more. experience and enjoy.

(27 Sep '11, 02:37) white tiger
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sounds like a developed ability to see and distinguish shades of energy without direct impulses from opened eyes,
the more spiritual side of your mind finding conscious expression,
it has history as part of the process of initiation into ancient wisdoms


answered 27 Sep '11, 09:24

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As the veil thins ,more and more people are able to feel there way around the fifth dimension.Are these images only visable in your head or are you able to see them with your eyes open in a semi darkened room? Also do they start off close to you and then move away?This type of viewing is now being experienced by so many people now who have moved through the fourth dimension (awakening to source),The way you see these energies will evolve or change quickly, so try to stay open to things changing around you and try not to become attached to any one energy,they all have something unique to offer.As with anything that is of Divine energy, there is nothing but love for you :)

love and light


answered 27 Sep '11, 17:21

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Only with the eyes closed, random days, particularly when I've been fiddling with seeing auras, but it can be some other time as well...What do you think?

(28 Sep '11, 13:17) BridgetJones09

I agree, this happened to me aswell.. and it still does.. in order for me to dose off to sleep I sometimes wear something around my eyes.. sometimes not even this works because of all the shapes.. I am learning how to turn it on and off.. it gets better with time.. :)


answered 28 Sep '11, 01:58

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How do you turn it on and off? To me it happens at times, without my choosing it, but the images are beautiful...!

(28 Sep '11, 13:15) BridgetJones09

i just started to concentrate and to take charge of the situation, cause with my eyes open i would sometimes see things i didn't want to.. like eyes on the walls etc. so i just started saying out loud that its my own reality and that i didnt want to see that, since then things are a bit less intense.. i still see energy and the aura around things when i choose to or pay attention to it.. at nights i wear something around my eyes so i can sleep, still i see images but i can sleep better, it worked for me i hope it works for you.. i am on facebook if you want to talk about it :)

(28 Sep '11, 16:36) jinxx

@jinxx sure jinxx, how do I find you in Fb? :)

(01 Oct '11, 14:17) BridgetJones09

find me like this.. alissiacm@hotmail.com.. i am looking forward to your add :D

(04 Oct '11, 02:54) jinxx
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i also see colors in dark since i was a child. in completed dark, whether my eyes are shut or open, i see a beautiful pattern of such colors. a haze of beautiful dark blue color, slowly getting mixed with black color. then black color goes faded. and process starts again and again. this haze is surrounded by other bright colors such as orange, yellow etc which keep changing their positions but always stay on the boundary wall of the haze. i dont know why i see them. but i think..i have creative nature...thats why i see colors in dark.


answered 07 Apr '13, 08:50

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Neeraj Pant

I am happy for you Neeraj,you are seeing beyond the veil.It is beautiful.Love and Light.

(07 Apr '13, 09:20) Roy

I've been seeing colors when I close my eyes for as long as I can remember...like you they are wild colors of mostly magenta, electric green and highlighter blue. I've always thought it was normal and that it happened to everyone, that it was just my eyes observing the electric impulses of my brain or something. When I was younger and less distracted with daily life BS I would play around with the colors, I would focus my vision solely on one object, then I would split the vision so I could see double (thank you astigmatism) wait until both things became distorted and the form would break down then I would rapidly shut my eyes tight where a sort of negative of the image would be implanted on my retinas, usually colored magenta, as I mentioned above. I could sometimes do it on myself but that took ALOT of focus and it was rare to make it happen.

Also, speaking of seeing eyes in the sky, I recently had a dream where I was walking in a desert at night, but the sky was illuminated by the moon and MILLIONS upon millions of glistening stars, made the evironment appear silvery and surreal...I look up in the sky because I sense another presence and there in the sky, watching me as if protecting me was this pair of great beautiful green eyes, slightly slanted like a cats that belonged to a veiled woman...I could only see her immense eyes that seemed so close yet so far and immense. Thinking about this dream and how real it all was fascinates me and I'm wondering if any individuals can help to perhaps offer an interpretation. I have my own theories but I'm curious what others think


answered 25 Apr '16, 22:33

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@Naro89 Hi & welcome to Inward Quest. If you would like an answer to your question you should ask it as a new question. Look at the top of the page, to the right & click on "ask a question".

(25 Apr '16, 23:31) ele
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